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Categoria adults


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Categoria adults

  1. 1. The investigators Christine Mac Cormack and John Carter received aphone call about a crime of a Celebrity.The celebrity was a very famous young actress that was murdered undervery suspicious circumstances. She was very popular because she hadacted in important films that were seen by a lot of people in the wholeworld.She was alone in her mansion when she was killed. Her body was foundon the floor at the front door. The investigators thought that she wastrying to escape from someone. She had been hit on the head with a gun.But the gun wasn´t there.Her husband is a 70 years old; he is an important business man. They gotmarried last year. He owns one of the best hotels in Las Vegas.The investigators decided to go and see him to ask some questions andwhen they arrived at the mansion, they were received by the husband inperson.-What were you doing at 9.30 last night when your wife was killed?-asked Christine Mac Cormack.- At 9.30 pm mmm... let me think ... I was talking with japanese businessmen to close a contract between them and my company. I´m the personwho found my wife dead. - the husband said.- We know that your wife was a very rich person. Is there anybody thathated her or something? - John Carter said.- I don´t know that but some of their jewerly are missing. Only my wifeand the housekeeper knew the code to the box safe - said the businessman. Suddenly they heard a hard noise and they saw the housekeeper escapingfrom the house.- The housekeeper had been listening behind the door. - said the police.Then the persecution of the woman began, until she surrendered. The housekeeper confessed that she killed the actress:- ¡I always had hated her because she was beautiful and had a fortune! THE END
  2. 2. FCE, profe MarianoStuckJake woke up that morning at 7am. He felt scared about thenightmare he had just had, but he ignored it and continued withhis morning. It was a foggy day, like the whole week had been.He looked around the house but no one was up wet, so he hadbreakfast on his own and headed to school.That afternoon he went to the park to meet the friend he haddreamed of, Emma. They were sitting on a bench talking aboutlife and eating some ice cream as always, when suddenly a blackcat appeared. Emma followed the creature and it leaded her tothe middle of a road, where she was crashed by a huge truck thatcame out of nowhere. Jake was in shock and started crying on hisfriend’s corpse.To his amazement, he woke up again all sweaty and shaky in hisbed. Had it been just a dream or real life, he wondered. Hedesperately started to call Emma, but the phone kept ringing andthere was no answer. Luckily, by the seventh rang she picked up.He was extremely relieved and told her to meet at the park assoon as possible. Once she arrived they started to talk and wentfor some ice cream. After a while he started to notice that theexact same things from his dream were happening. And as soonas he saw the black cat, he freaked out and decided to take herto a place far from there.She was safe then, Jake thought. He took Emma to a fair in thetown center, which was so crowded he figured she wouldn’t beat risk. They went up to the terrace to admire the view, when inthe blink of an eye she slipped and fell down the stairs, hittingthe back of her head against the ground. He tried to grab herhand but he couldn’t save her. Again, she was dead.This dream occurred over and over again. It came to the pointwhen he felt he was going insane. No matter what he did or howhard he tried to change it, she would always end up dead. Thiswent on for about a week when he decided he had had enoughof this nightmare. Jake asked her to the park like the first time,they talked and had ice cream; but this time, when the truckcame, he threw himself on the road and pushed Emma out of it.This time he was the one lying under the truck, and she was theone crying on his body.The next morning Emma woke up in her bed at 7am terrified bythe horrible nightmare she had just had about her friend, Jake.
  3. 3. Pre-Fce, profe MiriamNobody knows how Peter Maxwell came to Buenos Aires; however He wasa thorn in everyone side. He made cheap dangerous buildings.He was a dirty man and had a bad smell. He was disgusting to be seen. Hisnose had pimples and his whole head was full of blisters.Two employees took care of the business for him, however they hatedhim too because of his miserable behavior with them. He denied themhigher salaries, and they had to work many long hours. They could notquit their jobs because he caught them stealing and he always threatenedto call the Police.He sold each apartment for 300,000.00 USD, taking 70% in advance fromeach future owner. His employees convinced everyone to invest thatmoney quantity telling that that each apartment would have the bestmaterials for construction. Little did they know, that he used that moneyto create a state of the art penthouse at the top of the building. It was themost luxurious and smart, full of the latest technology.Mr. Maxwell kept all of the money in dirty paper bags and old coffee cansin the kitchen. He built by hand a tall cabinet, where he stacked all thebags and cans like brick and mortar. It was so high, that his employeescould not reach them.He built the building with cheap materials, the walls were made of durlockand the wires were very thin. The building had 36 apartments and manyfamilies lived there.One night, the architect suffered the worst of tragedies. His own supersmart pent house turned on him! Some of the tiny wires in the apartmentbelow had short-circuited. The super compute in the penthouse detectedthis and closed all of the windows and doors. While the fire continued torise and burning the floor, the super computer released gas into thepenthouse to suffocate the fire, but it didn’t realize that there was ahuman inside.The firemen came quickly to evacuate the building. Peter Maxwell wassitting on his brown leather armchair from the private collection of thePeron Family watching T.V., However did not hear the alarm. PeterMaxwell was Deaf. Not being able to hear the alarm, and being made verysleepy from the anti-flametory gas, Mr. Maxwell took very little notice tothe heat coming from the floor.Firemen tried to save everyone in the building. But nobody, not even hisemployees, mentioned that Peter Maxwell was on the top floor. Theflames got so high that they swallowed him whole.
  4. 4. Intermediate I, profe NadiaIt was raining heavily when I heard the noise. It came from outside thehouse. I went out immediately; in that moment, a thunder hit the houseand I could see a shadow through the second floor window. I decided totake an axe from the porch and went upstairs looking for the stranger. Iwas feeling incredibly terrified. While I was walking silently I heard a dooropen and a voice saying `who is there?´ Then I saw a child and I wenttowards him to grab him, but I couldn´t. So I looked at myself in a mirrorbut I couldn´t see my reflection. At that point, I realized that I was a ghostand that I had been long dead.
  5. 5. Elementary I, profe MarianoIt’s Friday, I am driving my car on the motorway. Suddenly, I hear astrange sound. I stop the car, I don’t see anything but I feel a cold wind inmy face. Then the shadow attacks me, finally I wake up in my bed. It’s abad dream.
  6. 6. Intermediate II, profe Pilar English Institute or a horrific Neuropsiquiatric?It was a cold morning and it was raining. A Great storm was coming from thehorizon and an icy wind crossed the deserted streets of Buenos Aires. A hugeand heavy iron door surrounded by the imposing wall of 8 meters in height washiding the sumptuous English style farmhouse located in the centre of the place.Many years ago, this house belonged to one of the richest families in thecountry, but it was abandoned after the great epidemic. Many people affectedby the plague were sent there, where they were protected and fed until deathbeat the large iron gates. The large area of 2 hectares soon became thecemetery of the city, receiving dozens of bodies every day. Of course, thathappened a long time now, and the government then decided to use thefacilities to open the new Centre for Mental Health called “The Penguins”. It wasnot an ideal place to open a psychiatric hospital since it was at the centre of acity in full growth, but the need to save a few pesos and the impenetrable wallsand watch towers, allowed to save the darkest secrets without majordifficulties. In fact, there were very few secrets which climbed those stone walls.I could only find a few documents in Prague, about certain cargoes andequipment to the mental health centre in Buenos Aires. For several years, Igathered clippings from newspapers of this time, about some weird noises anddisappearances in the place. The most important track that I had to solve themystery was the diary of Doctor Kestnor, the great professor and friend of mygreat grandfather. And there I was that morning of July, accompanied by thedarkness and cold of a great storm that was coming. It was not difficult to enterif you knew the secret tunnel that went from one of the arms of the Rio de laPlata, now commonly called Riachuelo, until the deep catacombs located 10meters below the main floor of the English Style farmhouse. The map of thetunnel was hidden in one of the numerous and expensive handbag of thedeceased wife of the doctor Kestnor, Mrs. Kristine Kestnor. The handbag withthe map had passed into the hands of his son Max and then was passed fromhand to hand until I was able to buy it from an evil collector called MauriceAcrim. I also knew the ancient secret that hid the tunnel. In days of storms suchas this one, the tunnel could become a deadly trap for the unwary people, sincewater could flood the tunnel completely in just 2 minutes, and I could notescape of this place until water went out.The storm began to unleash his fury when I arrived at the catacombs. The lightof my lamp was my best friend at that time, it protected me from the giganticmonster of darkness whose jaws, seemed to want to swallow me each time. Iwalked by a narrow and long hall for about 40 minutes. To my left, there werenumerous cells with strong wooden doors in which some old human bonescould be seen scattered on the dusty floors. To my right, a bottomless abyss,expected attentive to each of my steps. The professor Knestor had written in hisdiary, all the possible places where it could be hidden the list with the surnamesof the patients and a detailed explanation of the experiments that were made
  7. 7. on them. The patients were subjected to specials cocktail with mutagenic drugs,combined with hypnosis and others treatments which included staying inelectromagnetic fields and watching subliminal videos. The aim was to selectindividuals with a less functional and weaker cerebral cortex and, also, with amore powerful pituitary gland and greater ability to respond toneurotransmitters such as norepinephrine or dopamine. A great pituitary glandwith a poor cerebral cortex was a perfect combination to create a kind of humanbeing capable of receiving orders without questioning. In this case, the instinctswould dominate the brain instead of the reason, and by using hypnosis and lowfrequency waves to communicate with the subconscious mind, the patientswould obey the orders their own brains, which would be controlled by otherpeople. In addition, a good dose of adrenaline and dopamine could result in afeeling of pleasure and lack of fear which is could make them execute the orderswithout contradictions.Manageable people disposed to obey, courageous and addicted enough tocomply with their duty, in few words, the perfect soldiers or presidents.All this information were in the diary that I had for 25 years. Hundreds of menand women were recruited, selected, treated and trained by 4 generations, toobtain the best possible results... but something strange happened to thosepatients who were included in the list that I am looking for, which should befound in any office of the third floor according to the diary. No one was sure, butapparently this great power of the subconscious mind and its relationship withthe electromagnetic fields generated in all living or dead things of the world hadbeen underestimated. That knowledge was too big and it was the reason of thisbig mistake. No one could assume that when the super soldiers die, they wouldlost their existence only on the physical plane, but remained trapped betweenthe physical and the spiritual world. The electromagnetic fields generated by thehouse, fed constantly by dark energies from the surrounding area, acted as alarge prison for the dead super soldiers and their souls remained locked upthere. However, they felt the same need and pleasure to obey orders, such as adrug for their lost spirits. Only now, those who gave the orders were not livingpeople. Now, other f darker and more dangerous forces, which emerged in theera of the great epidemic, were manipulating the souls of the super soldiers toact in the physical world. The super soldiers trapped, somehow, could haveinfluence on the matters of the physical world. According to some diary notes, itwas rumoured that the super soldiers could get scares, sick or even kill peoplewithin the limits of the stone walls of the psychiatric hospital. Many times, itspresence could be detected by sudden and intense cold, strange noises, or byshadows that appear on the walls. If I can find the list, I believe that I can provethat some very distant relatives of the super soldiers, who were born manyyears after the death of them, are being used without knowing it, to fulfil thetasks assigned by the dark forces. The super soldiers could use their energy,which remains tied in some way to these distant relatives, to attract them to thehospital and manipulate them to fulfil the wishes of the dark forces in theworldly plane.
  8. 8. If any of these relatives worked in the hospital many years later, I can comparethe last names of them with those of the super soldiers in the list, and in thisway I can prove my theory and the existence of the dead super soldiers. I finallyarrived at the third floor and found an old desktop where could be the list. I tookthe key, which was saved by my family for more than 70 years. Now, finally, thekey would reach its true destination in that drawer of that old desktop. I openedthe drawer and I took the small piece of paper with the five last names but I didnot care for the shadow behind the desk, on the wall. Suddenly, the heavy glasslamp was moved and started to fall but I was not wearing helmet.Today, there is no more a psychiatric hospital in the place. However, strangenoises and shadows, can still be heard and be seen at the English Institute thatworks today in Av Entre Ríos 500, where was the hospital. I can still rememberthe 5 surnames on the list but nothing can be done. 1) Sachella 2) Mojsa 3)Herrera 4) Carricaburu and 5) Segato.THE ENDIgal Elingold