September 2012 Integrative Practitioner Meeting Minutes:A group of about 15-20 practitioners met to discuss possible topic...
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September 2012 integrative practitioner meeting minutes


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September 2012 integrative practitioner meeting minutes

  1. 1. September 2012 Integrative Practitioner Meeting Minutes:A group of about 15-20 practitioners met to discuss possible topics and themes for the upcomingyear. Below is a list which, of course, is just guidance as we get going. Your input is stillwelcome.We made three commitments: 1. To make the meetings 1 1/2 hours instead of 2. 7-8:30 PM, so that especially the people that have to be here to close up do not get home after 9PM. Come earlier if you like the networking aspect of getting together, as we are going to try to wrap it up earlier this year. 2. To do some self-care or experiential piece each meeting. In some cases the whole class has that focus, but other times we will take turns leading the group in a meditation, or self treatment, etc. 3. October Meeting: Jason Wolstenholme, will present Chi Walking at our October meeting.Topics for 2012: 1. Homeopathy: a. Pat is looking for a venue to show a Canadian film, which introduces homeopathy, but also shows an evidence treatment program in Cuba. Maybe show it at this monthly integrative meeting, but with logistics, may need to be at orthopedics to be able to view the film. She is interested in any leads as she wants to share this information. b. Carol requested that Pat to do a talk on homeopathy and mental health 2. Research sharing 3. Sustainability in practice. How to avoid burnout? 4. Financing and funding, create models that work for patients and providers. Right now we are all just waiting to see what the Green Mountain Care Board comes up with. But what do we think makes sense? a. How to deal with insurance policy changes. Policy and practice. HIPPA see below. 5. Integrative Medicine at FAHC a. Lack of teaching space noted. b. Steps for wellness, th c. Oct 5 Breast Cancer Conference 6. Roz Grossman, Mindfulness talk 7. Mischul Brownstone: Intro of Language of Touch 8. Amy Magyar: Life/Performance coach – strength finders – teaches you to work to your strength, do the quiz before we come to the meeting and Amy could lead us through a coaching session. 9. Case Review: People get the case ahead of time and we all discuss how we would approach it. Resources shared: HIPPA issues with being on line - we will get these links for you. Anya mentioned a Tele-mental health person that has been very helpful to her Discussed e-mail compliance: Sending patient information and/or referrals through e- mail is not compliant. This organization can help: The Laura Mann Center is now live and open to the public to use, check it out at: www.lauramanncenter.orgIf anyone that was there wants to correct these notes or add something please do!! Molly