simple past viviana socasi


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simple past viviana socasi

  1. 1. was /were
  2. 2. was/wereAm/is (present): was(past)I am tired.(now) I was tired last nightWhere is luis?(now) where was luis yesterdayThe weather is nice today the westher was nice last weekAre(present): were(past)You are late (now) you were late yesterdayThey aren’t here (now they weren’t here last sunday
  3. 3. Positive negative questionI I I?he he was not he?she was she (whasn’t) was she?it it it?We we we?You were you were not were you?They they (weren’t) they?
  4. 4. Examples: Last year amy was 22, so she’s 23 now When I was a child, Iwas afraid of dogs. We were hungry after the trip, but we weren’t tired. The hotel was comfortable, but it wasn’t expensive. Was the weather nice. When you were on vacation? Those shoes are nice. Were they expensive? Why were you late this morning?.
  5. 5. Short answersYes, I/he/she/it was were/you/they wereNo, I/he/she/it wasn’t were/you/they weren’t
  6. 6. Examples: Were you late? “No, I wasn’t.” Was Scott at work yesterday.? “Yes, he was.” Were Amy and Matt at the party.? “No, they weren’t”
  7. 7. Simple Past: worked,got,went,ectThe simple past is often –ed (regular verbs).For example: Work worked trabajar They worked in the office yesterday
  8. 8. Clean cleaned limpiar She cleaned the house
  9. 9. dance danced bailar They danced in the disco
  10. 10. brush brused cepillarThis morning. He brushed his teeth
  11. 11. IRREGULAR VERBSSome verbs are irregular. Their simple past is not-ed. Here are some important irregular verbs build built construir He built a house last week
  12. 12. buy bought comprarShe bought clothing and shoes yesterday
  13. 13. drink drank beberHe drank a glass of water last night
  14. 14. eat ate comerThey ate sanduche in the school
  15. 15. give gave dar He gave his hand to her
  16. 16. go went irHe went to the doctor yesterday
  17. 17. have had tenerHe had a ice cream in his hand last saturday
  18. 18. put put poner She put a bag in the car
  19. 19. write wrote escribirShe wrote the lesson on the board
  20. 20. Win won ganarHe won a competition in Spain last year
  21. 21. Pay paid pagar He paid his debts last night
  22. 22. We used did in simple past, negative, and questions Base form Positive play I played star we started watch you watched have they had see he saw do she did go it went
  23. 23. NEGATIVE I play you start he did not watch she have it (didn’t) see we dothey go
  24. 24. QUESTIONS I play ? You start ? He watch ?did She have ? It see ? We do ? they go ?
  25. 25. Do / does (present) did (past)I don’t watch television very oftenI didn’t watch television yesterday. (past) Does she go out often? Did she go out last night? (past)
  26. 26. We use did / didn’t + base form (watch/play/go,etc.)Positive NegativeI warched I didn’t watch (not I didn’t watched)He had he didn’t haveThey went did they go? (not did they went?)You did did you do ?I played tennis yesterday, but I didn’t win.Did oyu do your homework? No,I didn’t have time.We went to the movies, but we didn’t enjoy the film.
  27. 27. Study the word order in questions: did + subject + base form Did your sister call you ?What did you do last night ?How did the accident happen?Where did you parents go for vacation?
  28. 28. I/we/you/theyYes, did. he/she/it I/ we/you/theyNo, didn’t he/she/itExamples:Did you see Joe yesteday? No, I didn’t.Did it rain on Sunday? Yes, it did.Did Helen come to the party? No, she didn’t.