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Satellite, profe Gisella (pre-teens)


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Satellite, profe Gisella (pre-teens)

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Satellite, profe Gisella (pre-teens)

  1. 1. The Green ninja is fast and strong.
  2. 2. *He lives in a recycling bin and helps people to recycle.
  3. 3. *The Green Ninja wakes up at 7 o’clock. He has breakfast and goes to help people. *After that he has lunch. He eats: tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, banana, oranges and apples.
  4. 4. *Then he has a nap and goes to help people again. *The Green Ninja has dinner at 9 o’clock and goes to bed at 11 o’ clock.
  5. 5. *The end
  6. 6. *The end