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Categoría Pre-Teens


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Cuentos Pre-Teens

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Categoría Pre-Teens

  1. 1. Satellite, profe MiriamThe case of the stinky classroom!Our story Begins on a rainy afternoon. Nayla sat in the classroom whensuddenly he heard footsteps approaching. In walked in Sherlock Tom whosaid "It sure smells weird in here!" Sherlock Tom and Nayla could notfigure out what the smell was. Tom said " What we´ve got is a mystery onour hands!"Hot on the trail, Tom shouted, " The smell seems to be coming from downhere!" The smell continued to get stronger but the mystery of theunexplained smell still wasnt solved! Tom knew he needed to think big!Tom had a BIG idea! Could this smell be coming from a secretpassageway? No! It was coming from a Dirty smell monster who hasnt hada bath in weeks!
  2. 2. Galaxies, profe SantiagoIt`s easy to start, after reading my story you will understand. He lived in asmall house, isolated from the city, since the illness of my mother we hadto move here, my mom was terrified and upset people too. In my house weare three, my mother, my half brother and I. My dad died when I was a kid.As I said, the house was small, but dark, and my class mates knew, so hereinsisted celebrate Halloween party, to which I agreed. The day came, allmy friends were there, but in the middle of the party someone proposed -Let`s play Ouija, and we all agreed. We tried to play Ouija but my mothercame immediately and said and took the game away.So they decided to put a sleepy pill in a glass of water, and they gave it tomy mom. She felt asleep a few minutes after, and then we took the game,and it started raining after 15 minutes we realized that we were not alone.There was something between us, we got really scared and stopped playing,we didnt know that it the spirit was already among us, at the beginning itwas hard to believe but after a few hours there was no doubtand after that we went to bed.In the morning I woke up and couldnt listen to anything. I started to walkaround the house.A noise woke me up, I was surprised because my mother didnt wake meup, so I went to her room. I looked for her. I got scared because I couldntfind her. I called her but she didnt answer. Suddenly a strange voice saidRob, Rob, Rob and I went downstairs following the voice.When I got to the living room I found a figure looking at the wall, and Isaid - Who are you? I´m your FATHER, I´m here to tell you something,your mother and the people of the other house killed me, and now I wantrevenge. This week I will start to kill all and they will try to kill you, youhave to save yourself.Rob said ok father I will save myself, in that week rob saved himself fromthe neighbors who wanted to kill him. By the end of the week Rob was stillalive and the last neighbor tried to kill rob and Rob took a stick and hebroke it in his head. That night Rob’s father said I had my revenge, now Ican rest in peace, and the spirit of his father disappeared and the housestarted to shake all over and Rob lived in peace for the rest of his life.
  3. 3. Galaxies, profe JimenaThe strange murderJames was a forty-year-old man who was trying to solve a strange case, amurder.The murder was about a little girl called Mary. The detective didn’t reallyknow what happened, so he tried to investigate about it, but he had noclues.Once, he was watching TV on the sofa, and the phone rang. It was thepolice!“Hello, with James, please?” said the officer.“You’re talking with James, dear officer”“How did you recognize my voice?”“I know you!”“Well… what happened?” said James.“A little girl called Mary was murdered yesterday, so we need your help.”“OK, I will help.”So James started solving the case.He went out to the street and asked the people about the murder. But thepeople looked scared and pale.James asked a woman, “What do you know about Mary’s murder?” So thewoman answered, in a tired drunk voice, “I don’t know anything.” So, heran and asked another man, “Do you know anything about Mary’s…”“What? I don’t know anything about that! Shut up!”Consequently, he asked other people about the case, but nobody knew.Until he asked a man called Sam who was calmed.He said “The killer, called Master Snake, hypnotized the people withsnakes, which threw venom to them, so everybody forgot everything, andthey turned stupid, and Master Sanke controlled them, they are his slaves.”So Sam decided to help him. He guided James to a cavern.In the cavern, he found Master Snake: he had bib long teeth, snake skin andonly one snake eye. The individual tried to catch James with his huge wideand ugly snake. The snake almost ate him!“Sam! What did you do? Where did you guide me?”Sam said, “I lied to you! Ha ha! I’m Master Snake’s helper and brother!”Sam turned into a snake, James took out a shotgun, killed Sam and MasterSnake, they fell on him and everybody died.Their graves were beside Mary’s.After that, James woke up. “Thanks God! Everything was a dream!” hethought.
  4. 4. Stars, profe AgustinaThe two brothers and the kill of JasmínThe mansion is big and has got 10 rooms. It is ugly.Her name is Jasmín. She has got blue eyes and long hair. She has got aviolet and green dress and black shoes. She is good. She is 20 years.His name is Matías. He has got a black cloak and white trainers. He is bad.He likes killing. He is 44 years.Matías lives in the mansion and Jasmín lives in the hotel. Everyday, hegoes to kill people at the park. He is a scientist. He is nervous and unhappy.He kills a police officer and a fire fighter.She lives in the hotel. She is a singer and a model. She is happy. She hasgot a dog. One day, Matías goes to the hotel and kills the dog. She is angryand follows Matías to the park. The next day, Matías kills Jasmín with thecar because she is good and beautiful. Her spirit follows and kills Matías.Catalina Basso, Julián Galván, Nazarena Tejeda y Tomás Pereira