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Media evaluation final

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Media Evalutation

  1. 1. Media Evaluation‘Are You Gonna Go My Way?’ Laura Heath
  2. 2. In what does you media product use, develop or Challenge forms and conventions of real media products?• For my overall project I chose to do a music video of the rock song ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way?’. It follows some of the principles of Goodwins theory.• Also I decided in aid to promote the bands image and identity not to take the construction of the music video too seriously and promote the bands image of having fun. Which is show in various clips like for example the slow motion hair flick.
  3. 3. In what does you media product use, develop or Challenge forms and conventions of real media products?• I decided in relation to my chosen genre characteristics, to focus more on a performance based video than a narrative, going against the conventions of other music videos.• However I followed Goodwins theory in relation to the close ups of the band members to try and promote the bands image and multiple members, this was to ensure maximum coverage so the audience knew who they were.• For Music to Visuals, I used my editing to try and measure that up with the timing of the drums to the flashing of lights. This was to increase the drama of the video and to illustrate the message of not taking things too seriously.• I also went against the traditional conventions by having a mixed band particularly with a female drummer, as this is an rare occurrence.
  4. 4. In what does you media product use, develop or Challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Following Conventions • My Poster uses the traditional forms and conventions of the poster, by displaying the main band image as well as the logo. • This also follows conventions by displaying a release date, compact disk logo, DVD logo, store logos, website and the record label logo. • Unlike some other posters I researched my poster is busy and full of things related to the bands album, which reflects the bands overall image of just having fun.
  5. 5. In what does you media product use, develop or Challenge forms and conventions of real media products? • My digipak follows the conventions of real media products by displaying the barcode, copyright information, compact disc and DVD logo as well as the record labels logo. • It follows the conventions by trying to promote the bands overall image by colour relative to the logo. So the target audience know exactly who the band are just by looking at the iconic logo.
  6. 6. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?• I think overall that the combination of both my main product and ancillary texts is overall effective. I have tried to get the image across of not taking things seriously.• Which is important with the bands overall image as I wanted them to come across as being young school kids not caring and just having fun with music.• I linked this through the visual style of my poster and digipak, when I showed some video clips of my friend having fun, along with the band members enjoying what they were playing.• I also stuck with the same black and white overall colour scheme for pictures as it creates an old school ‘home video’ vibe, referring to the do it yourself attitude of the punk rock era.• I also used a lot of referencing to the doodles in both my digipak and poster again trying to portraying the overall image of the band of youth.• I think this aimed a the target audience well as they can easily relate to the bands image.
  7. 7. PosterColours: Yellow, Blue and red textreferring to the bands logo colours.Album Title: Referring to the overallcreation of the bands image trying toportray them as teenagers who arejust having fun with music.Doodles and edits on the Picture:Referring them to being school kidsand again their overall image of justhaving fun.Tagline: ‘Not to be taken seriously’ istrying to reinforce the overall imageeffectively.Poster they are holding: Referenceto one of the shots in the musicvideo, and reference to childrebellion against theinstitution, (criminal plague.’
  8. 8. What have you learned from you audience feedback?• At the beginning of this project I was worried about creating a non- performance based piece as it does not follow traditional conventions. Upon receiving feedback on many occasions I have tried to take the feedback into consideration and to effectively adapt my music video, to display the bands image better and to make sure my music video flows with ease according to the genre characteristics with Goodwins theory.• However I am overall happy with my completed piece as it displays the overall message that I want and the identity of the band.• The feedback on my last showing was promising, I only had subtle changes and additions to make on all three of my final products.• For example on my digipak I needed to include, the website address, spines, and they copyright information. I was also told to change the blurred effect on the main picture of my poster and to instead put sticky tape on it to give the overall effect that it was created by teenagers and to give it an more edgy look.
  9. 9. Digipak Logo: Multiple displays for the band logo to promote the band. Doodles and edits on the Picture: Referring them to being school kids and again their overall image of just having fun, and to show continuity for the poster and digipak. Picture of a classroom: Referring to the school image and referencing of the black and white which links back to the main product.Still from video which is Colours: All colours refer toreferenced in their photos. the bands logo and main product.
  10. 10. What have you learned from you audience feedback? • For feedback I was also told that as the video was performance based, it was long and lacked variation of shot. So the audience were getting ‘bored’ by it. • So to add more variation between the performance, I added some old videos of my friends at Greenwich park, which I then sped up the playback during editing making the video flow more faster. • This therefore broke up the shots and added a more fun side to the video. • However for my music video I had to add some cut away just to give the video more definition and a variation of different shots .
  11. 11. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation?New Media in Research:• For my overall research I used YouTube a lot to research the codes and conventions of multiple genre’s music video, whilst compiling my research on Blogger making it easily assessable when I started the construction of my overall project.Planning:• When Planning I used Prezi to construct a mind map on the audience profile, making sure I aimed at the right target audience. I also used Macromedia Fireworks to create a mood board in relation to the chosen genre I wanted to do and create the identity of the band.Construction:• For the construction of my music video, I used a lot of new media, to edit my music video unlike the other groups I used Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD, as it is a programme I am familiar with and know how to create different effects. As I have used it many times before and have experimented with it.• For this music video I used the school band which meant it would of been easier to record their version of the song rather than use the artists version, so I used Two stereo microphones and recording machine to record their version of the song as an MP3, this meant I could adjust the balance of each part to how I wanted it to sound.• For my Poster and Digipak I used 2 programmes, Adobe Photo Elements and Macromedia Fireworks 8, one used for the digipak and the other used for the poster, this was easier and Adobe had the required effects I wanted for my digipak where it didnt for my poster.Evaluation:For my evaluation I posted my music videolink on Facebook for others to comment soI could gain accurate feedback.I have also used slide share and power pointTo create this overall evaluation.