Story board media music video


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Story board media music video

  1. 1. The video starts with no music. The female actor is sitting on the bed in the room alone. Next to her is the main artists phone. On her other side she has a suitcase containing her items. There is natural lighting from the window in the room. The scene lasts 27 seconds. The female actor is wearing every day clothing but has a coat on which shows she is about to leave. She also has mascara down her face, which portrays that she has been crying to the audience this shows her emotions. The camera angle is at a mid shot, which shows the room and the actress so the audience can see the entire action happening. This is a close up shot of the main artists face. He will be singing directly into the camera. He will be stood against a clear background possibly a brick wall as this makes him stand out in the scene as he will be the only object on the background thefore in this scene the audience will be focused on his face. In this scene the audience will be able to see the emotion thoughts and feelings on the artists face as the close up shot reveals all this. The chorus scene will be filmed on a platform in kingston by the river. an over the shoulder The scene will fade into The main artist will be sat the main actor performing the song. shot ofon the platform on a bridge holding a This part of the video wil belooks at the photograph in his hand. He the performance part. The camera angles will as the camera photograph for a short whilebe varied so the scene is not boring we plan to to close up on angles change from mid shots use close up the instrument as well as actor will as well as shots of him singing. The the artist be The shots will is where Therap from can Thisnextcasualmid shotstheshot part of the long scene and open withso all actionis be wearing scene clothing. a lighting behind. song and artist will is being shot outside. The mainathe scene beis filmed asa bench at seen takes birds eye view shot with the rap natural as place. This sitting on we think artist walking by wearing and add the trainlook professionalthe same clothing rap this will station, going to edit this sceneThe the river lip-synching. However we are to be artistthe previous and making it clearwill last as black and whiteshot change the brightness versimilitude to the video. This scene to in will be filmed walking towards the the in camera as well as is be thisside on the audience that this from filmed outside same 22 seconds and will happening and mood of and contrast as we feel the suits thebehind. The this the lightingcontinuity. seconds and day songalsois natural as beis filmed actor will therfore this shows will last 20 The outside the lighting scene will it natural. andtransition will be a straight cut worn to be looking down at same clothing isto the next the once again the the floor with the show the continuity of it being then look up photograph in his hand. He willthe same day. scene. This scene will also and see the female across the platform jump from two locations the other with her suitcase. A train will character location will be the rap artist under the subway leant against a wall and walking. immediately come past and there will be a cut This scene will scene transition. Thislast . will last 22 seconds. There will be natural lighting as the scene is shot outside.We have swopped this scene for artist performance.
  2. 2. The next scene is the second chorus. It is filmed on a small dock in Kingston by the river. We intend to have the artist sat on the dock with his legs hanging over the edge of the dock singing the chorus. This scene lasts 15 seconds. The lighting is natural as it is j outside and the artists clothing is once again the same as the idea is that it is all filmed on the same day so this enhances the idea of the continuity in the video. The next scene is the two artists against a plain background for example the brick wall. We plan to film this part with the 2 artists separately and then edit the 2 clips so they play next to each other at the same time. This scene will be filmed with natural j lighting as it is outside and will last 23 seconds. The camera will be a close up shot as this is an important scene for emotions so this will show both artist’s thoughts and feelings in this part of the song. The next scene is filmed at the train station it opens with the train going past which continues on from the 3rd scene it then passes to revel that the girl that was We have now decided we aren’t going to there before the train passed has gone theinclude the train station scene we are going to camera is a close up shot on the artistsfilm more performance from the artist for this face to see his emotion. He then gets up part if the song. and walks away from the camera with the picture still in his hand the camera focuses on him looking at the picture in his hand he then walks away from the camera.
  3. 3. This scene ends with a close up on thepicture that the artist just dropped thislasts 3 seconds. The lighting is natural as itis outside and still in black and white.