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Poem project


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Poem project

  1. 1. The Athletes of God By: Laura Simon 1st Period May 22, 2014 Mr. Love
  2. 2. Down my face, tears fall like notes in a sad, sad song I move to the music that is my life and it makes everything right that is wrong I jump and spin like the craziness within I leap and I fall like my attempts of getting over a blocking wall sometimes I turn and lose my spot I forget where I am suppose to be going dizziness sets in and as I move I forget to be ever flowing but sometimes there is beauty in being ungraceful because to the art I am being faithful there is a passion in the oddness, the uniqueness I am an abstract art dancing the feelings of this world as my life falls apart but in this dance I find the answer I find the pieces I need to keep my life together -Kassandre Renee In This Dance…
  3. 3. I liked this poem because is compared life with dance. The writer talks about being lost and forgetting where to go. The mood of the poem is some what sad, because the writer explains how she loses herself and falls. However, the mood changes near the end. The mood at the end is happy. They talk about
  4. 4. Dance when no ones looking, Dance harder when they are. Dance to heal a wound, Dance to heal a scar Dance under the rain Dance under the sun And when you think you can’t dance, Just get outside and run. Dance to the sound of the leaves, Dance to the song in your heart Dance even though you know... That your world is falling apart. Live free, Dance hard -Meagan Slack
  5. 5. I enjoyed this poem because it expresses my love for dance . It describes dance as an escape from the world. It talks about how dance can heal a wound and let you take a break from reality and I can relate to this. This poem contains a ABCB rhyme scheme.
  6. 6. Dancing is an art that makes one forget all worries; Dancing to a tune relieves one a while from tensions; Dancing according to music makes one really free! Dancing and singing make one enjoy pleasure fine. Dancing, singing and playing music makes one divine! Shaking of body, hands and legs beautifully is dance; Sake dance, break dance, clap dance are all real fun! Dancing makes one healthy and beautiful life long! Dancing is a balancing art as the Stars do in the Universe! Dancing for balance is beauty that attracts all to dance And make the company joyous to forget time and worries. So, man visualized God as Divine Lord of Dance to dance! Dancing, singing and playing music is a wonderful art. Poetry has prompted man to visualize and realize in life! A DANCE FOR RELIEF! -Ramesh T A
  7. 7. I really like this poem because the writer obviously has a huge passion for dancing. They talk about how dance can relieve you from tension and cause you to forget your worries. Dance also frees you. The mood of this poem is happy because you can feel the passion that this writer has for dance. A simile is used in it. It says, “Dancing is a balancing art as the Stars do in the Universe!” It is comparing dance to the starts in the universe and how they move.
  8. 8. Burning desire Just dance A need so intense Words cannot describe Just dance Clenched muscles tighten As I reach a new high Just dance Craving more Wanting something far more than this Just dance Burning desire Wanting something more Craving this new sensation Just dance The music sweeps away all thought The pounding rhythm controls my body Just dance Foreign tongues call out to me Distant and strange even as they are familiar Just dance Nothing left to do But given into these sensations Just dance No time left for thought All that's left for me to do is Just dance Just Dance -DiAnne Douglass
  9. 9. I chose this poem because it is about the burning desire to dance. Like this poem, I always have the urge to dance, no matter where I am, whether I’m happy or sad. The poem is a free verse and doesn’t have rhyming in it.
  10. 10. When I Dance I dance for me, Silent vibrations from within Rhythm of the unseen, I dance for me. My steps follow their direction, My heart-beat echoes their sound. Some say I dance weird: they call me possessed. If I dance raw, if I dance pure, If I dance whirlwind, if I dance the spirits within, No matter what they say, I know I dance me. I dance for me. -akachukwu chukwuemeka
  11. 11. I liked this poem because I think it sends and important message. The whole poem basically talks about how no one can stop you from doing what you love. No matter what they say. the poem is a free verse.
  12. 12. You may think I’m crazy I think you’re insane Lets get together and Dance in the rain You spin me around Then I’ll spin you Twirling away the pain Just us two Let’s dance in the rain Let’s forget our troubles And just dance Aren’t we a pair Dancing like we are Laughing, joking and Going far We’ll trade hearts And make promises While we dance Among the roses Let’s dance in the rain Let’s forget our troubles And just dance I’m crazy and I Made you insane Now that we’re here together Dancing in the rain One last twist One last twirl The dance ends but I’ll forever be your girl Dancing In The Rain -Mae Beezwax
  13. 13. In this poem, it talks about dance taking away the pain. Just like the other poems from before, I says dance can make you forget your troubles. The writer is also in love in this poem. This poem uses an ABCB rhyme scheme. It also uses metaphors. For example, it says, “We’ll trade hearts”. You cannot literally trade hearts. It is just saying that they will share their love with each other.
  14. 14. We have no choice as to how is begins This dance of life, with its turns and spins. Responding to rhythm of flute or drum Next we are tapping, learning to strum. Soon children have learnt to jig and twirl, Quickly caught up in life’s mad whirl. Studying and home-life becomes a bore; Then they go waltzing out of the door. Choosing a partner is next on the list; Discos and parties, where everyone is kissed. It is only a quick-step to married life, Changing tempo with children and wife. A tango in Paris; romance in the rain; Laughter and sadness add to the refrain. From rock’n roll to pushing a buggy She is a mother, with children and hubby. To some, life’s a ball; other don’t make it No matter how they twist or shake it. When the band stops our last dance is over; There’s no more rumba or bossa nova -Heather Smith The Dance Of Life
  15. 15. This whole poem is a symbol. It is using dance as a symbol of life. The mood of the poem is a mix between happy and sad because it talks about children growing up and leaving the nest. The poem contains a rhyme theme. The whole thing is made up of couplets.
  16. 16. across the wall dances her shadow...never letting her dreams go watching closely her silhouette...refusing to forget though her spirits slowly falling... because they'll never understand her hearts true calling they tell her what to do...and she tries move on but her desires are never really gone why do they refuse to let her pursue her dreams every night, she cries cause they’ve torn and ripped at her happiness and far away she starts to slip she just wants to fade to a place a place where permission is not needed to let her body go where not just her silhouette is a dancer but she is as well somewhere she can be free free to move to move as she may please she wants a chance, she wants a shot at freedom freedom to dance, freedom for more than just her heart, her soul, her silhouette, to move -Kassandre Renee A Dancer’s Silhouette
  17. 17. This poem caught my eye because I think that many people could relate to this in life. The writer is struggling to be free. The poem is depressing because people are tearing and ripping at the writer’s dreams. It also contains end rhymes. The poem is also made up of couplets.
  18. 18. We danced amongst the stars that night when joy had fallen far from sight We danced under the sun so bright And when all seemed lost, we held on tight We danced to the music of hummingbirds And we danced in the silence when there were no words. We danced in the shadows of fear and doubt And we danced when we questioned what life’s about. We danced amongst the evergreens That posed for painters winter scenes. We danced in the winters bitter chill And when we danced our world stood still. For that’s what love was meant to be To find the dance when we cannot see. To write a new song when the music stops With lyrics that caress every tear that drops. For when the rhythm changes and tempo slowed We’re called to dance with the seeds we sowed. For life is hard, there is no doubt But Dancing through it, is what life’s about. -Bernard Colasurdo We Danced Through Life
  19. 19. I chose this poem because it talks about dance bringing joy to the writer’s life. If also talks about them dancing so that they could get through life. In the poem, it says, “We danced amongst the stars at night” and that is a metaphor because you cannot technically dance amongst stars.
  20. 20. What is this dance we do? First you spin me, twirling with delight Captivated by your attentive gaze Then you turn your back as I move toward you So many times we’ve been on this floor One step forward, two steps back Movements that confuse a bewildered heart Often I feel I’m dancing alone Dancing in the dark Waiting for a spark Our bodies once swayed rhythmically Now we seem to be out of sync Is our music about to end? Have you no emotions to share? Foolish girl, keeps dancing to reach you Each time I draw near, you back away And still seems you want me to stay For an eternity drawn to a love unrequited Dancing in the dark Waiting for a spark My dancing shoes I place on a shelf Along with my dreams, pieces of myself Perplexed by your desire to continue Pirouetting toward the unknown You have always led, as I have followed Hoping to restore spirits that once soared Like gazelles across an uneven floor Leaping, ever leaping toward nothingness Dancing in the dark Waiting for a spark Leaving faded marks On a dance floor stark -Carolyn Devonshire What Is This Dance?
  21. 21. I chose this poem because it compare losing someone you love with dance. The entire poem symbolizes this. The mood of the poem is also very sad. It uses end rhymes. For example, one verse is, “Dancing in the dark. Waiting for a spark”. Similes are also used in it. The simile used is, “Like gazelles across an uneven floor”.
  22. 22. I Am I am Wisdom, Belief, Truth I care about freedom and love Acceptance is important to me. Humbleness is important to me. Divinity is important to me. Uniqueness is a good thing I am, what’s considered weird, but That’s what makes me different.
  23. 23. Cinquain Dance Relieving, Great Releases, Calms, Relaxes Expresses feelings through movement Power
  24. 24. Diamonte Sun Bright, Big Rising, Shimmering, Setting Day, Warmth, Night , Cold Glowing, Changing, Dimming Barren, Lonely Moon
  25. 25. Haiku Stars glisten above Wish upon a shooting star Hoping dreams come true
  26. 26. Five Senses Tranquility is white It tastes like a medley of fresh fruit It sounds like wind blowing through trees It smells like ocean mist It looks like a pool of still water And makes you feel like you are floating on air.