UKTI Australia Opportunities for British Companies in Australia's low carbon markets


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UKTI Australia Opportunities for British Companies in Australia's low carbon markets

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Opportunities for British companies in: Australia’s Low Carbon Industry UKTI Webinar – 26 September 2012 Richard Morris, Director-General of Trade & Investment, Australia & NZ E: Australia: Opportunities for British Business in Australia’s Low Carbon Industry 2
  3. 3. Why Australia? • You’ll feel at home immediately: – Over 1,000 UK companies and more Brits than in any other country – Very similar business, legal and regulatory culture • Best performing OECD country economically, with good growth prospects • Strong Australian dollar making UK goods and services more affordable • Closely linked to fast growing Asia-Pacific nations • Massive opportunities for UK companies in oil and gas, health, ports, infrastructure, ICT, education, low carbon, financial and business servicesUKTI Australia: Opportunities for British Business in Australia’s Low Carbon Industry 3
  4. 4. Climate change:The policy landscapeJohn VirgoeFirst Secretary (Economic and Climate Change)British High Commission,
  5. 5. Australia’s ‘clean energy future’ Refusal to ratify the Kyoto Protocol Multiple climate change elections 2 Prime Ministers and 2 opposition leaders as climate casualties Patchwork Implementation progress problems Broad domestic action UNCLASSIFIED
  6. 6. Context for domestic action  power of resource sector  multi-speed economy  high level of exposure to Asia  compete with other big resource-exporters  cheap, high-carbon energy  investment needed in infrastructure  fear of cost of living going up and acting alone  strain of scepticism UK has a strong reputation for expertise in low carbon. UNCLASSIFIED
  7. 7. Basic policy landscape Legislation and carbon price Renewables Energy efficiency > mandatory business > 20% renewable reporting energy target for 2020 > compulsory energy > 5%+ by 2020 efficiency programme > Clean Energy for large commercial > 80% by 2050* Finance Corporation energy users > Climate Change with $10bn for commercialisation* > appliances and Authority* equipment > carbon price* > Australian Renewable Energy > regulations for new Agency with $3.2bn for buildings Agriculture R&D > compulsory > patchwork subsidies environmental ratings > carbon farming when selling or initiative leasing office buildings*Legislated and implemented but may be repealed in the event of a change of Government
  8. 8. Mike TournierExecutive Director, Carbon Market Institute Type your title and date here 00/00/0000 UNCLASSIFIED
  9. 9. Who is CMI?• The Carbon Market Institute is an independent membership-based not-for-profit organisation.• We are the peak body for Australian Carbon Professionals and those wishing to do business “downunder”.• Our aim is to assist businesses in meeting the challenges and opportunities associated with the developing national and international carbon markets and thereby build capacity to grow in a low-carbon world. Type your title and date here 00/00/0000. UNCLASSIFIED
  10. 10. CMI’s Program• Business networking and information services• Research and market analysis• Education and training - partnerships• Professional standards and accreditation• International engagement Type your title and date here 00/00/0000 UNCLASSIFIED
  11. 11. Introduction to the Three Key Policies Type your title and date here 00/00/0000 11 UNCLASSIFIED
  12. 12. Sectors affected by a carbon price 25,000 tonnes CO2-e threshold +/- 325 company’s Market size 350Mt – 550Mt Type your title and date here 00/00/0000 12 UNCLASSIFIED
  13. 13. Market Evolution Type your title and date here 00/00/0000 UNCLASSIFIED
  14. 14. Opportunities• Carbon Development and Carbon Trading Specialised project development skills, project investment, IT solutions, carbon brokering, offset firms, aggregators, financial services & products• Clean energy technologies Gas, wind and solar generation are expected to grow in the short term, driven by Australia’s renewable energy target (RET) as much as by the carbon price, with a significant role for geothermal and carbon capture and storage in the longer term.• Alternative waste technologies Increased opportunities are likely for gas capture, waste- to-energy technologies, waste-to-ethanol and biochar, due to increased industry waste costs. Type your title and date here 00/00/0000 UNCLASSIFIED
  15. 15. Opportunities• Industrial process abatement technologies Expect increased demand for water- and energy-efficient equipment, and for low-pollution technology process and products.• Built Environments Built environment is one of the largest users of energy in Australia (23%). Expect increased of major project refit frequencies, revised asset lifespans and focus on operational efficiency gains. Large scale domestic solutions may be sort.• Transport Expect increasing demand for fuel-efficient heavy and light vehicles, electric vehicles and biofuels.• Other Professional services High-growth opportunities for accounting and reporting; tax, corporate governance and legal advice; IT solutions; investors, and risk management. Type your title and date here 00/00/0000 UNCLASSIFIED
  16. 16. Melbourne - Australias Carbon Hub• Melbourne is establishing itself as a leading centre for carbon services in the Asia-Pacific region.• The Climate Change Authority was recently announced to be headquartered in Melbourne. As an independent body, the Authority will provide expert advice on key aspects of the carbon pricing mechanism and the Federal Government’s climate change mitigation initiatives.• As Australia’s energy and environmental trading hub, Melbourne is home to the majority of industry compliance buyers and national energy markets. Major compliance buyers based in Melbourne include Amcor, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Shell and Great Energy Alliance Corporation. Type your title and date here 00/00/0000 UNCLASSIFIED
  17. 17. CarbonExpo Melbourne 2012Australasias premier TradeFair & Conference for carbonmarket participants & serviceproviders.•+1000 delegates & speakers•80 trade booths from 20countries•7-9 November 2012 Type your title and date here 00/00/0000 UNCLASSIFIED
  18. 18. What next? • Join the conversation on LinkedIn • Attend our industry specific webinars • Next webinar on e-commerce opportunities on Thursday 4 October • Follow us on twitter @uktiaustralia • Get in touch with us: • For low carbon opportunities in Australia – FreeDigitalPhotos.netUKTI Australia: Opportunities for British Business in Australia’s Low Carbon Industry 18