Be a hopeless romantic!


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Relationship article for The White Pages magazine.

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Be a hopeless romantic!

  1. 1. FeaTure be a hopeless romantic! A dAte for ricky gervais – of course, don’t or mother-in-law-to-be can your diAry forget he has to remind you source a carrier pigeon, you’ll As you have keep one night each week how much you look like megan both be free to enjoy a night probably gathered, free for a date night with your hubby-to-be. Whether Fox and that when you dance it’s like watching shakira. of uninterrupted snuggling. a wedding takes a it’s dinner and dancing, or a All loved up lot of preparation night in with a bag of popcorn AffeCtion rules marriage is the ultimate and a dvd, put your wedding There’s nothing like human proclamation of love, but that and planning. But plans on hold, ban all talk contact to reignite those doesn’t mean you should stop spare a thought for of preparations and enjoy a flames of passion. so ban uttering those all-important your relationship romantic evening together. all peck-on-the-cheek antics. only a full-blown, tongue-in- three little words. say i love you at least once a day, as you and your dinner dAte cheek (well, in mouth) will do. whether it’s a note on the groom-to-be jump sometimes it’s the little fridge door or an email – it things that can make your Cut the can’t hurt to be reminded! feet first into day. so forget about dinner phone lines organising the big in front of the telly – break When you’re planning a tAke A trip day. Laura Bury out those candles, dust off that fine china and make it wedding it may seem like every phone call, email and you’re probably saving every penny for the big day, gives some top a special occasion. it may text you get is about your big but if you can find a relative tips on staying just be a pizza, but it’s who day. if you and your fiancé or friend’s house in the you’re with and the effort you really want to forget it all country, pop down for a loved up while put in that counts. for a few hours, then you’ll night so you can get away you and your have to cut all connection from family, friends and Compliments amour are planning compliment each other. let with the outside world. all talk of the impending switch off your mobile, plug wedding. you could also the wedding. him know his bum is still the out the computer and take pack some sexy underwear best in the business and he your phone off the hook. and get some practice in for makes you laugh more than unless your wedding planner the wedding night...! 166 The WhiTe pages