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Why I #loveparkrun


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An introduction to parkrun ( How I got into parkrun and running, what I love about the volunteer-run parkruns, and how to start parkrunning yourself.

Presented at the OggCamp15 unconference at Liverpool John Moores University in Liverpool, UK. 31st October 2015 (

The parkrun graphics are the phone wallpapers available from the parkrun website ( The photos are all mine.

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Why I #loveparkrun

  1. 1. Why I #loveparkrun Laura Cowen | @lauracowen I don't work for parkrun or represent them officially in any way.
  2. 2. What is parkrun? ● Timed 5km run ● Every Saturday ● 9am England/Wales (and many other countries) ● 9.30am in Scotland ● 364 UK parkruns
  3. 3. How I started parkrunning
  4. 4. What I love about parkrun
  5. 5. What I learnt about myself
  6. 6. What I learnt about running
  7. 7. Volunteering at parkrun
  8. 8. How to get involved
  9. 9. #loveparkrun Laura Cowen | @lauracowen
  10. 10. #loveparkrun Laura Cowen | @lauracowen