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Improve digital display-advertising-ecosystem-europe-09_2012


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Improve digital display-advertising-ecosystem-europe-09_2012

  1. 1. 2012 DISPLAY ADVERTISING ECOSYSTEM EUROPE Data Suppliers Data Management Platforms Data Exchanges Sales Houses Ad Networks Demand Side Platforms Agencies Delivery Systems, Tools & Analytics ADVERTISERS ADVERTTREA S STREA STREAM M E D I A Agency Trading DesksPUBLISHERS Digital Media Solutions SSP & Private Ad Exchanges IMPROVE DIGITAL get a BIGGER bite ® Trading Desks Delivery Systems, Tools & Analytics IMPROVE DIGITAL a company ® Audience Targeting / Re-Targeting Verification & Privacy E X PA N D Y O U R S E A R C H making impressions personal AdDynamics C: 100, M: 86, Y: 23, K: 8 C: 88, M: 66, Y: 0, K: 0 Published by C: 78, M: 52, Y: 0, K: 0 C: 65, M: 35, Y: 0, K: 0 C: 43, M: 35, Y: 35, K: 1 Verification & Privacy Ad Exchanges IMPROVE DIGITAL A company of Deutsche Post DHL.
  2. 2. 2012 DISPLAY ADVERTISING ECOSYSTEM EUROPEAD-EXCHANGE AUDIENCE NETwORk DEMAND SIDE PLATfORMA technology platform that facilitates the connection of supply Networks that focus on advertising targeted at specific DSPs provide centralised media buying from differentand demand and enables automated buying and selling of audiences based on their behaviour, demographics, buying inventory sources such as ad exchanges, ad networks, sellonline media (in real time). intent etc, rather than content. side platforms (SSPs) or other sources of inventory they are connected to. They offer benefits such as workflowAD NETwORk AUTOMATED TRADING simplification, integrated reporting, algorithmic buying optimisation, and Real-Time Bidding (RTB) capabilities.Provides an outsourced sales capability for publishers and a AGENCy/TRADiNG DESkmeans to aggregate inventory and audiences from numeroussources in a single buying opportunity for media buyers. Ad Specialise in buying and optimising media and audiences, SALES HOUSE often in real time, on ad exchanges, ad networks, SSPs andnetworks may offer specific technologies to enhance the Sales houses sell advertising on behalf of media owners, other available inventory sources they are connected with,value to both publishers and advertisers, including unique often on an exclusive basis. They act as a publisher’s either through proprietary technology or DSPs.targeting capabilities, creative generation, and optimisation ‘outsourced’ sales team selling both standard ads and(Source: IAB). Unlike sales houses, ad networks often do customised advertising space.not work exclusively and focus mainly on standard ad sizes. DATA EXCHANGEAside from technology, ad networks differentiate themselves A marketplace where anonymous (online) consumer data SELL SIDE PLATfORM (SSP)through the quality of publishers they represent, the quality of can be bought and sold independently of media in order to An SSP is a technology platform with the single missiontheir advertisers/campaigns and their targeting possibilities. generate additional revenue or to improve the targeting of of enabling publishers to manage their inventory and online advertising. maximise revenue from digital media, specifically throughAGENCY the Automated Channel. As such they offer an efficient,Media agencies help companies to communicate with current DATA MANAGEMENT PLATfORM automated and secure way to tap into the different sourcesand potential consumers and/or the general public. They A platform to manage, protect and collect data from different of demand that are available, and provide insight into thework with their clients to understand the business issues, sources and turn it into actionable information that can be various revenue streams and audiences.their markets and their consumers. The media agency then used in a publisher’s advertising proposition.identifies the consumer insights, which can help to devise VERifiCATioN & PRiVACya channel-neutral communication strategy to connect with DATA SUPPLIER Tools to verify that ads have beenthose consumers; using means ranging from public relations Data suppliers collect, compile and sell (anonymous) data served on the agreed location, prevent(PR), events and sponsorship to advertising, interactive on (online) consumers. This data can be provided at an malware from being served andadvertising, word of mouth and direct mail; to build agenuinely integrated campaign. (Source: Wikipedia) individual level (geographic, demographic, lifestyle, income, shopping behaviour, etc) or at an aggregate level (by postal privacy management. CONTACT Improve Digital Head Office code or by territory). Van Diemenstraat 192AGENCY TRADING DESk 1013CP Amsterdam DEliVERy SySTEMS, Tool T +31 (0) 20 262 0277The specialised arms of larger media buying agency groups www.improvedigital.comthat use either proprietary technology or a demand sideplatform (DSP) to buy and optimise media and audiences, AND ANALYTICSoften in real time, on ad exchanges, ad networks, sell side Delivery systems, tools and analytics are the technologiesplatforms (SSPs) and other available inventory sources they that ensure different types of ads can be served, and areare connected with. served correctly. They also support the process of booking and managing online campaigns, forecasting, billing, tag IMPROVE DIGITAL management, verifying and measuring online advertising. Real time advertising technology

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