An Introduction To Blueberry Marketing Solutions


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A little insight into what we do!

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An Introduction To Blueberry Marketing Solutions

  1. 1. Strategic Telemarketing and Business Development Specialists
  2. 2. About Blueberry Marketing Solutions is a strategic telemarketing and business development specialist Blueberry based in Leeds. We work as an extension of our clients’ businesses in a range of public and private sector organisations providing strategic business and how development and telemarketing services such as appointment setting, market research and data we work: cleansing. Here is some insight into the way we work: All of our work is undertaken in line with our clients’ brand, needs and as an extension of their business Our strategic approach encompasses planning, delivery and analysis, focusing not only on meeting your specific objectives, but also identifying opportunities for cross-selling, partnerships and potential new target markets. We also look to obtain market intelligence and competitor information that is invaluable for our clients’ future marketing strategies We use our accumulated experience to bring a fresh perspective to all of our client’s campaigns, giving ‘best of breed’ advice that transcends industries and brings new ideas to your marketing strategy Our experienced, fully salaried account managers have a versatile and adaptable approach to new business generation. Working in a non-scripted manner differentiates us from a call centre operation and encourages two-way conversations where we engage with prospects to get the most from every single call Business development with Blueberry is a two-way process and we will do everything we can to ensure that your campaign succeeds and we can develop a mutually beneficial long-term relationship If you have any questions or would like advice on any aspect of business generation, please visit our website at or call us for a chat on 0113 2005200.
  3. 3. Why our Our diverse client base all have different reasons and objectives for working with Blueberry, clients have from developing new business to ensuring their current customers are happy. Here are some of the scenarios they faced before bringing in chosen to Blueberry as an extension of their operations… work with us Referrals are drying up: “We’ve always benefited from referrals and word of mouth recommendations but these are slowing down in numbers and we want to regain control” Sales people need to be out more: “My sales people were hired for their ability to sell in face-to-face situations, I want them to be out more and therefore need support with the initial prospecting activities” Upcoming events: We’re holding an event to showcase our products and services and have invested in the venue, catering and speakers time. We need to be able to ensure we get enough ‘bums on seats’ to make the event a success” We need to sort out our database: “Our database has grown over the years from enquiries, bought lists, business cards etc and I want to make sure it is clean and manageable to ensure time and money spent prospecting from it is not wasted” I need to support my in-house team: “I have an in-house telemarketing team and need to be regularly supplying them with clean, targeted data to give them the best possible opportunity to meet their targets” I need to get in front of people: “We’re an SME and really believe in our offering, we just struggle to get in front of the right decision makers” What do people think about us: “We launched a new product, service or initiative last year and don’t really know how it has been received or what improvements our target market wants us to make. I also don’t know how to go about finding out!”
  4. 4. Here is Lead generation Through telemarketing we can identify relevant an insight into decision maker details and with regular contact we can guide prospects through the decision making process, the services encouraging the possibility of business in the future. We are also able to obtain more specific information such as competitor activities, buying patterns or contract terms. that we Appointment setting provide: In conjunction with lead generation we aim to arrange highly qualified sales appointments. Calling from our client’s businesses, our approach is centred on forming relationships, not just benefiting from quick wins. It is imperative for all arranged meetings to be fully qualified and likely to result in conversion. It is also our approach to identify short, medium and longer term opportunities and vital that our meetings fit in with your existing commitments and that you have enough time to complete the follow-up activity required. Customer satisfaction surveys, feasibility studies, market research Through a telephone and online approach, Blueberry are able to assist clients with developing and strengthening their understanding of their customers, prospects, lost leads, lapsed clients and target markets. Using both qualitative and quantitative research methods and as well as collating responses, we can develop the format of the survey and the questions themselves with you, identifying the database to be surveyed and analysing and reporting on the findings. Seminar, event and conference booking Running an industry-focused event or seminar can be an excellent way to open up prospects. As well as helping clients to get ‘bums on seats’ we have profiled their target markets and followed up invitations with calls and emails. If you are organising an event or seminar, Blueberry can take the headache out of ensuring the desired amount of people attend so that your event is a success and then be on hand to conduct valuable feedback collection after it has taken place.
  5. 5. Data cleansing This service is often overlooked but can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful marketing campaign. By making sure that all data is clean prior to the start of any marketing exercise you will ensure that your money is not wasted on a badly targeted campaign as a result of incorrect and out-of-date data. This is a particularly useful service prior to a large-scale direct mail or email marketing campaigns. Data profiling and purchasing Blueberry work with a number of clients to accurately profile and purchase targeted database lists to be utilised for sales and marketing activity. Data can be profiled on a number of different criteria, the main ones being location, industry, business activity, turnover or number of employees. Specific decision maker contact details are available including names, positions and email addresses, for MDs, HR, marketing, sales, telecoms and facilities managers. Blueberry can advise on all aspects of databases, providing speculative data counts and costs before you look to purchase. Database management Managing and maintaining large customer or prospect databases often presents a series of challenges that prevent your information from being used in the most effective manner. Our clients will often be working from a number of different data sources and need to have a centralised, more manageable database. This allows them to categorise, interrogate and run queries on their key demographics which assist them in their additional marketing activities by ensuring minimal wastage through mail or email shots. Blueberry are specialists in database management, working with a number of clients to provide more efficient management of their data. Email marketing Email marketing is a cost-effective method of increasing brand and product awareness throughout your target market. A well-designed campaign using a properly managed mailing list will give response rates which are much higher than direct mail for a fraction of the cost. Blueberry will then monitor response rates and conduct targeted calling based on their results. It is cheaper to retain existing customers than pick up new ones, and an email campaign informing your existing customer base of any upgrades, offers or new products is a low-cost method of customer maximisation.
  6. 6. Telemarketing Blueberry has developed a personal approach to telemarketing, allowing for the generation of fully qualified leads over a sustained period of calling. We focus comes with on relationship building, not large volume calling and high pressured sales. Because of this, we don’t use scripts, a lot of headsets or automatic dialers, and we are not a call centre, employing only focused personnel with a genuine interest in stereotypes… our clients’ business. At Blueberry we understand that outsourced telemarketing Here is how is a risk to many clients, so we provide documentation every step of the way. Our clients receive weekly updates from we look to be their dedicated account managers. It’s important that we document everything we do so you know exactly where your money is going, which allows us to keep our costs as different: transparent as possible. This also acts as an invaluable tool to influence future strategies and targeting, as we provide a range of findings and strategic recommendations based on our conversations. Our motto is ‘two ears, one mouth’, and we aim to use them in this proportion. Our telemarketers are experienced in overcoming common objections faced by telemarketers on a day-to-day basis and it is due to the experience, expertise, inquisitiveness and motivation of our team that Blueberry has seen continual rapid growth. Internal incentives also ensure results are delivered to our client’s budget and on time whilst allowing Blueberry to develop long-term strategic campaigns. Return on investment is crucial for all marketing and business development activity and this is something that we are very aware of. The majority of our lead generation and appointment setting campaigns generate the returns that fund further work so obviously it is our own interests to strive for this.
  7. 7. Here are The experience of Blueberry’s account managers spans a range of company sizes, industry verticals, and campaign models. We are also well-versed in some of the talking to different decision makers, whether they are managing directors, end users, partners, referrals industries or customers, depending on the individual project and it’s specific aims. we have We currently have clients and recent successes within the experience in: following areas: • IT / Technology • Consultancy • Finance • Pharmaceutical • Creative / Design Industries • Print • Manufacturing and Engineering • Hospitality / Leisure • Facilities Management • Health & Safety • Utilities Provision • Energy Management • Education • Public Sector and Local Government • Professional Services • Event Management • Charities • Government Advisories • Construction • Marketing Agencies • Telecommunications If you would like to learn more about our work in any of the specific areas then please either call us on 0113 2005 200 or email on We can provide you with specific cases studies or guide you through how we have used our different services to assist our clients.
  8. 8. Here are some • We are a flexible resource, meaning you don’t need to add to your permanent head count, pay PAYE, NI, annual leave or sickness of the reasons • You don’t need to utilise your internal resources why we think constantly training and managing us you might want • We don’t need incentivising by you, we do that ourselves to consider • As we are not based within your office environment there are no distractions meaning that we can focus partnering 100% on your campaign • Our KPI’s ensure that we do everything we can to with Blueberry maximize results Marketing: • Our experience across a range of campaigns and industry verticals means that we have a lot of value to add and experiences to share • You don’t have to deal with the added stress of recruiting the right individuals, spending on the necessary equipment and phone lines •Our lead time allows us to get started and get results coming through that meet your objectives, often within a month Even if you have never considered business development outsourcing as an option, we have the advice and expertise on hand to help you decide whether or not it is right for your business, your team and your strategy. Aire Street Workshops | 30-34 Aire Street | Leeds | LS1 4HT T: 0113 2005200 F: 0870 333 3357 E: