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  2. 2. NEWS REGULARS SMALLtalk HOT TOPICS FOR MUMS-TO-BE Shoes, Glorious Shoes! I f you are looking for fun, Acceptance in support of their fashionable and functional beneficial attributes for your baby and children’s shoes child’s feet. So now you are then is safe in the knowledge that BABY DIOR BLUE FOUR PIECE GIFT SET, your one-stop-shop. Ranging your little ones’ feet can look €89.73, WWW.CHILDRENSALON.COM from super soft newborn stylish and protected. slippers to black leather school shoes, this Did you know? Westmeath-based The top 5 baby names in Ireland website stocks all of the are Jack, Sean, Conor, Daniel and major brands in kids’ shoes, including Crocs, James for boys, and Sarah, Emma, Pediped, Buckle My Ella, Katie and Sophie for girls. Shoe and Skechers. Many of the shoes listed on the Little Hello Sunshine! Scamps website have A recent UK study has revealed that been awarded the children born in late summer or early American Podiatric autumn are often taller and less prone to Medical Association prestigious Seal of osteoporosis in later life than those born during the months of spring and winter. The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC), also known as the Down on the Farm Children of the 90s, involved almost 7,000 If you’re in and around children born in 1991 and 1992. Researchers the Long Mile Road area from the University of Bristol studied of Dublin 12, pop into meteorological data from those years to Baby Farm to pick up a determine the mothers’ likely sun exposure few bits for the new during the last three months of the arrival. With a wide pregnancy. They concluded that children range of products from born to mothers with the highest sun cots and buggies to organic baby clothes, maternity wear exposure were, on average, a half centimetre and books, Baby Farm is the ideal place to spend an taller and had stronger bones than those afternoon for expectant and new parents. If the thought born in the darkest months of the year. This of traffic doesn’t appeal to you, check out Baby Farm’s increase is believed to be attributed to the online shop at Pictured: Cosatto Oki levels of Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) Doki Three-Piece Bedroom Set, €1,199.99, Baby Farm. the baby is exposed to in the womb. Mammy Knows Best For straight forward advice on pregnancy and parenthood log onto Whether your little one is still in the womb or starting school, this site is packed full of useful information about being a parent from conception through to birth and beyond. Easy to navigate, there’s lots of articles from worldwide sources, including the US, and top tips on everything from fertility to childcare for your toddler. Just so dads aren’t left out, there are some good articles dedicated to new and expectant fathers about supporting their partner during pregnancy and coping with their new role as a daddy. maternity 7
  3. 3. NEWS REGULARS SMALLtalk BATH TIME WITH BABY Did you know? Fifty years ago, Johnson’s baby brand Taking good care of your teeth while developed a new set of safety pregnant may help to reduce the standards to mark the quality and incidence of some complications in gentleness of Johnson’s baby mild- pregnancy and newborn babies, cleansing soap free shampoo with the according to researchers in the UK. Shhh! No More Tears formulation. A favourite with mums the world over, No More Newborns sleep almost 16 hours Tears products are formulated to a day, and are often difficult to exceptionally high standards and SAFETY FIRST Looking after the settle as they adjust to their new rigorously tested to ensure they health and safety of your new baby can be a world. That’s why Amby have are mild and gentle so you daunting experience. That’s why Clap designed the Natures Nest, a don’t have to worry about Handies have joined forces with Responder baby hammock that creates a protecting your baby’s Training to bring you a practical up-to-date womb like effect in which your delicate eyes during paediatric first aid training course for baby can enjoy a snug tactile bathtime. Nothing should parents and carers of babies and young environment with a gentle come between you and children. The aim of the course is to teach vertical bouncing motion. Once your baby enjoying bath you how to respond confidently in an placed in the Natures Nest, it is time, that’s why Johnson emergency, and includes training in CPR, virtually impossible for your & Johnson have spent 50 temperature management and dealing with newborn to turn onto his tummy years making it their accidents around the home. For keeping baby in the responsibility to know as information about courses in your area log recommended supine position much as possible about onto, (on the back). For more your baby's, or call Liza on information about the Natures precious eyes. (087) 919 6042. Nest log onto or REST EASY WIN! New research maternity, in conjunction with Baby Farm on the Natures Nest, Longmile Road (, are offering from Trinity £164.99, Amby one lucky reader the chance to win this fantastic College, Dublin UK (www.amby. Jeep Candy Duo Set Stroller. Retailing at has found that €199.99, this lightweight stroller comes complete using a with a matching soft carrycot that can be used Clevamama from birth. It has three positions and has a five- memory point baby harness, so you know you’re little one foam mattress or pillow is in safe hands. To be in with a chance to win this prize, pop instead of a standard mattress can significantly your name, address and telephone number on reduce ‘flat head syndrome’ common in young the back of a postcard babies. The study found that the Clevamama and send to Editor, pillow reduced the pressure on the baby’s maternity, Ashville Media cranium by almost 50 per cent, while Group, 57-59 Sir John providing over 80 per cent more contact with Rogerson’s Quay, the head. The tests also found that the pillow’s Dublin 2. profile is sufficiently low and the material is not too Draw date: December 12th 2009 We regret if this date stiff, so the baby’s head will be allowed to rest in a precedes your receipt of natural position that does not restrict the airways. this issue. The Clevamama memory foam range is available online at 8 maternity
  4. 4. MORNING SICKNESS Some women suffer from morning sickness, especially during the first few months of pregnancy. It can occur anytime during the day or night but is always worse on an empty stomach. To avoid morning sickness: Have some tea and dry toast or a biscuit before getting up each morning. Get up slowly. Rest on the side of the bed for a few minutes. Eat small frequent snacks. Avoid fatty foods that may make the nausea worse. Avoid strong smells that are likely to make you feel sick. you will be conscious of your breasts enlarging. They have a firm, tense feeling, may have a prickling, tingling sensation and are sometimes tender. The growth of the breasts continues throughout pregnancy to 2lbs/900g, so good support is essential. The nipples also become darker in colour and more prominent. BACK PAIN Getting Back pain, especially in the lower back, occurs during pregnancy. The reasons are numerous, including ligaments softening and stretching and posture changing as your baby grows. Comfortable Pregnancy should be a time of great joy, but often it can For back pain: Good posture is vital. Stand tall, shoulders relaxed, buttocks tucked in and weight spread evenly on both feet. Footwear should be low-heeled. Sit with your lower back well-supported seem spoiled by common pregnancy ailments. However, by pillows. Lie on your side on a firm mattress with these shouldn’t mar the time for a mum-to-be. your knees drawn up. MARGARET FANAGAN explains how to alleviate those Avoid lifting heavy objects. Do some exercise – swimming may ease niggling pregnancy complaints. back pain. Consult your doctor if your back pain is TIREDNESS and remember nothing is more important severe or persists. Tiredness is common, especially during the than the health of you and your baby. early months of pregnancy, when your baby Talk to your doctor to check if you CONSTIPATION is developing, and again during the last few are anaemic. Constipation occurs during pregnancy due months, when your body is adjusting to your Do not take sleeping pills unless advised to hormonal changes and extra pressure growing baby. The problem is clearly more to do so by your doctor. from your growing baby. severe if your routine is inflexible. To combat constipation: When feeling overtired: BREAST CHANGES Drink plenty of water (7-8 glasses daily). Relax and take naps when possible. Breast changes may be the first sign of Eat a well-balanced diet – including lots Don’t be a superwoman – ask for help pregnancy and, as early as the sixth week, of fruit, vegetables and fibre. 28 maternity
  5. 5. PREGNANCY GETTING COMFORTABLE Take regular exercise, such as walking When dealing with and the action of pregnancy hormones. and swimming. haemorrhoids: For varicose veins: Consult your doctor if you feel you need Follow tips for constipation. Follow advice for swollen joints in the a mild laxative. Consult your doctor. lower limbs. Avoid crossing your legs when seated. SWOLLEN JOINTS VARICOSE VEINS Consult your doctor. Swollen joints, especially in the ankles and Swollen veins usually occur in the lower leg hands, are fairly common. However, sudden and may extend to the pelvic area. These Remember: pregnancy is not an illness, try or severe swelling should be reported to are due to increased pressure in the vein to enjoy it – it’s a special time! your doctor immediately. To fight swollen joints: Raise your feet whenever possible. Avoid wearing anything tight. Coping with birth: HYPNOBIRTHING Wear well-supported shoes and Midwife CARMEL FLAHERTY on dealing with labour and support stockings. birth by HypnoBirthing. Avoid standing or sitting for long periods. Remove rings from fingers if tight. The HypnoBirthing Childbirth method is as Hypnosis is a naturally occurring much a philosophy of birth as it is a technique phenomenon, a little like daydreaming. Any HEARTBURN for achieving a satisfying, relaxing and stress- time we redirect or narrow our focus, such as Heartburn is a form of indigestion and is free method of birthing. HypnoBirthing when engrossed in a good book, or watching common during pregnancy, especially teaches you, along with your birthing the flickering flame of a fire we are said to be during the latter months. It is experienced as companion, the art and joy of experiencing in a state of hypnosis. We are fully in control a burning sensation in the stomach and birth in a more comfortable manner. and aware of what is happening to us and throat and is due to the hormone Based on the theories and writings of Dr around us. progesterone combined with pressure from Grantly Dick-Read, one of the pioneers of In a HypnoBirthing class the mother will the growing baby. natural childbirth. In his book Childbirth learn a programme of deep relaxation, self- To beat heartburn: Without Fear he explains that: “There is no hypnosis, breathing techniques, birth positions Avoid fatty and spicy foods. physiological function that gives rise to pain in and the basic physiology of birth and much Eat five or six small meals a day. the normal course of health.” He also states “In more. It will teach her to release all prior Eat slowly and in a stress- no other animal species is the process of birth programming about birth, how to trust her free atmosphere. apparently associated with any suffering, pain own body and work with it, as well as how to If possible, rest for a few hours after you or agony, except where pathology exists or in free herself of harmful emotions that lead to have eaten. an unnatural state, such as captivity”. When pain – causing fear and unyielding muscles. Sleep propped up on pillows. we are afraid, our body diverts blood and HypnoBirthing will teach her the art of using Try to drink fluids separate to eating. oxygen from non-essential organs (like the her own natural birthing instincts. Gentle uterus) to large muscle groups in our birthing techniques are used to allow her to HAEMORRHOIDS extremities. Our face drains of blood and we breathe her baby into the world without hard Haemorrhoids are varicose veins in the are said to be ‘white with fear’. He termed this physical pushing. She is totally conscious, a back passage. They are caused by phenomenon ‘fear-tension syndrome of consenting participant, fully in control, constipation, the increased pressure of your childbirth’, and said it occurred in 95 per cent comfortably relaxed and fully aware of what growing baby and hormonal changes. of women during labour. is happening. He believed that by eliminating the fear, Fathers have a big role to play in the birth women could return the uterus to its normal experience, guiding the mother into deeper LEG CRAMPS function, thereby eliminating the pain. states of relaxation and protecting her. As a Leg cramps can sometimes occur during Hypnosis’ main objective in labour and birth result they feel closer to mother and baby the latter months of pregnancy, is to reduce the ‘fear- tension response’ in resulting in better bonding. particularly at night. The exact cause is labour which can trigger: When the mother is properly prepared for unknown, but they are more frequent Excessive fear/anxiety birth physically, mentally and spiritually, she when the muscle is tired. Activation of stress hormones can give birth in an easier, more comfortable, To avoid leg cramps: Inhibition of oxytocin/endorphins shorter time and as a result many mothers Increase your calcium intake from milk, Sympathetic system initiated find birth empowering and life-changing. green leafy vegetables and the mineral Uterine muscle conflict HypnoBirthing classes are held in four potassium from bananas. Lactic acid build-up sessions or over a weekend. A book and Gently exercise the foot by rotating in a Excessive pain. relaxation CD is an accompaniment to the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. When a woman is properly prepared for course and mum needs to listen to CD daily Stretch your legs just before bedtime and childbirth and when mind and body are in for maximum benefits. massage them in warm water. harmony, nature is free to function in the same Avoid pointing toes, as this seems to well designed manner that it does with all Carmel Flaherty encourage spasm. other creatures. CMM2/Yoga/HypnoBirthing instructor maternity 29
  6. 6. SIMPLY THE Breast Breastfeeding will give your baby the best possible start to life and can be an enjoyable and beneficial experience for you too. LORRAINE O’HAGAN and DENISE MCGUINNESS explain how to master the technique and make breastfeeding successful for you and your little one. W hether you’re expecting The Advantages or have just given birth, Breastfeeding has many advantages for babies, the decision of how to their mothers, society and the environment. feed your new baby is an Remember, your breast milk is perfect for your important one. While modern formula milks baby and it adapts to meet your baby’s are always improving, they will never replicate changing needs. the essential mix of nutrients and immunities that breast milk contains. Breastfeeding is Benefits for baby: healthy, easy and economical yet, according k Strengthens your baby’s immature digestive to a recent national survey, only 47 per cent system and helps to kick start their immune of Irish women breastfeed their newborn system. babies with this rate falling precipitously to 24 k Lowers your baby’s risk of SIDS (Sudden per cent in the weeks following the birth. Infant Death Syndrome) and childhood These figures are astonishing when you illnesses. consider that every major health group, k Ensures a baby’s optimum growth and brain including the World Heath Organisation and development and contains antibodies to UNICEF recommends that babies be fed , protect your baby from infection. breast milk exclusively for the first six months k Helps prevent illnesses such as asthma, of life, and that breastfeeding should continue eczema, bacterial meningitis and allergies as long as possible after the introduction of caused by certain foods in infancy solid food. and adolescence. Although breastfeeding is the natural k Children who are breastfed as babies tend to choice, it is not always easy. Breastfeeding is have lower blood pressure than those who a skill that needs to be learned by a mother are bottle fed. and her baby and attending a breastfeeding k Children who have breast milk for seven class before the birth can make a huge months or more have higher IQ scores and difference, both in knowledge and have been shown to perform better at confidence. All pregnant mothers have the school than babies who have been fed opportunity to attend antenatal classes formula milk. which will include a breastfeeding class. In k Helps prevent diarrhoea and vomiting, as addition to these, some hospitals run well as respiratory, urinary and ear infections. breastfeeding skills workshops which offer k Breast milk is particularly important for more specific information on breastfeeding babies who are preterm or ill as your preterm and teach the skills necessary to help get milk is especially designed for your breastfeeding off to a good start. premature baby. 80 maternity
  7. 7. BABY TALK BREASTFEEDING k Breastfed babies take less time to settle when they wake at night. This means night feeds are shorter and new mums and dads can get more sleep. k Breastfed babies have less tooth decay and tend to have straighter teeth than bottle fed babies who suckle from artificial nipples. Benefits for mum: k Breastfeeding right after childbirth reduces the risk of excessive bleeding after birth and anaemia. It also stimulates the womb to contract and return to the pre- pregnancy state. k Reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, as well as osteoporosis. k Women with diabetes have a reduced need for insulin when breastfeeding. k Breastfeeding burns 600 calories per day. This helps new mums lose the weight gained during pregnancy. k Breastfeeding mums tend to suffer less from postpartum depression. k A breastfeeding woman releases a chemical called beta-endorphin in response to suckling. This helps the woman to relax and adjust to mothering and helps with the bonding process between mother and child. k Women who breastfeed report having a sense of satisfaction at being able to feed their babies with their own milk. k Breast milk is always free and at the ready wherever you and your baby go. There is no shopping for expensive formula, no bottles to carry around, no preparation, no sterilising or heating, and breast milk is always fresh and free from contamination. k Employers benefit too, as research shows that women who continue to breastfeed when they return to work are three times less likely to be absent from work to care for their ill children, as breastfed children are much healthier. Getting Started The first hour after birth is a very special time for the new family and a good time to initiate breastfeeding. Regardless of the way your baby is born, there is no reason why you cannot breastfeed as soon as you have given birth. The midwife may ask you if you would like your baby placed on your tummy after he/she is born and it is this skin-to-skin contact that has been highlighted as very beneficial when maternity 81
  8. 8. BABY TALK BREASTFEEDING initiating breastfeeding. Babies usually both mother and child are adjusting to the experience a time of quiet alertness in the It is important that your baby is latched new circumstances, it may take up a lot of first hour or two after the birth. They are on properly to the areola and is your time. Sleeping when baby sleeps and awake, but not crying, and seem to be “breast” feeding and not just “nipple” putting aside things like housekeeping will primed to take in new experiences – such feeding; otherwise, your baby may not conserve energy. Don’t be afraid to ask for as actively seeking their mother’s breast. get all the milk he/she wants during a help and support from your partner or This skin-to-skin contact also facilitates the feed and your nipples may become family and friends. Another thing to bonding process and it is important that sore. If the baby has latched on well: recognise is that babies are ‘night-time new mums use these first few hours and k She will cover more of the areola people’ for the first three weeks and they days in hospital to become familiar with with her lower lip than her upper lip. can feed more at night than during the day. your baby’s needs and the way he/she k Her chin should be touching the Night feeds (between 1am and 5am), communicates with you. breast. however, remain a priority for baby. This k Her mouth should be wide open settles down after a few weeks so you will Positioning and with a big mouthful of breast. then be able to get more sleep. Attachment k Her sucking pattern changes from When you get the hang of breastfeeding, Before you commence a feed, take time to short sucks to long deep ones. though, it will not stop you and your baby position your baby well at the breast to from going out and enjoying life. You can avoid becoming sore and to ensure the breastfeed almost anywhere. With practise baby is milking the breast effectively. Start Breastfeeding should not be painful. and the right clothing, most people won’t by getting comfortable. There are various However, during the initial days of learning even notice that you are breastfeeding. ways to hold your baby when breastfeeding you may feel some pain or discomfort when There are a number of support structures and it doesn’t matter which position you use your baby first latches onto your breast. in place to help you through your as long as the baby is well attached. Most This feeling should fade quickly. If the pain breastfeeding experience. Many hospitals mothers feed their baby in a traditional continues, your baby may not be latched on offer breastfeeding support clinics for the cradle hold. Lying down with your baby is correctly to your breast and you should try first six weeks following delivery. another position and many mothers find this to reposition him/her. It is important that you Alternatively, ask your GP or public health position very relaxing and it’s a great continue to receive the support of your nurse for help and about breastfeeding position to learn for night-time feeds. Other midwife during this learning phase so that clinics in your area. Voluntary groups like La positions are the cross cradle hold and the you become confident in ensuring baby Leche and Cuidiú have experienced rugby hold. Your midwife will help you with latches on correctly. breastfeeding mothers who can assist you different positions until you find one that in learning how to read your baby’s needs is comfortable. When You Get Home and guide you as a mother. To get your baby in a good position for from Hospital feeding, ensure baby is facing you with her Many mothers are concerned when they go Returning to Work head, neck and back in a straight line. Her home about how often their baby should be Working mothers in Ireland now have the head should not have to turn to reach the feeding. It is important to note that baby’s right to paid breastfeeding/lactation breaks nipple as this would make it where the employer provides facilities or a difficult for her to swallow. She “The first hour after birth is a reduction in working hours without loss of needs to be positioned so that pay for breastfeeding where no facilities are her nose is in line with your very special time for the new provided. The law in Ireland defines “an nipple with her body tucked in employee who is close to you. It is important to make sure family and a good time breastfeeding” as any baby’s mouth is wide open so she can take employee who is breastfeeding a large mouthful of breast, with her tongue to initiate breastfeeding” within six months of birth and down. The baby can then be moved swiftly has informed her employer towards your breast and allowed to latch on. feeding patterns vary enormously. The accordingly. Lactation breaks are breaks Sometimes a gentle brush of baby’s lower feeds may be very frequent and quite long taken to express milk or breastfeed babies. lip with your nipple may encourage her to at first, particularly in the first few weeks. These breaks are essential if a mother is to open her mouth wide. Always move your This is quite normal. If you feed your baby maintain her supply and comfort during baby to the breast rather than moving the whenever they seem to be hungry, you will working hours. breast to the baby. The baby should come produce enough milk to meet his/her onto the breast at an angle so that your needs. This is because every time the baby Expressing Breast Milk nipple points towards the roof of her mouth. feeds, messages are sent to your breast to The expression of breast milk may be an The easiest way to remember this is: produce more milk. option you choose to ensure that your baby k Tummy to mummy A very important note about continues to receive the benefits of breast k Nipple to nose breastfeeding is that if your new baby feeds milk even on your return to work. There are k Baby to breast a lot, particularly in the first few weeks when three main methods of expressing: maternity 83
  9. 9. BABY TALK BREASTFEEDING Breastfeeding is the best method of infant feeding for you and your baby. If you experience any kind of difficulties when you start breastfeeding, seek professional assistance as soon as possible. He/she will be more than happy to advise you on how to successfully establish a mutually rewarding feeding pattern and will know that you and your baby will benefit enormously from doing so. Lorraine O’Hagan and Denise McGuinness are Clinical Midwife Specialists in Lactation at the National Maternity Hospital. Getting Help Breastfeeding clinics, hospital support & advice National Maternity Hospital Breastfeeding support service: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10am-12.30pm by appointment, Tel: (01) 637 3251. Antenatal breastfeeding skills workshop are held on the first Friday of the month, 12.45pm- 1.45pm and on the third Tuesday of the month, 6pm-7pm. No appointment necessary. A breastfeeding support phoneline operates from Monday to Friday, from 8.30am-3.30pm, Tel: (01) 637 3100. “Breastfeeding is the best method of Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital infant feeding for you and your baby” For information, call (01) 408 5761. k by hand straightaway; this can be kept in the ice The Rotunda Hospital k by hand pump section of a fridge for one week and a freezer Breastfeeding support group meets k by electric pump for up to three months. Thursday, 11.30am-12.30pm. You should call You should discuss all of the above When defrosting expressed breast milk you in advance to book a place, (01) 873 0700. options with your midwife. Regardless of should do so slowly, in a fridge or at room Lactation midwives available to take calls which method you choose, it is vital that you temperature. Defrosted milk can be stored in from Monday to Friday, 8.00am-3.30pm. maintain strict hand hygiene and all a fridge but must be used within 24 hours. It is equipment for pumping and storage is important to note that once milk has been University College Hospital Galway washed and sterilised before use. When warmed to room temperature it must be used 24-hour breastfeeding helpline, call storing breast milk you must ensure that it is or discarded. It may be useful to keep this in (091) 544 210. placed in a sterile container with an airtight mind so you only warm the amount you think seal with the date and time of expression you are going to use. It is vital that you never Cork University Maternity Hospital recorded. Refrigerated (2-4oC) breast milk refreeze breast milk. Microwaves are not Noreen Connolly, Breastfeeding can be kept for three to five days, ensuring suitable for thawing breast milk as they may Co-ordinator; Rebecca O’Donovan, that you do not place the milk in the fridge cause uneven temperatures, which place the Lactation Consultant, 087 662 3874; door where the temperature varies. You baby at risk of burns. Once the expressed 087 050 6928. should freeze any expressed breast milk breast milk is defrosted and at room you do not intend to use within 24 hours temperature, you are ready to feed. 84 maternity