Team MPC Economic Valuation Pre-proposal Presentation


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University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus.
Environmental Science Department.
Coastal Environment Course.

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Team MPC Economic Valuation Pre-proposal Presentation

  1. 1. Economic valuation of recreational and tourism activities in estuarine services to the community at Martín Peña Channel Team: Elvis Torres Delgado Ana Trujillo Xian Wang
  2. 2. Background Research Motivation, Main Goal Objectives and Methods Questions
  3. 3. Backgroun d The Martín Peña Channel (MPC) takes place in San Juan, Puerto Rico with around 26,000 inhabitants divided in 8 communities. Since 1930 the MPC began to change its morphology because the area was filled with debris and trash to build housing units and other concrete structures along the channel. The quick and poorly planned urbanization process has sparked water pollution, coliform bacteria (no system sewage), and low quality of food (fishing), along other public health problems.
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  6. 6. Research Motivation MPC could be a great place for tourism and aquatic activities. This area was used before for fishing and recreation. Several attempts have been done to restore the channel and use it as a tourist attraction, but the level of deterioration of this place has made it impossible to get the necessary permissions.
  7. 7. Some Abbreviations G: Goal we pursue. M: Method; how are we going to tackle it. H: Hypotesis
  8. 8. Objectives and Methods • G: Describe the process of how the ecosystem structure and process has changed during the last 30 years. • M: Do an analysis using remote sensing techniques that allows to see the changes in the channel's land use or find and analyze literature in which those are already documented. • H: The channel’s land use has changed a lot along the years and these have affected water flux, which has in turn affected water quality. (We know it). 8
  9. 9. Objectives and Methods • G: Confirm that the MPC has a bad state of water quality and that it is the main barrier in using this area as a touristic zone. • M: Evaluate existing information for previous water quality studies in which they have found a increasing concentration of coliform bacteria during the years and compare the state of the MPC with other areas in which they offer aquatic activities. • H: MPC water quality will be worse than the others and if it was to improved, many more touristic services could be offered. 9
  10. 10. Objectives and Methods • G: Evaluate how to improve aquatic and touristic activities that are and could be offered in the channel if it was in a better condition. • M: Study the recreational and touristic activities offered in nearby water bodies, like San Juan Bay, which could be offered at the MPC. • H: With better water condition, we would be able to add better and more profitable aquatic and touristic activities. 10
  11. 11. Objectives and Methods • G: Compare the economic value that similar places get offering similar services like those that could be done in the channel. • M: Ask companies representatives that offer these services for an estimate income of the different activities. • H: Companies make a rational profit from touristic activities that can also be implemented on the MPC. 11
  12. 12. Objectives and Methods • G: Identify the areas that have best touristic potential (high economic gain without much monetary investment) and how can these be adapted for it. • M: Spatial analysis (buffer analysis) to select the sites. Identify those activities that could be attractive to tourists and study the initial investment and later gains and evaluate the most cost-effective activities. • H: There will be cheap but profitable activities that can be implemented on the MPC. 12
  13. 13. Objectives and Methods • G: Do an economic valuation of the actual and potential touristic activities at the channel. • M: Make surveys to evaluate the interest of locals into visiting the area and participate in the activities and the amount of money people will be willing to pay to do certain activities. • H: Locals will be willing to pay to participate in recreational activities along the MPC. 13
  14. 14. Questions? 14
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