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Intermediate I, profe Mariano B (teens)


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Intermediate I, profe Mariano B (teens)

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Intermediate I, profe Mariano B (teens)

  1. 1. Intermediate I, profe Mariano B (teens) Miracle, the forgotten city by Lautaro Aparicio Once, there was a city called Miracle that didn’t care about the enviroment. They always threw the trash to the sea, they travelled by cars, always used electricity and left the tap open. So in the city you could see red footprints everywhere. One day, they started feeling something strange; the floor began to break, the air became unhealthy and the water started to move stronlgy. Two days after, the floor began to move and there was a tsunami a minutes later. Many people survived and the survivors tried to collect all the food they could find and good places where they could hide from the natural disasters. One week later, a ship arrived to Miracle and a huge storm appeared in the sky. The people started to sea a twister on the distance and they started to run through the city but they couldn’t run away, it was too late. The tornado killed some people but other people could escape. When the tornado stopped the people tried to make ships to escape from the city. One day later, they escaped and went to Argentina to live there. During the journey they could see their beautiful city sinking under the sea. When they arrived to Argentina they made new lifes. They didn´t make bad things to the enviroment again. And one day, they saw green footprints all over the city (Buenos Aires) This story teaches us that we don’t have to damage the enviroment because it will bring bad consequences. We have to make a difference, A GREEN NINJA can’t care about the enviroment for us, we have to reflect and care about it. When you don’t care about the enviroment you leave a bad footprint, a red footprint.