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11 19-2010 apostolic-church

Arthur Glasser Notes

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11 19-2010 apostolic-church

  1. 1. Apostolic Church November 19, 2010
  2. 2. Looking for examplesThe New Testament mostly describes works, notstructure of Early ChurchJewish synagog model existed: fellowship, teaching andworshipGreek word ekklesia meant assembly, English churchCultural and stylistic diversity of meetingsBody of Christ, apostolic team
  3. 3. Apostolic TeamAntioch church becomes prototype (acts 11:19, 13:1-3)1. Evangelistic activity - Acts 11:212. Well taught in scriptures3. Generous response to need4. Houses of congregations5. Leaders came together to wait on the Lord79 uses of apostle in NT with wide meaning
  4. 4. Who is an Apostle?Jesus - Heb 3:1The Twelve-Luke 6:13Paul & Barnabas - Acts 14:14Titus - 2 Cor 8:23Junias - Rom 16:7Missionaries and foundation laying ministers
  5. 5. Sending of ApostlesCalled to service by the Holy SpiritCongregations testified of character and serviceVoluntary groups of like-mindedPlacing of hands on those to be sent outNo account that team was directed by home churchEgalitarian spirit of mutual trustResources raised, worked for and shared
  6. 6. Priority of ReceptivityPaul goes to where the gospel is acceptedSpirit drew him and guided himSocial and economically important citiesWithdrew from areas that rejected himGospel stayed consistent but method changed
  7. 7. Adapting Pagan structureModern role of professional religionistHoly men: Mediate invisible realm forsocietyOnly Priests administer sacraments, but isthis the Biblical example?Missions downgraded to para-churchactivityThe whole church to to partner with Christ
  8. 8. SacramentsPrayer of confession & repentanceBaptismLords SupperRepresent, seal and apply but do not convey graceThe Holy Spirit is the vicarNT example 1. Gospel proclaimed in HS 2.Reception of listener 3. Public confession of faiththrough baptism 4. Share testimonyWithout faith sacraments are meaningless
  9. 9. Ministries of the ChurchTo the lord through meeting, worship, prayer and reading thewordMembers to each other for the common goodTeaching by the believersOutreach to the poor, orphaned, sick, widows, prisoners,foreignersReconciliation with others, nations, peoplesEvangelism and cross-cultural ministry
  10. 10. The BodyJoints of relationshipSpirit of love is like the ligamentsTension of benders and extendersRespect differences and testspirits and prophetsConstant filling with the HS,renewal