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Account Planning Portfolio


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Account Planning Portfolio

  3. 3. About MeBefore  my  first  day  of  undergrad,  every  student  was  assigned  to  take  the  Gallup  StrengthsFinder  test.  We  were  to  discover  our  strengths  and  hopefully  avoid  all  that  “I  changed  my  major...again”  mess.  My  top  strength,  as  I  discovered,  is  Empathy.  I  didn’t  really  know  what  this  would  be  good’s  not  exactly  a  hard,  easily-­‐transferrable  skill.And  then  I  discovered  Account  Planning:  a  discipline  in  which  a  key  characterisc  is  the  ability  to  put  yourself  in  consumers’  shoes  and  tease  out  insights.  Understand  their  pain  points.  Understand  what  they  like  to  do,  what  is  important  to  them  and  why.  Once  you  know  these  things,  you  can  more  fully  arculate  a  brand’s  message,  creang  a  relevant  connecon  for  the  customer.  I’m  resourceful  in  research,  have  been  described  as  “sunny,”  and  have  many  more  strengths  up  my  sleeve.  I  received  an  M.A.  in  Adversing:  Account  Planning  &  Strategy  from  The  University  of  Texas  at  Ausn  and  a  B.A.  in  Professional  Wring  from  Baylor  University. HI,  I’M  LAURA.  
  4. 4. Created for and guided by:
  5. 5. The Brief Develop  a  go-­‐to-­‐market  campaign  targeAng  the  youth  market. Get  them  excited  about  AT&T’s  $50  unlimited  talk/text/web  plan. Drive  traffic  online  and  in-­‐store  for  enrollment.
  6. 6. ResearchTHE  PRE-­‐PAID  WIRELESS  LANDSCAPEFLOODED  MARKETThe  market  is  flooded  with  competors,  both  regional  and  naonal.  Several  smaller  brands  are  subsidiaries  of  large,  naonal  wireless  conglomerates,  ulizing  well-­‐known  networks  for  their  coverage.   PRICELIMITED  NETWORK  COVERAGEEven  brands  that  operate  on  naonal  networks  offer  limited  coverage  to  pre-­‐paid  customers.  O`en,  service  is  only  found  in  major  metro  areas  and  near  transportaon  routes.  Networks  tend  to  charge  roaming  fees  when  a  customer  is  outside  of  the  typically-­‐supported  area.  PRICINGRegional  brands  are  priced  below  the  naonal  leaders,  but  customers  experience  drascally   COVERAGEreduced  service.  Other  naonal  brands  are  priced  similarly  to  AT&T,  but  do  not  provide  the  same  quality  of  coverage.  This  means  that  AT&T’s  superior  coverage  is  the  key  factor  that  differenates  consumer  experiences. BEST  COVERAGE   at  the   BEST  PRICE  
  7. 7. ResearchVALUE-­‐SEEKING  YOUTH,  18-­‐24BECOMING  MORE  INDEPENDENTMany  are  or  have  recently  been  on  a  family  wireless  plan  held  by  their  parents.  However,  they  are  preparing  to  start  the  next  chapter  in  life,  whether  that  is  moving  out  of  the  house  or  starng  a  new  job,  and  are  seeking  to  be  more  financially  independent.  UNWILLING  TO  SACRIFICE  QUALITYBecause  they  are  just  entering  the  workforce,  they  do  not  have  much  disposable  income,  which  has  led  to  a  conservave  financial  approach.  They  spend  less  and  save  more.  When  choosing  products,  however,  including  wireless  plans,  they  are  unwilling  to  sacrifice  quality  for  price.  They  are  just  beginning  to  develop  mature  relaonships  with  brands,  and  have  a  somewhat  agnosc  approach  to  products;  they  move  on  if  a  brand  does  not  quickly  prove  its  worth.  SOCIALLY  ACTIVE Tech-­‐Savvy Growing   Display  a  Many  are  single,  and  all  lead  an  acve  social  life.  Between  friends,  dates,  concerts  and  movies,  “play-­‐ Independenceme”  is  very  important  and  occupies  a  key  poron  of  their  budget  sheet.    Fear  of   Have  a Missing  Out Price-­‐ConsciousUTILIZED: Personal  Interviews
  8. 8. Strategy NEVER  MISS  AN  OPPORTUNITY. WHY: The  AT&T  GoPhone  unlimited  plan  allows  millennial  consumers  to  take  advantage  of  all  the  blossoming   opportunies  in  their  lives:  social,  professional  and  financial.   The  plan’s  affordable  price,  superior  coverage  and  flexible,  contract-­‐free  structure  are  all  key  selling  points.   Whether  they  are  saving  up  for  a  weekend  getaway,  awaing  a  call  for  a  second  interview,  or  want  to  put   their  plan  on  hold  to  study  abroad,  AT&T’s  GoPhone  can  help  them  take  advantage  of  every  opportunity.   This  strategy  also  stems  from  the  consumer  behavior  principle  of  Prospect  Theory,  beger  known  as  the   “Fear  of  Missing  Out,”  which  states  that  people  regret  losses  more  strongly  than  they  appreciate  gains.  
  9. 9. TacticsGUERRILLA  TELEPHONE  BOOTHS Unbranded  London-­‐style  telephone  booths  will  invade  high-­‐traffic  urban  areas  in  cies  and  encourage  passers-­‐by  to   text  “VIP”  to  a  specific  number.  A`er  texng,  they  will  receive  a  reply  text  saying  that  because  they  took  advantage   of  an  opportunity,  they  are  now  on  the  list  for  a  concert  sponsored  by  AT&T  GoPhone.    A`er  the  concert,  each   agendee  will  receive  a  final  text  inving  them  to  not  miss  another  opportunity,  but  to  instead  take  their  text  in-­‐ store  to  receive  a  free  month  of  GoPhone  service  or  other  discount,  driving  in-­‐store  traffic  and  brand  interacon.  
  10. 10. TacticsAIRPORT  LOUNGE  &  WI-­‐FI  HOTSPOT Airline  lounges  are  typically  for  preferred  customers,  those  who  have  likely  spent  a  small  fortune  on  travel.  AT&T  GoPhone   should  create  a  complimentary  airport  lounge  that  demonstrates  this  high  quality,  but  for  those  on  a  budget.  The  lounge   will  have  ample  electrical  outlets  for  device-­‐charging,  comfortable  chairs,  GoPhone  vending  machines  and  a  free  Wi-­‐Fi   internet  hotspot.  AT&T  GoPhone  will  be  promoted  through  prominent  signage  and  a  branded  internet  connecon  page.  
  11. 11. TacticsDIGITAL  BANNER  ADS
  12. 12. TacticsPUBLIC  TRANSIT  ADS Bus  shelters,  subway  staons  and  in-­‐bus  &  in-­‐train  ads  will  meet  the  target  as  they  are  a  capve   audience,  commung  or  just  traveling  around  town.  These  ads  will  also  show  the  nearest  AT&T  stores   along  that  parcular  route,  educang  them  on  the  nearest  place  they  can  purchase  the  GoPhone  in-­‐store.  
  13. 13. Tactics“BUCKET  LIST”  CONTEST Most  people,  whether  formally  or  informally,  have  a  “bucket  list.”  AT&T  should  incorporate  this  meme  by   implemenng  a  month-­‐long  contest  designed  to  help  people  check  an  item  off  their  list.  When  someone  signs   up  for  a  GoPhone  or  pays  for  their  next  month  of  acvaon  in-­‐store,  they  will  be  automacally  entered  for   the  chance  to  check  a  dream  opportunity  off  their  list,  taking  their  closest  friends  with  them.
  14. 14. Created for and guided by:
  15. 15. The Brief Pinpoint  a  New  England-­‐based  company  who  is  facing  a   challenge  or  an  opportunity.  Discover  a  way  that   Jack  Morton  Worldwide  could  capitalize  on  the  situaAon   through  its  experienAal  core  competencies.
  16. 16. ResearchCURRENT  SITUATIONTHE  BRANDNew  Balance  is  known  by  many  as  a  shoe  company,  famous  for  fit,  running  and  community  involvement.  Based  just  outside  of  Boston,  Massachusegs,  the  company  has  a  strong  domesc  presence,  but  pales  in  comparison  to  industry  giants  Nike,  Adidas  and  Reebok.NEW  BALANCE  WELLNESSThe  New  Balance  website  has  a  “Wellness”  secon  that  targets  women.  It  aggregates  content,  blog  posts  and  recommendaons  for  fitness  and  a  healthy  diet.  It  is  not  relevant  to  younger  women,  as  it  is  focused  on  women  in  their  late  20s  and  up.    HEIDI  KLUM  FOR  NEW  BALANCENew  Balance  has  formed  a  partnership  with  Heidi  Klum,  resulng  in  a  lifestyle  apparel  and  footwear  collecon  for  the  “modern  woman  on  the  go.”  It  is  offered  exclusively  online  through,  and  predominantly  appeals  to  the  30-­‐40  year  old  demographic.   For  New  Balance YOUNG  WOMEN   are  an  UNDERSERVED  SEGMENT
  17. 17. ResearchYOUNG  WOMEN,  18-­‐25 Gray suede A large “N”“NEW  BALANCE  IS  NOT  FOR  ME.” shoesThrough  a  survey  of  119  women  age  18-­‐25,  it  was  discovered  that  this  demographic  heavily  associates  the  New  Balance  brand  with  the  classic  991  shoe  that   Clean, basic, Runningcame  out  in  the  mid-­‐1990s—gray,  suede,  with  large  N   simple styleslogo.  There  is  low  associaon  with  athlec  clothing.  They  also  associate  New  Balance  with  an  older   a perfect fit.demographic—their  fathers  and  older  men,  and  specifically  with  running.   The 1990s Sturdy & heavySTRAPPED  FOR  TIME  &  MOTIVATIONYoung  women  find  it  difficult  to  get  movated  to  exercise  when  they  have  to  carve  a  chunk  out  of  their  busy  day  for  it.  Because  they  are  constantly  connected  and  multasking,  they  are  strapped  for  me.  Most  o`en,  working  out  and  creang  healthy  meals  tend  to  fall  by  the  wayside.   UTILIZED: Personal  Interviews
  18. 18. Strategy a perfect fit. WHY: Even  though  college  or  newfound  independence  is  a  balancing  act,  New  Balance  can   provide  the  on-­‐the-­‐go  young  woman  ways  to  stay  fit  that  fit  into  her  busy  lifestyle.  It  is   possible  to  make  me  for  a  healthy  lifestyle,  and  New  Balance  is  how  she  can  make  it  work.
  19. 19. TacticsBRAND  AMBASSADORS  &  PROMOTIONAL  ITEMS EM(HER)GENCY  WORKOUT  RECOVERY  KIT Brand  ambassadors  should  be  established  on  college  campuses,  where  they  will  serve  as  liaisons  between  New   Balance  and  the  University.  They  will  coordinate  on-­‐campus  events  to  coincide  with  major  campus  happenings,   distribute  promoonal  items  and  promote  a  healthy  lifestyle  both  on-­‐campus  and  via  social  media.    
  20. 20. TacticsON-­‐CAMPUS  EVENTS“FIND  YOUR  FIT”  CLASSESNew  Balance  brand  ambassadors  will  host  clinics,  covering  basic  nutrion  and  how  to  idenfy  and  navigate  through  food  danger  zones.Trainers  will  also  lead  praccal  demonstraons  of  basic  exercises  and  provide  ps  for  fipng  exercise  into  a  busy  schedule.    SNEAKER  SPEED  DATINGBrand  ambassadors  will  host  sneaker  “speed  dang”  events,  where  New  Balance  sneaker  experts  suggest  which  New  Balance  model  is  the  perfect  fit  for  each  girl,  based  on  the  kind  of  athlec  acvity  she  engages  in  most  o`en.  FASHION  SHOWSOn-­‐campus  fashion  shows  will  feature  the  latest  New  Balance  styles  on  makeshi`  runways,  such  as  the  track  or  tennis  courts.  Pop-­‐up  shops  will  be  present  a`erward  so  students  can  purchase  the  looks  they  saw  “on  the  runway.”  
  21. 21. TacticsFOURSQUARE  BRAND  PAGE  &  BADGE a perfect fit. In  March,  2011  alone,  16.7  million  US  mobile  phone  users  checked-­‐in  using  geo-­‐locaon   services,  falling  primarily  into  the  18-­‐25  age  range.  New  Balance  should  interact  with  these   users  by  creang  a  Foursquare  brand  page.  By  leaving  ps  at  "Fit  Froners,”  New  Balance   would  be  educang  users  on  fun  places  to  easily  stay  fit  within  their  lifestyle,  such  as  a   donaon-­‐based  yoga  studio.  Also,  a  “A  Perfect  Fit”  badge  could  be  rewarded  to  those  users   who  check  into  25  Fit  Froners,  whether  or  not  they  are  following  the  brand  page.  
  22. 22. TacticsGYM  PARTNERSHIP a perfect fit. Because  it’s  all  too  easy  to  fall  off  the  fitness  bandwagon  during  the  holidays  or  while  on   summer  vacaon,  the  A  Perfect  Fit  badge  will  also  provide  extra  incenves.  When  each  new   level  of  badge  is  unlocked  with  Fit  Froner  check-­‐ins,  users  will  be  eligible  for  discounts  on   New  Balance  merchandise,  as  well  as  benefits  at  health  clubs,  such  as  Bally  Total  Fitness.
  23. 23. ADGRAD SOCIAL MEDIA Created for and guided by:
  24. 24. The Brief Develop  and  execute  a  social  media  strategy  for  the   Department  of  AdverAsing  &  Public  RelaAons  at   The  University  of  Texas  at  AusAn  to  conAnue  the   growth  of  the  Texas  AdGrad  brand.
  25. 25. BackgroundTEXAS  ADGRAD  SOCIAL  MEDIAThe  Texas  AdGrad  social  media  team  represents  The  University  of  Texas  at  Ausn’s  College  of  Communicaons  Department  of  Adversing  and  Public  Relaons.  It  represents  the  academic  goals  and  presge  of  the  program,  relevant  industry  news,  and  a  way  for  students  to  keep  in  touch  with  the  program,  the  industry,  alumni  and  each  other.  The  Department’s  website  content  is  updated  weekly  by  the  team  with  stories  about  alumni,  students,  faculty  and  happenings  in  the  department,  such  as  agency  visits  and  class  projects.    The  AdGrad  social  media  team  began  to  focus  on  social  networking  in  Spring  2010  with  a  group  of  a  few  students  and  a  faculty  advisor.  At  the  me,  only  Facebook,  Twiger  and  LinkedIn  were  ulized.  Now,  Texas  AdGrad  uses  Facebook,  Twiger,  Flickr,  LinkedIn,  the  program’s  website,  surveys,  a  job-­‐networking  site  specific  to  students  and  graduates  of  the  program,  YouTube,  Google  Analycs  and  Spredfast  (a  social  CRM  so`ware)  to  best  ulize  their  social  reach  and  influence.NETWORKS: adverAsing.utexas.eduMEASURED  WITH:
  26. 26. ResearchWHERE  WE  STARTEDIn  August,  2011,  the  team  developed  a  survey  to  gain  insight  into  how  our  community  views  the  term  “AdGrad,”  the  quality  of  the  AdGrad  brand,  and  the  quality  of  AdGrad  social  media  properes.  The  survey  received  210  responses,  and  helped  formulate  campaign  goals  for  the  upcoming  year.KEY  FINDINGS1. TERM  “ADGRAD”  CAUSES  CONFUSION 2. KEY  MEDIUMS The  term  “AdGrad”  is  not  well  understood.  The  majority  of   The  survey  idenfied  Twiger  and  Facebook  to  be  among  the   respondents  believed  AdGrad  to  mean  only  graduate   department’s  top  three  networking  properes,  with  equal   students  and  alumni  of  the  Department  of  Adversing  and   levels  of  awareness  and  engagement.  The  College  of   PR.  Undergraduates  were  incorrectly  excluded  from  this   Communicaons  Careers  Services  was  the  top  choice,  but  is   definion.   not  controlled  by  the  Texas  AdGrad  Social  Media  Team.   210  RESPONSES
  27. 27. Goal #1 Address  confusion  by  defining  the  AdGrad  brand. SO,  WHAT  IS  AN  ADGRAD? An  AdGrad  is  an  undergraduate  student,  graduate  student  or  alumni  of  the  Department  of  Adversing  and  Public   Relaons  at  The  University  of  Texas  at  Ausn. WHAT  WE  DID •  Defined  the  AdGrad  brand  to  the  above.   •  Highlighted  various  students  &  tracks  (creave,  media,  account  planning,  PR)  which  fall  under  the  brand.   •  Focused  specifically  on  undergraduates,  since  they  felt  most  disconnected  from  the  brand.   •  Developed  an  editorial  calendar  to  ensure  all  AdGrad  segments  and  tracks  were  exposed  to  relevant  content. •  Tracked  output,  reach  &  community  engagement  for  each  AdGrad  segment  through  using  content  labels  on  all  posts.   RESULTS A  second  survey  distributed  in  the  spring,  2011,  produced  largely  insignificant  results,  due  to  a  low  response  rate.   The  term  “AdGrad”  is  sll  an  item  of  confusion  for  the  audience.  However,  connuing  to  create  original  content   highlighng  various  students  &  tracks,  focusing  on  undergraduates,  as  well  as  gaining  endorsement  from  all   department  student  organizaons  will  help  accomplish  this  goal.  
  28. 28. Goal #2 Increase  brand  awareness  &  community  engagement. WHAT  WE  DID •  Watched  analy@cs  to  direct  our  content  development,  ensuring  that  content  was  relevant  to  the  AdGrad  community. •  Adapted  the  content  strategy  to  reflect  the  community’s  interest  on  various  topics. •  Par@cipated  in  the  Facebook  Small  Business  Boost  adver@sing  contest  in  January,  2011.  Facebook  gave  each  group   $100  in  adversing  with  the  challenge  of  gaining  100  new  “likes”  on  the  group’s  page.  We  successfully  met  the  challenge,   earning  an  addional  $100  in  adversing.   •  U@lized  Google  AdWords  to  encourage  new  visitors  to  the  Texas  AdGrad  Facebook  page  and  department  website   (   RESULTS 141  addiAonal  “likes”  on   Increased  average  number   the  AdGrad  Facebook  page.   of  engagements  by  83.33%.   UTILIZED:
  29. 29. RésuméEXPERIENCESocial  Media  Community  ManagerThe  University  of  Texas  at  AusnAusn,  TXAugust  2011  -­‐  PresentMarkeAng  Strategy  InternJack  Morton  WorldwideBoston,  MAJune  2011  -­‐  August  2011Brand  StrategistInnovaon:  The  Markeng  TeamWaco,  TXJune  2008  -­‐  August  2010EDUCATIONM.A.  Adversing:  Account  Planning  &  Strategy,  The  University  of  Texas  at  AusnB.A.  Professional  Wring;  Minor  in  Business  Administraon,  Baylor  University
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