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Tweaking Twitter


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Your library may have spent a lot of money or time on online marketing or social media outreach, only to have its reputation severely damaged by one angry blogger. How can you track this kind of activity and mitigate negative commentary? Learn what tools are available to help monitor your library’s precious online reputation and some strategies to protect your library’s brand.

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Tweaking Twitter

  1. 1. Laura Solomon, MCIW, MLSOPLIN@laurasolomon(How to prevent LaurafromunfollowingYOURlibraryonTwitter)
  2. 2. STATS
  3. 3. How many?0%2%4%6%8%10%12%14%16%Use TwitterUse it daily
  4. 4. Tweeters are active76%post statusupdates
  5. 5. A LOT of tweets50 millionperDAY
  6. 6. Mostly mobile
  7. 7. FIXTHESE
  8. 8. Innovative or creepy?
  9. 9. Stop talking about the library
  10. 10. Don’t be a Debbie Downer
  11. 11. Don’t be a fire hose
  12. 12. Don’t play robot stalker
  13. 13. Don’t address tweets to the wrong people
  14. 14. Don’t exclude followers with @
  15. 15. Don’t ask for DMs
  16. 16. Don’t recreate hashtags
  17. 17. Response time matters
  18. 18. Tweeting a link alone is…
  19. 19. Don’t jump into the stream
  20. 20. Don’t rapid-fire
  22. 22. Be clear about who you are
  23. 23. Give glimpses behind the curtain
  24. 24. Be useful
  25. 25. Go local
  26. 26. Reward your followers
  27. 27. Give them attention
  28. 28. Time it right
  29. 29. Give up control
  30. 30. Have a sense of humor
  31. 31. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  32. 32. Be human
  33. 33. It’s not about you
  34. 34. Find the right account
  35. 35. Follow back
  36. 36. Advanced Twitter search
  37. 37. Take the Twitter Audit• Look at your last 20 tweets. How many were @ replies? How many wereretweets of other people’s work?• In your last 20 tweets, how many promote your own work versus pointingtowards others’ ideas?• Do you have at least one ongoing Twitter search going? (use to set one up.• Are the tweets you hope will be retweeted under 120 characters so people canretweet them?• Of the people you follow, how many are “influential” in some way, how manyare potentially good for referrals, how many are just celebrities?• How often are you tweeting? Is less more? Is more more? Are you burying yourgood stuff?• How are you feeding Twitter? What are you giving your audience to consume?Do you share interesting articles? Do you point out your lunch du jour? What’sthe plan?• Are you autotweeting your post titles? Is that bringing you lots of response?• Have you checked the click-through stats on your short links? For instance, ifyou use, take the URL of anything you’ve posted, copy it to a browser bar,and add a +, like this: “” , and you’ll see the stats. How areyou doing?• How many folks are you gaining a day? Not that this matters greatly, but itsometimes gives you a sense of whether someone’s into what you’re saying.•
  38. 38. Examples
  39. 39. The online catalog is unavailablethis morning due to maintenance.Aw, snap! Catalog is down. Wereworking on fixing that ASAP.
  40. 40. Mango Languages is a new online resource availableto users of all public libraries in our state. Itincludes a variety... [LINK]Learn a new language. Today. ForFree. Online. With your librarycard. Introducing MangoLanguages: [LINK]
  41. 41. National Library Week,April 10-16. [LINK]WhoCARES?
  42. 42. Consider these…• Join our new Book DiscussionGroup! [LINK]• Be a member of our new PatronAdvisory Board [LINK]• Try our new research databasefor your next assignment [LINK]
  43. 43. Join our new BookDiscussion Group! [LINK]Cant stop talking about thatbook you just read? Yeah, ustoo. Now weve got a group forthat: [LINK]
  44. 44. Be a member of our new PatronAdvisory Board [LINK]Looking for opinionated folks whowant to talk about the library.Cookies at every meeting and achance to make a difference [LINK]
  45. 45. Try our new research database foryour next assignment [LINK]Wikipedia not good enoughfor your teacher? Show ‘emyoure a smart cookie and trya free resource from us[LINK]
  46. 46. I posted 6 photos on Facebook in the album "CoolCrafts 2011” [LINK]Geodomes made withgumdrops, constructed withcare by our local kids. See thepics [LINK]
  47. 47. Check out our new Blu-Ray releases!
  48. 48. Read the new [insertfamous author here].To be ordered on11/21
  49. 49. People are REALLY busy
  50. 50. Make sure there’s a payoff for the patron
  51. 51. Social media does NOT equal promotion
  52. 52. you!Stalk me here