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Screen shots


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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Screen shots

  2. 2. I started off with an A4 canvas. I inserted my image and used the effects to edit it. I made sure my image was always the back layer, behind everything else I added.
  3. 3. I inserted a text box and added ‘Record’. I then changed the font size. I added small circle shapes, changed the colours and then inserted them behind the ‘Record’ layer. I used effects to outline my masthead with white.
  4. 4. I inserted a second and third text box, one with ‘SASKIA’ and one with the pull quote. I used effects to outline my writing with a small white bubble.
  5. 5. I then did the same thing with the rest of the cover lines. I positioned them so that they fit the ‘rule of thirds’. I also edited the colours of all the text so that they would match with the small circles behind my masthead.
  6. 6. I inserted a rectangular box and filled it in black. This is where my footer would be.
  7. 7. I inserted my header and changed the colour of the text. Once again, I addded effects to outline the writing.
  8. 8. Last of all I added the date and issue number. I also inserted another image of a barcode.