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  • how do your three texts match, how have I tried to create a brand identity across the 3 of them – housestyle, celeb, image, genre.
  • Question 2

    1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main products and ancillary texts?
    2. 2. Here are some images of my inspiration of my music video;Beyoncé’s ‘4’ album, a picture from her video ‘Run the World (girls)’,one of her single covers ‘best thing i never had’ and an image of whather actual website looks to date. Straight away o see the connectionthrough all 4 of these texts. Her hair is down most of the time andlooking quite striking as is her make-up which is heavy eye make upso her eyes really stand out and the fact she always has a slight bit ofjewellery or bling on to catch your eye, such as the bracelet,headpiece and the post-modern shoes all creates an image of her andhaving all the colour scheme is all fit tightly together; instantly thiscreates a brand of the Artist. On the strong low-angle mid shot of heron the main album cover everything she is wear and the pose she isdoing fits in to all the other shots of my examples and in all of hervideos. All the font used is the same font ‘Georgia’ as you can see thisis used as all her titles and subtitles(webpage) which also adds to herbrand identity. Each of her texts have the same style andcharacteristics running throughout each and all of this bondstogether to create Beyoncé her brand identity, which is something itook note of and what i have tried to create in my texts.
    3. 3. I have tried to take the inspiration of how Beyoncé did it and made my own ArtistsBrand Identity. I did this by creating a connection between each of my 3 texts byusing simular characteristics to do so. Such as the theme of time by using timelessplaces and different shots to look in different periods of time and using the clock onthe digipack and using a countdown tool on my website to all fit the housestyle andoverall theme together and another example is the colour theme throughout all ofthe texts black, pink and along with other neutral colours this is for the mise-en-sene (costumes, hair, make-up) along with the font which i have al used the saethroughout ‘Georgia’ excluding the B on the digipack as this is her ‘actual’ signatureB (part of the digipack package).Just like Beyoncé i have tried to keep the motif of the jewellery keeping the glamthroughout such as her necklace and earring and a glamorous dress to keep up thatclassy image and identity. It helps as it creates this image of it being a recurringmotif throughout the artists work. As you can see my artist does change clothes, hair and make-up throughout my video to fit with how the pase and lyrics of the song changes altogether creates a bond and connection between the 3 as we see elements of the video in the digipack and website is promoting and what album this song is from creating a strong connection between the texts.
    4. 4. I have kept the same location in my video as shots as i have done as my front cover of my digipack which was a church/woodland area to fit in with the theme of time using what looks like a timeless old place fitted in with the modernised versions of her costume etc. Which is a connection between the texts as it has simular images that link together all 3 with the front cover being on the website. The fact i use black and white and then colour (which is quite dark) helps the reasons above too, as they create the sense of then and now with a contemporary feel in the genre of the song as i use the colour when it is the strong beats and black and white when it is the more calmer, loving part of the song as i believe that it what those colours/effects co-note. The song names on the digipack fit in with the contemporary and strong feelings from the texts as some songs sound happy and jolly and strong whereas others sounds more loving and heartfelt, therefore keeping a neutral face pose on the front cover allows all of those different moods and it fits in to the ‘pop’ context of the Artist. websiteMusic Video DigiPack Cover
    5. 5. I believe i have created a strong and clear brand identitythroughout the 3 of my texts, the video, digipack and website.I have tried to have a constant flow of the theme, style, genre,motifs and an overall image throughout by taking an element outof the video and putting it in my digipack and website creating anArtists brand identity with all the examples i’ve stated on theprevious slides.If i had the chance to do this task again the only thing i would do tomake the brand more noticeable would be on the website by usingthe outdoor location as the background. However, i think i havetried to link each one in one way or another. Even just using thesimplest of links like the fact that my website contains an image ofthe front cover of the digipack or the fact i have used the samecolour scheme, style, atmosphere, mise en scene and attitudethroughout really comes across strongly.