Assignment 3


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Assignment 3

  1. 1. By: Laura Cuk Horror GenreThe purpose of a horror genre is to scare their spectators.The general conventions of a horror genre:- A protagonist (the main victim/hero).- A villain (monster, alien, serial killer).- Other character types include: zombies, demons, ghosts, stalker, psychopath, werewolf etc.The horror genre was established around he 1800’s.Some examples of classic films to represent the genre are: The Texas chainsaw massacre meets the conventions of the horror genre as it includes a serial killer going round killing vulnerable groups of teenagers. Paranormal activity meets the conventions od the horror genre as it includes a character type of a demonic presence disturbing the couple living in their new home.
  2. 2. Sub-genres of horrorA sub-genre is a genre within another genre.Examples of sub-genres are: Comedy horror The purpose of this This film falls under this sub-genre is to scare sub-genre because it An example of a film includes the character the viewers but also to that represents this of a zombie. These type make their audience sub-genre is: of characters scare an laugh at their own fear audience. Also, this makes the audience laugh at their own fear. Disaster horror The purpose of this sub- This film falls under genre is to highlight An example of a film this sub-genre what could happen if that represents this because it includes a there were disasters sub-genre is: lot of disastrous that could occur. scenes.
  3. 3. Sub-genres of horror continued… The general conventions of this sub- genre are: mystery,Supernatural horror death, supernatural figure/person. Some examples of films to represent this sub-genre are: The general The general conventions of this conventions of sub-genre is that a this sub-genresupernatural force is are: a demonic haunting a house. possession, rituals
  4. 4. Hybrids of HorrorHybrids are a mixture/fusion of sub-genres to make a new genre.Examples of hybrids are:Action horror The general The purpose of this An example of a conventions of hybrid is to scare but film that this hybrid are: excite the audience at represents this conflict, violence the same time. hybrid is: between each other, death. Sci-Fi Horror The purpose of this An example of a The general hybrid is to make the film that conventions of audience believe that represents this this hybrid are: anwe are not alone in this hybrid is: alien possession, world. rituals
  5. 5. Hybrids of horror continued… Western horrorThe purpose of this An example of a filmhybrid is to combine that represents this western examples hybrid is: and make the audience scared. The general conventions of this sub-genre are: death, afterlife.