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Evaluation Question 4


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Final Evaluation Question for A2 Media Studies

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Evaluation Question 4

  1. 1. The Media course this year has been extremelyfun for me as I love learning about technologyand how to use it. At the beginning of the A2year I had some experience in the technologywe would be using from our previous AS year.However, there was a lot of new technologymyself and my group needed to come to termswith and I was amazed by the amount oftechnology we used this year, that wasn’t used inour AS year.So this course has challenged me a great dealbut also benefited me an even greater deal. Ithas turned me into a much more competentmedia student through the use of technology.
  2. 2. All of the technical work done on our threemedia products was completed on our school’sMacs and we spent the majority of the year inthe school’s Mac suite. They were installed withall the programs we would need such as, iMovieand Photoshop, and they were incredibly helpfulto us. Their straight forward set out was reallyeasy to understand and if we were ever stuck wecould simply go on Youtube where there arevideos by the dozen on how to do anything on aMac. Without our Mac our products would eithernot exist or they would be incredibly lacking interms of technology.
  3. 3. Camera TripodThe next type of technology we We use a lot of straight forwardused was the camera we were still shots in our music video andgiven by school. We used a so the tripod was incrediblySanyo Xacti, apart from a few useful in the creation of it. Theshots of cars on a motorway music we chose (Crystallised-(for which we used my Nikon 1 The xx) has a lot of beats and socamera), we used this camera we wanted a lot of sharp shots,to film our whole music video. for this to be done effectivelyWe really liked this camera as it we needed the footage wewas really straight forward and captured to be well framed.the picture quality was really Without a tripod our film wouldgood considering how basic have seemed a lot lessthe camera was. The only professional.negative of the Camera, is thatthe battery ran our really easilyand so if we forgot to charge itbefore we shot new clips theproduction was taken back byabout 30minutes.
  4. 4. iMovie PhotoshopiMovie was used to edit our Photoshop was used to createwhole music video and offered the digipak and our digipakall the technology we needed. If advert. Without the advancedwe didn’t have access to iMovie picture editing software wewe would have had to use a far would have had to use Paint orless professional program, something similar, which is thenowhere near the standards of most basic tool for photo editing,iMovie. With iMovie we could cut and our products would haveand add effects wherever we suffered in doing so. Withwanted and as our music video Photoshop we were able tohas so many short clips, this was erase flaws and add pictures.the ideal program for us. The only negative of Photoshop is that it is incredibly technical and was difficult to get our head round it the first few times we used it. However, we were able to search for anything that we didn’t understand on Youtube.
  5. 5. Youtube was where we posted all the videos wecreated. It is the perfect place to post videos as it ispublic and anyone can see your products. This isgreat because it means that our music video has thepotential to have one of the widest audiences onthe internet. However, it is unlikely that our video willget many views. This is because on Youtube, ifyou’re not famous or a well-known Youtube star, it isunlikely that videos such as our music video, will getmuch attention. This is YouTubes only fault where wewere concerned.Youtube was the best way to get a good qualityvideo onto our blogs.
  6. 6. Finally, like last year, we had to post all of our research, planningand construction onto a blog. Blogger (or BlogSpot) was the blogof choice. I really enjoyed blogging, and creating a blog thatboth looked good and contained the work we needed to gaveme a feeling of accomplishment. However, after a while bloggingbecame side-tracked as we focussed predominantly on our threemedia projects and so the amount of posts I did per monthdiminished as the months went on. Though in the later months ofour coursework I managed to pick up the pace and add someneeded work to my blog.Blogger was the best option for blogging, this is because it isincredibly simple and if you make a mistake you don’t have todelete the whole post, it keeps it saved in the Edit Post sectionwhere you can change your post as much as needs be. It alsodoesn’t focus too much on aesthetics (as my AS blog, on Wix, did)which encouraged me to increase the amount of work I did.