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B2.1 Plant and Animal cells


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B2.1 Plant and Animal cells

  1. 1. Plant and animal cells WALT: To know the main structures found inside plant and animal cells. WILF: ~ Label the structures found inside plant and animal cells. (C) ~ Describe how plant and animal cells can be seen in greater detail by using a light microscope. (C) ~ Describe the functions of each structure found in animal and plant cells. (B) ~ Explain the differences between plant and animal cells. (A/A*)
  2. 2. Animal cell
  3. 3. Plant cell
  4. 4. Everyone… 1. Needs to draw and label diagram B (animal cell) and diagram C (plant cell) from page 28 and 29. Remember pencils for drawing please. 2. Then complete the functions worksheet. Then… Collect worksheet B1.2b and follow instructions to prepare a slide and view plant cells under the microscope. Or… Collect some materials and create your own 3d model of either a plant or animal cell.
  5. 5. B I N G O Nucleus Chloroplast Mitochondria Cell membrane Plant cell Organelle Cytoplasm Cell wall Animal cell Vacuole
  6. 6. Structure found in cell Function (Job) Animal cell Plant cell Both Structure found in cell Nucleus Nucleus Cell membrane Cell membrane Cytoplasm Cytoplasm Mitochondria Mitochondria Vacuole Vacuole Cell wall Cell wall Chloroplast Chloroplast Function (Job) Animal cell Plant cell Both