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The Business Card Exchange 2004 (Flashback from the archives)

A Flashback from 2004, Laura Burk (AKA Laura Harriger) was working for The Business Card Exchange as Director of Operations. The Business Card Exchange is now closed.

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The Business Card Exchange 2004 (Flashback from the archives)

  1. 1. The Affordable-Effective Advertising Media
  2. 2. What We Do  Business Card Billboards/Literature Racks  Networking  The Exchanger  You give us 500 business cards and we do the rest!
  3. 3. Here’s How it Works  We place your business cards and brochures in high traffic areas where prospective customers need to wait a minimum of 5 or 10 minutes Natura Coffee & Tea University Blvd.
  4. 4. The Business Card Exchange Custom Billboards YOUR BUSINESS CARD OR LITERATURE CAN BE HERE
  5. 5. You May Have Seen Us Here…
  6. 6. Location Growth Analysis Nine Month View 0 5 10 15 20 25 M ay-03 Jun-03 Jul-03 A ug-03 Sep-03 O ct-03 N ov-03 D ec-03 Jan-04 #ofLocations University UCF Central Orlando NE Orlando West Orlando 50 East Orlando May 2003 to January 2004, 22 new East Orlando Locations!
  7. 7. What Sets Us Apart  Exclusivity  Lock out the Competition  One business type per location  “Corner the Market”  Our relationship counts  Banks, golf clubs, high-end businesses  Professional Presence  Take the headache away from the business owner  No ugly flyers; no counter space wasted on material not pertaining to their business; your printed advertising dollars end up in the TRASH!  Clean, professional boards attract clientele  Cards maintained weekly  Working for you 24x7 (NO COFFEE BREAKS!)
  8. 8. An Affordable – Effective Advertising Media  Networking behind the scenes  We discover key contacts for clients  We “Plug” people into each other  More Exposure via 3 additional services  Website links  Face2Face “Meet & Greet”Events  Client exclusive newsletter featuring your article or advertisement
  9. 9. Let Us Read Your Card… I see a logo that is bold and clean-cut… I see good use of both sides of your business card
  10. 10. It’s All in the “Cards”… A professional look and logo for your business card will ensure your SUCCESS!
  11. 11. Your Business Card is Your Mini-Billboard
  12. 12. BCE - CopyMax Relationship  Offer a special service or discount with a pink/blue slip behind your business card
  13. 13. 79% of all Orlando uses discount cards  8 out of 10 East Orlando area adults who use coupons clip them from newspapers (77%)  Newspapers account for 55% of all coupons redeemed in the U.S.  Among those who’ve used coupons more than 12 times in the past 3 months, 92% were newspaper coupon clippers  75% of adults save coupons for things other than groceries  65% of East Orlando area adults who use coupons use them at least twice a month
  14. 14. Networking  East Orlando Chamber of Commerce (BOARD Director)  King’s Pointe  Architectural Review Committee  Neighborhood Committee  Eastwood Neighborhood Committee  Good Shepherd Catholic Church  Building Committee Chairperson  Men’s Club  Greater Orlando Business Network (GOBN)  YMCA  Previous Youth Soccer Coach  Commissioner  Sports Advisory Council  Business Assistance Team  Connections Leads Group  WESA Youth Athletics League  Business Growth Alliance  eWomen Network  So Social
  15. 15. East Orlando Chamber  Tony Furnari, elected to the Board,January 2004! A well-deserved “congratulations” from East Orlando Chamber President Jennifer Thompson
  16. 16. Networker of the YEAR! Tony received this award at the Raptor’s Holiday party. 12-03 Research Park Leads Group
  17. 17. Face2Face Events Our first Face2Face event was a hit! Exclusive event for our clients only. Clients are invited to host the event or share with everyone their profession or service. Photography by Jonathan Jowers
  18. 18. Face 2 Face Event SunTrust Bank – Shoppes of Eastwood, Orlando Photography by Jonathan Jowers
  19. 19. Face 2 Face Event Cascades Florist – Waterford Lakes Shopping Center Flute/Harp Duo provided by Elysée Music Photography by Jonathan Jowers
  20. 20. Face 2 Face Event Cascades Florist – Waterford Lakes Shopping Center Traditional End-of-Event Drawing for Gifts/Prizes! Food/Beverages provided by Old Vines Wine, California Pizza Kitchen
  21. 21.  “Our next networking event is being held at Cascades Florist…” – Laura, BCE Example of Networking Chain of Reaction  “Oohh, that’s probably going to be a good wedding crowd.. Do you think they’d like to have live, classical entertainment to set the mood for their guests?” – Alexia, Elysée Music
  22. 22. Networking Chain Reaction  “Honey, can’t you just imagine that Flute/Harp Duo at our wedding? Let’s go get her card!” – Dana to fiancé, Adam Spencer Win-win for everyone – elegant atmosphere for Cascades big event, business for Elysée Music!
  23. 23. The Business Card Exchange has recently been told that “We create value in the community by leveraging the James Spaeth, Associate POWER of networking.”
  24. 24. The Exchanger  Clients are invited to be a featured business or submit an advertisement  Distributed to all our clients every month  Keeps you informed of local events and meetings  Marketing tips and ideas
  25. 25.  Link from our website to yours  If you don’t have a website we can  Link your e-mail OR  Create a splash page OR  Company Logo on our home page  Visit BCE Website
  26. 26. Additional Services  Photography – Head Shots  Brochure Layout  Exclusive Banner Advertising with Orlando Metro Gymnastics Training Facilities  Computer Training  Imprinted Products & Logo Wear
  27. 27. Photography  Head Shots, Locations, Special Event Coverage  Brochures  Business cards  Advertising media
  28. 28. Brochure Development  Our graphic design department will help you customize
  29. 29. Banner Advertising  Exclusive Banner Advertising with Orlando Metro Gymnastics Training Facilities 4 foot by 2 foot banner 4 foot by 4 foot banner
  30. 30. OMG - LB McLeod
  31. 31. Computer Training  Certified Master Trainer  Microsoft Office MS Word MS Powerpoint MS Excel MS Access MS Publisher  Web Design & Development
  32. 32. Promotional Items & Logo Wear  Please view samples
  33. 33. Are you looking for a fundraiser with a 50% return? The Business Card Exchange gives back to the Community!
  34. 34. Fund Raiser Programs  A board is placed at your location  Exclusively for parents/members of your organization  Create community involvement  Support local business owners  50% donated to your organization  One-on-one meeting prior to board placement  Provides additional exposure via unique advertising services
  35. 35. As a client you will receive:  Website link  Website  E-mail address or splash page  Company logo on our home page (additional)  Newsletter  Featuring your business through  An interview OR  An article submitted by you  Business advertisement (additional)  Face2Face  Exclusive client meet and greet events  Host or simply attend!
  36. 36. Advertising Comparison Chart $0 $200 $400 $600 $800 $1,000 $1,200 $1,400 $1,600 $1,800 $2,000 East Orlando Sun Sprint Yellow Pages (50% disc. Incl.) Orlando Sentinel America’s Favorite Coupon Book Orlando Kid's Directory Our Town The Business Card Exchange (per location)* 1 month 6 months 12 months * Savings of up to 52% are available for multiple locations ** 5% annual contract discount is included The advertisement would be the same size of a business card For one year of advertising, BCE is 88% less expensive than Sprint Yellow Pages
  37. 37. Just remember this simple statement when looking at your advertising and marketing budget: “Our Business is to Increase Your Business.” The Business Card Exchange Motto is:
  38. 38. 12472 Lake Underhill Road #242 Orlando, FL 32828 407-963-9906 / 321-299-2063 fax: 321-281-3046 Tony Furnari Laura Harriger