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Question 5

  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. Many elements of my magazine are there to attract and show the age group of my target audience. COLOURS: The colours I have used show that the magazine is aimed at both male and female readers. The blue and purple I used are to attract the females and the greys and black show that the magazine is also for boys. IMAGE: Although my target audience is both genders, I decided that it would mainly be aimed at females. I think that the image shows this. The girl on the front is not seductive in any way which shows that she is not there to attract male attention; she looks cool and fun, this is something that my target audience can relate to or aspire to be like. It shows she is ambitious and not just using her looks which is how I think my target audience would be. COPY: The header is a main part of attracting the target audience; it’s telling the audience that it is the hottest magazine therefore they should pick this one up over any of the others. The cover lines I have used grab my target audiences attention because they are showing them that the artists they like are going to be included within the magazine. For example if readers love Ed Sheeran they will see his name and the pull quote underneath and they will want to read on; hopefully this would be enough to make them buy the magazine. My target audience enjoy festivals and gigs therefore the cover line ‘FESTIVAL PHOTOS INSIDE.’ will make them want to look through maybe to look at images from one of their own experiences or just to see what its like. I am proud of my front cover; I think that it is the strongest page in my magazine and according to my audience feedback they agree.
  3. 3. COLOURS: I followed the colour scheme on throughout the whole magazine. This is so that the reader can identify and recognise that each page belongs to this certain issue. IMAGE: My target audience is both male and females therefore I decided to have models of both genders. The boys are the main image; this is because the front cover has an image of a girl on it and I wanted a contrast. They are who my male target audience could aspire to be like; they represent the more mainstream side of my magazine; you can tell this by what they are wearing as it is a lot less indie compared to the front cover image. The images of Saskia is there to show that she is a big part of the magazine; she is on the front cover, the contents page and my double page spread; this shows the audience that if they are interested in this artist they will find her throughout. The image of Chloe represents the audience that listens to mainstream music; her and the boys are wearing less detailed, colourful clothing and this is so the attention is mainly on the image of Saskia who is the main model. My audience feedback shows that the images I have used are not great; this is because they have not been edited and therefore do not look professional. COPY: The masthead is at the top of my contents page. This is so that the audience recognise which magazine it belongs to. I have separated my contents page into different headers; this is so that my target audience can go straight to the section they find most interesting and find exactly what they would like to read about. Page numbers have been added to the images on the contents page so that the audience know where to find that certain artist. The text on my contents page is not particularly grabbing, neither is the layout; I found this out from my audience feedback research. It is the weakest page in my magazine and I am quite disappointed with it, as are my audience according to my questionnaire.
  4. 4. COLOURS: Colour scheme carried onto the double page spread; identifies magazine issue for audience. Again, shows that the magazine is aimed at both genders due to different colours used. The article uses two different colours, one for the person interviewing and one for the person being interviewed; this makes it easier for the audience to tell the difference between the two speakers. IMAGE: My double page spread uses a whole A4 sheet for the image. I did this because I think it grabs my readers attention and it also gives them the choice to use the image as a poster, which I think will make readers want to buy it if they are interested in this certain artist. The model I used looks fun and natural; the image shows the audience that you can still look pretty without wearing tons of makeup and being serious all the time; this is good for my female readers as they tend to be more self conscious than males. COPY: The pull quote at the top of the page is there to grab the audiences attention; it should make them want to read the whole article so that they can find out what the quote is referring to. The drop capital automatically get attention which is important as the text surrounding it explains to the reader everything the rest of the article contains. At the top of the page ‘Record’ is placed; this is so the audience can identify the magazine it belongs to. Page numbers are at the bottom of each page so that the audience can easily find what they are looking to read about.