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Categoria Teens

  1. 1. Constellations, profe MarianoStanger in the nightOne day I was sleeping when the lights turned off and I Looked at the Windows. I saw astrange shadow behind the window. I was very scared and I hid in the closest, frominside I heard a noise. At that moment, I remembered my parents were not at home!!!What can I do? I thought, I searched my phone and it was not there. Another noise washeard behind the door. My fear turned into courage and I decided to come out. I walkedvery slowly and I turned on the lights, when I saw, my cat did all those tricks.
  2. 2. Upper I, profe NadiaIn some place...My name is Henry. I’m 34 years old. I work as a writer but at the moment I’munemployed. Im single, without children, and because of that Im depressed, so Istarted doing drugs.Last week, I started a new book. It was about a man who had been looking for a new jobuntil he got one. His name was Tony. His bosses were dangerous people, they were fromthe mob. They made him do some weird stuff, like chasing people or deliver wrappedboxes to many different places.After six months, the head of the mob, Godard, disappeared. Tony fought with all his co-workers and won the place of Godard.Tony became the leader, but one day, after some months, Godard came back and hewas furious because he had taken his place without any permissionSo Tony went to his house quickly. When he arrived he saw Godard, with his gun… Andsaid:—How could you take my place!? —shouted Godard.—I thought you were dead, I didnt know you were still alive —said Tony.—I dont care if you didnt know, you have taken my place, and thats punished in themob, Im sorry —said Godard, without even apologizing. And shot him. He droppeddead.…In real life…—Oh no, Henry, what did you do?!—Sir, who are you? —asked a doctor.—Im Tony, a friend of Henry´s, what did he do to himself? —He was terrified.—He has an overdose, he’s just died, I’m sorry —said the doctor, and took Henrysbody away.
  3. 3. Intermediate, profe SantiagoI was only eleven years old when it started, the scariest thing about changing schools isnot knowing anyone, I was really scared on my first day. I did not know anyone at all, Iwasvery lonely and for some reason they didn’t t like me, everyday was the same thing,they would beat me up with no reason, just for fun. At the beginning there were just afew punches, but then it got worst, they decided to bring a stick. They broke my armone day and they told me that if I said something, they would kill me. When I thoughtthat it couldnt get worst, they showed up with a big chain, it was a nightmare.After six years of suffering, I decided to put an end to it and plan my revenge.The promparty was coming and I knew it was the perfect opportunity to accomplish my revenge. Icouldnt get a prom partner so I had enough time to perform the perfect plan.I went tothe shop very early in the morning and I bought some wine to mix it with some ratpoison I had in the garage, it was easy but it took me a long time to complete the drinks.It was 9 PM, everything was ready, the prom was about to start, so I took my bike and Iwent to the party with the poison in my backpack. I got there very early and I switchedthe drinks, and I waited. When I saw them drinking the poison I felt excited, and afraidof the situation, but it was too late, it was already done.I left the prom party at 3 am, when I left there were a few guys feeling bad, it was just amatter of time. When I got home, I turned the TV and watched the news, they weretalking about the prom, everybody was dead, and lots of people were in the hospital. Atthat moment I felt terrible and I realized what I had done, I had killed innocent people, Iwas guilty of that crime, so I decided to kill myself with my father’s gun.
  4. 4. Pre-Int I, profe Roxana EVIL CHILDRENPepe was a crazy and evil scientist who lived in a small village. He was bad becauseothers scientist did not like his ideas, so Pepe started to make a secret virus. He wantedto make a virus which will rule the world. The virus infected all the children because heput it in the food which was eaten at school.Two months later, all the village kids were infected! Pepe controlled all the children andsent them to kill all the people from the village. The children got crazy and they attackedtheir families. As a consequence, the villagers formed a resistance against the evilchildren but Pepe and his children attacked the resistance base.Two days before, in the middle of the village, a woman, Marge, was getting ready forthe children’s attack because her son got infected at school. She realized about thisbecause her son was acting strange. After this, she called a friend of hers, Sean, whowas also a scientist and together made an antidote for the virus. Then Marge and Seangrabbed Marge’s son and they tested the antidote on him and the child recovered.Later, Marge and Sean went to the resistance base and they put the antidote inweapons. They shot the evil children but they did not recover. During the fight, Margecaught a kid and he bit her so she also got infected and killed Sean. All the base wasdestroyed and Pepe ruled the world but then he was killed by his evil children and thevirus expanded on every country. By Julio, Gonzalo and Matías
  5. 5. Upper I, profe MarianaTHE OLD BEWITCHED CLOCKIn a lonely far town called Mockingjay, a young couple, Madge and Louis, liver with theirbeautiful daughter, Rachel. They had been really happy for four years until she sufferedfrom autism and that they had to look after her. After that their lives changeddramatically. Madge started to hate her daughter because she was not normal and shewas always locked in her room and Louis discovered he was undergoing a mortalsickness. Because of that he began getting closer to Rachel. They went out frequently,Louis gave her presents and he pampered her. One afternoon when they went for awalk, they came across with an awful, terrifying antique house. Louis was sure he hadn’tseen it before, but he decided to go into since an old wooden clock caught Rachel’sattention. It was a black, large pendulum clock with a loud sound that seemed tohypenoze Rachel. Then Louis started to look at all the old things. Suddenly, and old andnoisy door opened and the shape of a short ft man appeared. He was an elderly manwho asked them with a rough voice: -Could I help you?. At the seeing of the man LouisShocked. The man’s face was pale and his smile looked evil. When Louis recovered fromthe shock he answered: -Er… I would like to buy the shop window clock. The old mansaid: .Are you sure? I warm you with that clock witchcraft had been done. According tothe legend the clock had been bewitched to bring misery to people who own it.Louis incredulously told him:-That’s ridiculous! I don’t believe in such things. If I don’tbelieve, nothing will happen to us. He bought the clock and before they left the antiquehouse the old man told them with a tragical and evil voice: -I warmed you. I hoe youdon’t regret.They arrived at their house and placed the clock at the stare base and near the door.From that moment the little girl spent the whole day staring at it.One night Louis woke up desperately because of Rachel’s scream, he ran towards her.She was rocking herself in from of the clock saying “tik-tok, tik-tok” as the sound of theclock. Louis round to the machine and he saw something strange inside it. He wafrightened because of what he had seen. Just then he took Rachel to her room and hemade her promise that she would never come near the clock because supposedly therewas a mouse inside it.One week later, after a lot of fail attempts to get rid of the clock, Louis gave up and hepreferred to give it to his neighbor, Elias, not to have it in his house anymore. Rachel,disturbed, with her hands in her head was saying “Tik-tok, tik-tok”. Next morning,Rachel woke her mother up with an alarming shout. Madge didn’t pay attention to hershouts until he realized that her husband was not in bed. She went downstairs an wentaround the whole house looking for Louis. When she was about to go out she stoppedand was shock because of what she as seeing, the clock which had been given to Eliasthe previous night, was back in the house.
  6. 6. Shocked by what she had seen, Madge decided to go to her neighbor’s house to see ifher husband was there and to ask Elias why he had given black the clock. Madge ranacross the garden quickly, arrived at the door and rang the bell. Elias who was reallynervous, got out and did not let her in. She asked him: -Did you see my husband. Shenoticed Elias had a lost share so she asked nervously: -Could I come in? What’shappening?She realized that something rare was happening when she was pushing Elias to comeinto the house. Madge came into the room and saw her husband’s dead body laying inbloodshed on the floor. His body was hurt, with broken arms and legs and a terrified,suffering expression on his face. Elias started to swear that he hadn’t done anything, hejust woken up and found Louis’s body.Suddenly, Rachel appeared and started to laugh with an evil and macabre form, soMadge hit her and the girl fell down but she did not cry she faced up to her mother getup and went to her house.Often that day, Elias went to prison and Madge fell into depression.Years later, Madge continued depressed and Rachel locked in her bedroom spent hoursin front of the clock. For that situation, Leila, her sister, came to visit from time to time.In her visits, she tried to get Madge out of her state of mind, introducing new peoplebut those disappeared mysteriously. Also, she renewed the house with mirrors andflowers.This caught Leila’s attention because she could not find a justification for a lot of thethings there were in Rachel’s bedroom. In order to clear her doubts and while the girlwas in shock, Leila wet into her niece’s room, dark, cool, creepy. The windows werecovered with newspaper; the clothes were all over the floor. She saw the pictures of thepeople who had disappeared one by one. When she tried to run away, she turned to seethe girl standing right behind her. Suddenly Rachel threw herself at Leila, who tried torun away but unfortunately Rachel had closed the door behind her.The little girl pushed Leila down the stairs and she crashed against the clock. Luckily,with her last breath of energy, Leila got up and escaped.The pendulum started to move slowly and the little girl fell to the floor saying tick-tock-tick-tock taking her time. Finally the pendulum of the clock and the little girl’s heartcame to a stop.Some time later, it was a cold and a rainy day, Leila was driving to the mental hospital.her sister has been in since the day of the accident after suffering from a schizophreniaepisode. Leila went into the room where Madge was. Madge was rocking in her chairsaying tick tock tick tock
  7. 7. Elementary I, profe Brian