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Mob Webinar Jan 13th


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A Webinar for Club Soda members

Published in: Healthcare
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Mob Webinar Jan 13th

  1. 1. Procrastination ★ There is never a right time to give up ★ Drinking is a short-term small reward ★ Procrastination protects us from failure/discomfort ★ But it can lead to anxiety and regret If…I notice myself thinking about the short-term pleasure of a drink today… Then…I will ask myself “By saying ‘YES’ to a drink today, what am I saying ‘NO’ to tomorrow?”
  2. 2. Understanding emotions ★ Alcohol and its impact on your brain ★ Depression ★ Anxiety ★ Which came first? ★ Learning new teachniques
  3. 3. Alcohol and decision making ★ How did it affect past decision making ★ When drinking and a hangover! ★ Gut feeling
  4. 4. Dealing with stress ★ Eat food and drink water ★ Mindfulness ★ Exercise ★ Plan ★ Dance and laugh ★ Write it down ★ Self Care ★ Nature
  5. 5. Tricks our mind plays ★ Euphoric Recall ★ Grass was greener ★ Magical Thinking ★ Evidence, Logical, Helpful?
  6. 6. Creating a new social life ★ Try what you always wanted to try ★ Meet-up ★ New places ★ Learning new things
  7. 7. Dealing with difficult people or situations ★ Mutual support - I ★ You are already perfect ★ They feel judged ★ You don’t have to share ★ Avoid
  8. 8. What to do if you slip up ★ Challenge your inner critic ★ Reward yourself ★ Ditch perfectionism ★ Reflect ★ Build a new battle plan