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Assessment Item 2 BMA349


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University of Tasmania BMA349 Advertising and Promotion
Assessment Item 2
Campaign Pitch: Hudsons Coffee

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Assessment Item 2 BMA349

  1. 1. CAMPAIGN PITCH Hudsons Coffee Laura Hazell Student ID: 181806 BMA349
  2. 2. Hawk-Eyed Marketing Agency (HEMA) Bringing brands and customers together * Based in Hobart, Tasmania * Established in 2008 * 35+ years of combined experience “We work together with our clients to establish successful brands and long lasting customer relationships” – Lisa Fairbank, CEO of HEMA
  3. 3. Weaknesses of current marketing campaign * Lack of advertising + Loss of existing and potential customers to specialty coffee shops, cafes and fast food chains
  4. 4. Weaknesses of current marketing campaign * Reliance on core product (coffee) + Increasing price of coffee poses risks
  5. 5. Weaknesses of current marketing campaign * Low brand equity due to: + Minimal community involvement + Reputation for cheap and fast coffee
  6. 6. Target Market * We do not recommend you alter your target market because of: + Increasing price of coffee + Trend in specialty coffee shops and cafés
  7. 7. Recommendations * Actively advertise using both mass and target marketing * Mass marketing + Communication tools: TV, radio, newspaper + Advertise new products and in-store promotions * Target marketing + Communication tool: brochures + List menus, inform customers of SMS services + Place in workplaces, universities & hospitals
  8. 8. Recommendations * Counteract rising prices of coffee + Choose to absorb some of the price increase of coffee beans, OR + Consider placing emphasis on other products such as tea, freshly made juices, soups or salads  This would also help counteract effects from increasing trend in specialty coffee shops & cafés
  9. 9. Recommendations * Become more involved in your communities + Communication tools:  Donate time, money or products to local charities  Sponsor local events * Will increase customers’ perceived value of brand, AND * Provide opportunity to promote company
  10. 10. Results * By implementing these recommendations your company can: + Increase current market share + Develop long lasting customer relationships