Audience research


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Audience research

  1. 1. AUDIENCE RESEARCH – MY FOCUS GROUP RESULTSFor this research I asked 6 females who are within my age group. I asked a couple who are from the younger end of my age group and a couple fromthe older end. This gave me a chance to see whether they agree with what they want in a magazine, it also reassured me that I have got the correct Target Audience for my magazine.
  2. 2. Section 1 THE FRONT COVER (QUESTIONS 1-4)What would like to see on the front cover e.g. sell lines?The target audience is females so the sell lines should appeal to us; we want to see artists that are related to the genre butwe also want to see extra stuff you can find in the magazine such as fashion and makeup pages.What images would you like to see?There should be one main image taking up most of the front cover; the image should be a female artist and we would likeher to look happy and fun – looking pretty also but that shouldn’t be the only thing people notice about her. The imageneeds to stand out so make sure you can see some of her clothing so more colours are brought into the cover.What colours would be appropriate?There should be a plain background so that the concentration is on the main image. The text on the cover should be mainlyin black, however there could be some colour in the masthead and other important information; perhaps pink colours, butnot tacky (more coral for example). The image should include most the colour, in her outfit and maybe even her makeup.What type of language would you expect?Chatty, informal language to appeal to the target audience, which includes teens mostly; perhaps some slang or any languagethat the target audience can relate to.
  3. 3. SECTION 2 –THE CONTENTS PAGE (QUESTIONS 5-8)What type of images would you like and how many?There should be around 3 images on the contents page and they should be photos of artists that will be found inside themagazine; mainly the artists that will have main articles written about them. There should be one larger image of themain artist that was on the front cover, and then the others should be smaller.What would you want to be contained within the magazine?We want to see articles including interviews, reviews, tour dates and music festivals. Main article should be an interviewwith a new artist that is starting to become really famous; this would be a good way for them to build there fame.How much text would you expect?On the contents page there should be about half text or maybe a bit over. It should have the page numbers and articlesyou will find inside and then maybe some quotes to make the reader want to read more. Underneath any images on thecontents page, there should be the page number you will find that image on.What type of language?The same language that is used on the front cover should be carried on throughout the magazine: Casual, informal, funand positive.
  4. 4. SECTION 3- THE DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD ARTICLE (QUESTIONS 9-12)What choice of images would you want?There should be about two images on the double page spread. One of them should take up one side of A4; this is becausemost of the target audience are at an age where they want to have posters on their wall; they can cut it out and use it for that.Perhaps another image could be used on the article side of the double page spread. This image should be small, maybe of theartist performing.What would you prefer the article to be about?Interviews are the most interesting articles to read because it gives readers the chance to find out a lot about celebrities andgives them a chance to relate to them, therefore the article should be an interview. Maybe include some information on howthey got to where they are now so that the target audience can take that advice if they are interested in music.How would you expect the language to be?Once again, the language should be the same as on the contents page and front cover. The interview should use chattylanguage so that it gives the celebrity a chance to chill out and prove that they are just like everyone else.Would you prefer more image or text based articles?There should be about the same amount of text as image in the article. Not lots of pictures, just a couple of bigger ones.