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Agenda (diary)

Diary (Luceca)

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Agenda (diary)

  1. 1. We were walking in the street when we saw and
  2. 2. We watched on tv ‘’Paw Patrol´´ and Everest came out of the tv and bit my shoe.
  3. 3. We went back in time in a time machine and we visited Mickey and Minnie Mouse. At that time they were babies.
  4. 4. We went up to the top of a mountain and suddenly we saw SUPERMAN flying behind an octopus. And then passed BATMAN and fell down on the mountain. We took them to our house.
  5. 5. The school was falling down when FANBOY and CHUM CHUM came to save us.
  6. 6. We went to PORT AVENTURA. We were on a rollercoaster when we were suddenly stopped at the top and Cat noir and Ladybug came to save us.
  7. 7. On the last day we went to the spa and we relaxed a lot. We really needed it!!
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