6 4 cav 3rd quarter fy12 newsletter


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6 4 cav 3rd quarter fy12 newsletter

  1. 1. Raider Review “Prepared and Loyal” April-June 2012Inside this issue: Dear Family and Friends, This quarter has been an exciting time for CSM Murray and I. We have seen many of the Raider team move on to the next exciting job that the Army1) Command Team Msg has for them while welcoming numerous new Soldiers and families to the Raider Squadron. This newsletter covers the 3rd quarter of fiscal year 2012 and I look2) Family Readiness forward to our future quarterly distributions.3) Hatchet Troop The squadron has been focused on getting our equipment and forces reset since returning from deployment. We have worked diligently on PT, get-4) Anarchy Troop ting reconnected with family and friends, and getting healthy. With the reset phase almost complete, the training phase is quickly approaching. The Raider5) Blackfoot Troop team will begin to transition into training at the individual and unit level.6) Cherokee Troop As you may know, The Raider Squadron has a “be prepared to” mission7) Dakota Troop to assist in fighting wildfires within the continental United States this summer and fall which could require the squadron to deploy for thirty days to assist. We8) Contact Information will continue to plan to support this mission while simultaneously training to support our country’s next call abroad. We encourage your Soldiers to continue reconnecting with family and friends by taking advantage of many upcoming long weekends, a host of strong bonds training opportunities, and a strong, adaptable Family Readiness Group. We will continue to work on keeping families informed of what your Soldiers are doing by exercising the Family Readiness Group, providing some predictability in the training schedule, and disseminating information through the 6-4 Cavalry’s official facebook page. Have a fun and safe summer! Prepared and Loyal! Duty First! CSM John Murray LTC Michael Zernickow
  2. 2. Raider Review Page 2 YOUR TROOP FRG NEEDS YOU!!! *Key Numbers* Many of our unit FRG’s are looking for vol- unteers just like you Army Community to fill vacant positions such as FRG Leaders, Service Treasurers 502-624-6291 and Key Callers. Military Police Desk No experience is necessary, training classes 502-624-2111 such as the ones below are designed to get American Red Cross you started. Day-502-624-2163 After Hours- If you are interested in volunteering in your 270-351-1315 unit, contact your unit Commander, FRG Helping Hands 502-624-1416 3-1 BDE MFLC 270-206-0856 270-307-2631 6-4 CAV Chaplain 502-626-8401 502-436-6710 Post Chaplain 502- 624-5255 Hospital (Ireland ACH) Appointments 800-493-9602 Operator 502-624-9333 Veterinary Services 502-624-2808 General information 502-624-1141 Laura Anderson Family Readiness Support Assistant Office: 502-626-9880 Cell: 502-436-8413 Email: laura.anderson@us.army.mil
  3. 3. Raider Review Page 3 HATCHET TROOP Commander CPT Bernard Gardner Bernard.r.gardner2.mil@mail.milDear Friends and Family, 1SG 1SG Jason Sager Jason.e.sager.mil@mail.milHatchet Troop welcomes many new leaders, Soldiers and families to the organization. The unit is al-most complete with reset, and now has the daunting task of retraining the troop to once again serve FRG Co-leadersour nation. The troop has also assumed a deployable status as a “be prepared to” mission of Wild Jessica Caito hjaccaito@aol.comLand Fire Fighting for the remainder of summer and fall. The Soldiers and families need to remain resil- Susie Arevaloient and be prepared for a 30 day deployment in addition to our training. The FRG is going to serve a Susiegoodness@gmail.comcritical role in this, and will need to be prepared to handle the challenges as well. Our FRG team con-sisting of Jessica Caito, Susie Arevalo, Sheila Sager and the key callers bring a breadth of experience tothe troop which will prove to be invaluable assets to the Soldiers and families. I want to thank them inadvance for their selfless service for supporting all the families within Hatchet.For the remainder of the summer the troop will focus on individual training and move in to collectivetraining by early fall. Range operations will begin; some Soldiers will begin to work nights and someweekends by exception. 1SG and I will abide by the schedule and continue to build some predictabilityfor the families as we ramp up training. During July and August the FRG will plan some troop eventsfor team building and relaxation. The goal is to have the FRG established and fully functional by the endof July. All the Soldiers are doing a great job balancing their military and family lives. We will continueensure families are being taken care of and I look forward to meeting all of you throughout the sum-mer!Thanks for all the hard work, Hatchets! 1SG Jason Sager CPT Bernard Gardner PFC Swinson (Above) SGT Marlble (Below) and PFC Frias (Below) assisting in a Habitat for Humanity project in the Louisville Area. Fire Supporters participating in joint training with the Air Force.
  4. 4. Raider ReviewRaider Review Page 4 Anarchy Troop Commander Hello family and friends of Anarchy Troop, I am the new Troop commander, CPT John Kennedy . It has CPT John Kennedy been a busy third quarter for the troop, starting in March with the change of responsibility of 1SG Johnathan.s.kennedy.mil@mail.mil Humperies and 1SG Torres. Soon after, at the beginning of May, I completed the change of command 1SG with CPT Robert Carter. Along with the change in leadership, Anarchy Troop Soldiers have been busy 1SG Torres resetting our equipment and conducting physical fitness training to prepare for the upcoming training mauricio.a.torres.mil@mail.mil phase. FRG Leader Jen Kennedy Training Highlight: Equitatus Militus Validus (EMV) (or “Strong Cavalry Soldier” in English) was a grueling physical challenge undertaken by 1st Platoon at the end of May. This physical competition consisted of a FRG Email rope climb, push ups, rowers, pull ups, dips, clean and jerks, and a 5 mile foot march. It is a perfect exam- jennkenn10@gmail.com ple of the emphasis that Anarchy Troop has had on physical training during the “reset” period. Beginning in July, Anarchy Soldiers will begin an intense training phase that will get them ready to fulfill future missions. As training ramps up, the Anarchy FRG will become an important link to pass information to families. However, our FRG is suffering for volunteers because many of the past volunteers have PCS’ed. I am looking into several exciting family ac- tivities in the near future, but I need your help to make them happen. Please contact Jen Ken- nedy for more details on what is planned and where we need volunteer support. Anarchy 7 Anarchy 6 1SG Mauricio Torres CPT John Kennedy SPC Saucier doing Clean and Jerks SPC Saucier beginning the foot (L to R) SPC Ocilka, PFC Soderborg, and SPC march Luster share lunch with children at GC Burk- head Elementary2LT Back and PFC Barham conduct a PV2 Owens negotiating the ropeHula-hoop race at GC Burkead climbElementary
  5. 5. Raider Review Raider Review BLACKFOOT TROOP Page 5 BLACKFOOT TROOP Blackfoot Families, Black foot Commander CPT Michael Hefti It has been great to see so many of you at our FRG meetings and an awesome opportu- michael.l.hefti.mil@mail.mil nity to start meeting the families of the new people joining the team. We miss those that have left or are leaving soon, however it is a small Army and we hope to see you 1SG 1SG Shawn Tiarks again down the road. Shawn.m.tiarks.mil@mail.mil We are finishing up with reset, which included making sure we received all the equip- FRG Leader Katie Hefti ment needed for training and also making sure it was working to the correct standard. During this time, we got a change to focus on individual training with the Soldiers and FRG Email get some of our administrative functions back in place. b_troop_frg@hotmail.com We are now moving into the training phase, which will include large amounts of range time and field training. We will continue to focus on the individual Soldier and their ability to handle and fire weapons. We will also begin to maneuver in smaller forma- tions preparing for larger field training coming soon. We look forward to seeing you at the next FRG meeting. CPT Hefti and 1SG TiarksAbove: Training on weapon systems Above: Training on weapon systemsRight: Participating in Military apprecia- Below: Claymore mine trainingtion run Blackfoot styleBelow: AT4 training
  6. 6. Raider ReviewRaider Review Page 6 CHEROKEE TROOP Cherokee started a new chapter upon redeployment and RESET with the welcoming of a new command team, CPT Chad Chenoweth and 1SG Paul Fedorisin. 1SG Fedorisin has served Commander CPT Chad Chenoweth with C Troop for over two years now, and assumed the 1SG position with ease. CPT Chenoweth Chad.chenoweth@us.army.mil joined the Duke BDE team during the most recent deployment, and is motivated to train the Sol- 1SG diers of Cherokee Troop to the highest standards, and ensure the Soldiers have a great time in the 1SG Paul Fedorisin process. Cherokee has been very active in the community, partnering with Lincoln Trail Elemen- Paul.fedorisin@us.army.mil tary School, assisting with a field day, as well as the end of the year BBQ and carnival. Cherokee is FRG Leader excited for the next school year, and new activities that put our face in the community in the fu- Kelli Chenoweth ture. Cherokee Troop is already getting after some good training, introducing the Soldiers to de- ctroop_frg_64cav@yahoo.com fense in an urban environment, as well as a week long land navigation training event. The Soldiers of Cherokee were able to spend two days in the COF going over critical skills training, and two days navigating Training Area 14. This training was both challenging and fun, finally getting the men back out in the woods after a long deployment reset period. Cherokee Troop is motivated to build and grow the FRG, and invites all spouses and children to each and every event and meeting. Thank you all for the support! 1SG Paul Fedorison CPT Chad Chenoweth Getting ready to move out from the start point for buddy team Land NavigationCherokee Troop’s PFC Rasmussen and HHT Medics con- ducting IV training at Land Navigation CPT Scholl and SFC Maldanado playing in the PFC Huckenberry fund raiser and golf tournament
  7. 7. Raider Review DAKOTA TROOP Page 7Friends and Family of Dakota,This is our first newsletter since the deployment. A lot has changed since I last wrote in November 2011. Wehave redeployed, gone through numerous mandatory training, turned in equipment, received a new squadroncommand team, received a new first sergeant, drawn our equipment out of the Left Behind Equipment Program, Commanderreceived a new brigade command team, and let’s not forget the strenuous physical training we have conducted CPT Casten timothy.casten@us.army.milevery day from 0630-0800. 1SGD Troop received a new first sergeant, 1SG Whitaker. He comes to us from HHT, 6-4 CAV. He has been doing 1SG Whitakeran excellent job implementing systems and getting D Troop back into a garrison environment. christopher.r.whitaker@us.army.milStarting in July, D Troop will begin the range density schedule. D Troop will begin to fire our weapons and qual- FRG Leaderify on soldier/warrior tasks. We will also begin conducting maintenance operations and distribution operation in Tricia Smithsupport of the squadron. Further, the Cantigny DFAC is now ran solely by 92Gs, including Dakota’s! dakotatroop64news@yahoo.comDuring this recovery and rebuilding phase, D Troop has said goodbye to many leaders and Soldiers. We havealso received quite a few new leaders and Soldiers. I can’t help but be excited by the positive energy, enthusiasm,and excitement the new Soldiers have brought to the organization.Thank you for your continued support! God Bless! 1SG Christopher Whitaker CPT Timothy Casten
  8. 8. Raider Review Raider Review Page 8 Page 8 6th Squadron, 4th CAV 3rd Brigade, 1st IN DIV Bldg# 2366, 1889 Old Ironsides Fort Knox, KY 40121 Contact Information: Commander: michael.t.zernickow.mil@mail.mil Command Sergeant Major: john.a.murray1.mil@mail.mil Squadron FRSA: laura.anderson@us.army.mil Squadron Staff Duty (502) 626-9837 Be sure to check out the 6-4 CAV vFRG website http://www.armyfrg.org (requires site registra- tion, check with your FRG leader or the Squad- ron FRSA for details) Useful Websites  Fort Knox Morale, Recreation and Welfare— Latest news and events http://knoxmwr.com/  Military Onesource—Offering Army resources http://www.militaryonesource.com  3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division—  3/1 updates and news http://www.knox.army.mil/forscom/3ibct/index.asp 6-4 CAV Facebook Page www.facebook.com/6thsquadron4thcav Editor: Squadron FRSA This newsletter contains official and unofficial information. The inclusion of some unofficial informa- tion in this FRG newsletter has not increased the cost to the Government, in accordance with DOD 4525.8-M.