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Cordero laura 3457612_idhub (1)

  1. 1. Laura Alejandra Cordero
  2. 2. Persona My persona is that of an honest twenty-something aspiring writer with a sense of humor, and a love of travel and experiencing other cultures. Not your typical travel writer; instead of offering travel tips I prefer to tell stories about non-typical experiences. A passionate lefty and feminist. I am relatable, easy to read and transparent. How have I attempted to achieve this? Through my blog posts on my #gloco13 blog (most recent four posts are travel centric). Through my tweets - focussing on the election, my support of the Greens party, tweeting links to outrageously anti-feminist articles, re-tweeting travel videos and posting silly memes. Through my conversational use of English and slang and by tweeting links to my personal blog posts Through Instagram by re-gramming travel photos I have taken. And finally through my descriptions and About Me’s across my different platforms. LinkedIn resume focussing on my writing; Twitter description “WRITING WORDS AND SHIT”; Blog About Me page: “Avid explorer, lover, complainer and contemplator of life”; and similar description on my page. I am also following and engaging with political parties and other authors. My main goal was to come across as approachable, passionate, authentic, honest and well travelled. I didn’t always remember to use the gloco13 hashtag, so I have captured a stream of my tweets over the course so far that supports this identity here on Storify
  3. 3. Identity Design Positioning statement My publics are twenty-something’s; travellers (or those with a desire for travel); open-minded with a sense of humour; or other authors, journalists and writers of fiction and non fiction. My personal brand would appeal to these publics because of our shared beliefs and values. I want to inform, entertain and share my experiences with them in the hope that they will be inspired. I use my real name to demonstrate authenticity and transparency. My category is that of opinionated aspiring writer and travel blogger. Value Proposition I am well travelled and this, coupled with my education, differentiates me. I have also written for websites in the past, and have been blogging for over ten years. My honesty, willingness to share my experiences and my opinions are my attempt to make a difference to the world by inspiring one person at a time. Brand story/experience I have called many different cities ‘home’ across the world and am well travelled. After years of moving around (from NZ to Singapore to Australia to the UK) I have finally decided to call Melbourne home. I have an avid interest in exploring different cultures and immersing myself in new experiences. I hold the written word in high esteem and believe that all inhabitants on our world should be treated fairly and equally. I follow the Greens MPs and party, other authors and writers, environmentalists, feminists, travel bloggers and funny meme tweeters. I want to share my life in a funny, truthful and compelling way in the hopes that I can inspire open mindedness in others.
  4. 4. Brand strategy Approach My tonality will be light and conversational, I want my audience to relate to me easily. And laugh while being inspired. I will use slang, caps and swear words for impact. I will attempt to engage my audience in an intimate, open and truthful way, tweeting and blogging regularly over the course. I want to be especially active while election debates are going on and during the Melbourne Writers festival. I will ask questions on Twitter and hijack conversations to engage myself in the Twitter-sphere with people I might not ordinarily interact with. Tactics I will use LinkedIn to demonstrate my education and experience; Youtube to share funny travel videos; Instagram to post past travel photos; Wordpress to elaborate on my travel experiences and opinions; and Twitter to promote all of the above. Flavors. me will be the hub that brings all of these platforms together. I will do hashtag searches on Twitter for different topics that I am passionate about. I will attempt to hashtag Melbourne trending topics to get my posts in front of a wider audience. I will retweet articles about travel, politics and writing and I will create text content for regular blog posts. I will also tweet links to my personal blog (non uni related) to demonstrate my honesty and open character. I will also tweet funny, random memes in the hopes of attracting followers that don’t necessarily share my beliefs so I can quietly brainwash them. Logistics I will attempt to post a new blog post once a week, and I will tweet every day. Every time a new blog post is published I will tweet a link to it and attempt to repeat this 2 - 3 times. I will reply to everyone that tweets me and reply to all comments across my platforms. Identity Design
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