Scene 2


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Scene 2

  1. 1. Scene 2 My Interpretations on the Scene
  2. 2. My Interpretations 1. She also asked Caleb to quit being mean towards Jeremy when he kept giving harsh comments and openly commented that he did not want to be in the same group as Jeremy 2. Caleb ridicule his family financial status by giving sarcastic remarks towards Jeremy as he may be feeling bitter about Jeremy family background, as his family is quite well to do and he does not have to work unlike Caleb. 3. The comments about Jeremy continued openly which could make him feel out of place from the rest 4. Caleb kept making hurtful remarks about Jeremy being stupid and dumb while they were doing the group activity, shows that Caleb has something against Jeremy.
  3. 3. My Interpretations 5. Caleb does not seem to like Jeremy very much as he did not want to be in the same group as Jeremy. 6. Jeremy's lack of belongingness as part of the class will cause him to feel that he is not accepted by his classmates. This will also make him feel out of place and uncomfortable. He may also feel that nobody in class likes him and is against him. The fact that he has also grown used to being alone, shows that he does not have any friends in school for quite some time. 7. Jeremy also made no effort in trying to form a group during group activity as he may fear rejection from his classmates, since he does not feel that he is accepted by them. 8. In addition, he also remain not participative during the group activity. His lack of participation may be because he was group in the same team as Caleb who is very hostile towards him and kept giving him awful remarks about him being stupid. He may also be afraid that he would give the wrong answers and did not want to draw unnecessary attention to himself.
  4. 4. My Interpretations 9. Jeremy may developed low confidence and low sense of self because of the way his friends have treat him. 10.The class lacks cohesion as they were still trying to get into groups after 10 minutes. 11. The teacher place Jeremy in the same group as Caleb, despite knowing that Caleb keeps picking on Jeremy. which will result in Caleb lowering his self esteem by ridiculing him. 12. Jeremy feels stupid, which shows that he has low self esteem, and is beginning to doubt his abilities academically. 13. Jeremy may be feeling ashamed of himself for giving the wrong answers, therefore he looked down. The shame and self doubt that he felt resulted in him refusing to participate in the class activity.