The Hunt is On


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Monthly Me & My Money column written for You & Your Money magazine

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The Hunt is On

  1. 1. me and my money | Money The hunt is on! After proudly amassing just enough for a deposit, Laura Bury begins house hunting, but nobody told her that real life isn’t the same as Sex in the City… I ’ll be honest, I thought saving would be search on Daft, along with the areas I’d the hardest part of this whole moving out like to rent in, how many bedrooms, how lark – not a thought did I give to the actual many bathrooms and whether or not I’d like procurement of an apartment. I’ve seen Sex a microwave (it so happens that I do). Fair play in the City. They look at an apartment, it’s to the lads at Daft, they make it easy for the amazing – in fact, it’s exactly the one they laywoman. So after hitting the search button, have broadband wanted – they say ‘I’ll take it’ and boom, what came up wasn’t exactly what I had in (apparently if you sound apartment hunting over. mind. Badly furnished houses popped up on like you know what you’re talking about If only all apartment hunts had such happy my screen in abundance. Curtain pelmets, they’ll be more likely to accept a reduction endings. So I sorted out my finances thanks peach carpets, matching wallpaper and on price) he led us into the master bedroom. to some frugal living. In what I think can be bedspreads, along with the obligatory border It was just perfect. Next he led us into a tiny deemed my finest moment, I managed on running across the centre of the walls were box room, completely devoid of furnishings b2 for an entire week. Granted I came back more the rule than the exception. All and all, not and he explained that he’d furnish it when from Bratislava with 400 cigarettes the week the type of interior design I would have gone we decided whether we’d like a spare room previous, but still, not a mid-week pint or for. To make matters worse, these apartments or a study. Well, I was ecstatic. Two double impromptu purchase in sight. If that isn’t an weren’t on Dame Street, Grafton Street or bedrooms and a spare room for b1,000 exercise in willpower then I don’t know what is. Henry Street as I’d envisaged. They were a month. That’s some serious recession- practically in the suburbs, effectively defeating busting value. Unfortunately it soon became A Daft plan the purpose of moving into ‘the city’. apparent after we’d looked through the rest Subsequently I became part of the Daft massif. Of course there were a few diamonds of the apartment (I also checked the airing Searching and researching apartments was, among the coals. I found a fabulous place in cupboard and a storage press, just in case) I must say, quite fun for a time. Day dreaming the Coombe, close enough to town, advertised that the ‘spare room’ was indeed the second about my gorgeous new ‘pad’, my new as two double bedrooms and a bathroom. ‘double’ bedroom that was advertised. bedroom, the fancy parties I could have at The pictures on the website showed a clean, Perhaps if I was living in the Shire and my my leisure without pesky parents coming in minimalist apartment, beautifully furnished with second name was Baggins, this would to dispel ‘the racket’. Unfortunately the reality a cream colour scheme throughout. But the constitute a double room. But it became was fairly far removed from this. The plan was reality didn’t exactly live up to the Daft profile. more apparent as the weeks went on that to rent an apartment in the centre of the city, this was to be the norm. I’m still on the hunt close to my job, close to my friends and more In the Shire and I’m still on budget but am yet to become importantly, close to the myriad of activities that As I was shown around the apartment I noticed a rent girl. I’m off to some more viewings city life presents. that it was smaller than the pictures portrayed, this evening and I have learned to ask a few Unfortunately my budget and my ideal but there was still plenty of room for two. As I vital questions. Is there on-site parking? Is apartment didn’t exactly see eye to eye. I bombarded the letting agent with questions it a nice area? Are there actually two double typed in my maximum rent into the advanced about where cable ports were and did they bedrooms for those of average height? deceMBeR 2009 | You & Your MoneY 41