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Clash Royale vs Clash of Clans


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Clash Royale vs Clash of Clans

Published in: Education
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Clash Royale vs Clash of Clans

  1. 1. https://w ww.youtu atch?v=x k_q3Zv_5 w8 https://w ww.youtu atch?v=d CfO59qo 2lM#t=2.7 92305
  2. 2. Clash Royale is a game for android or ios that is very popular around the world. It´s a game of cards very addictive. The objective is to destroy the three towers of the enemy. When you win a battle you get a chest.
  3. 3. There are 68 cards. We are going to say in our opinion the best ones:Hog rider, ice golem, ice wizard, cemetery, elite barbarians, barbarians, infernal k,tower, golem, musketeer, executioner, the log,sparkles.
  4. 4. In clash of clans you start with a town hall at level one,1000 of gold,1000 of elixir and 500 gems. Then you do a tutorial to know how to play the game.After that you start to play the game for your own part, you go to the store of clash of clans and you buy a canon or a tower etc.
  5. 5. When you play for half a year this game you should have the town hall at level 7. There are more than four hundred buildings in this game. The best building is the eagle artillery.
  6. 6. Both games have one hundred millions downloads. But Clash Royale in one year and Clash of Clans in four years. In our opinion it’s better Clash Royale than Clash of Clans.
  7. 7. In our opinion these are two very good games but we prefer Clash Royale! We think that Clash Royale was only for one year in play store and it’s better than Clash of Clans.