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Fashion - Key Autumn/Winter Trends


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The top trends for the autumn/winter season 2009

Published in: Lifestyle, Business
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Fashion - Key Autumn/Winter Trends

  1. 1. Money | news STRUCTURE b60 YOUR LIFE Dress, Dorothy Perkins. b60 Wrap Dress, Dorothy Perkins. Dress b75, Tights b10, Bag b156, Warehouse. b95 Jacket, M&S. Break out the shoulder pads, because power b78.50 dressing is back with a vengeance. It’s all about GREAT VALUE! Dress, structured, clean lines this season so make sure b21 From b3 River Island. Dress, Bangles, your clothes match your attitude – confident! Penneys. F&F at Tesco. Dress, b70, Jacket, b86, Gloves, b25, Boots, b75, Wallis. LEATHER UP! Forget rigid, box shapes, this season’s leather is soft, b27 Chain collar, feminine and super sexy. Dorothy Perkins. b46 Skirt, Wallis. b180 Jacket, Wallis. b11 Gloves, Penneys. b10 F&F Purses, Tesco. GREAT VALUE! Dress, b53, Necklace, b23, Clutch bag, b31, Wallis.
  2. 2. fashion | Living Elaborate Embellishments More is definitely more this season! Steer away from simplicity; go for gold brocades, embroidery, big brooches and chunky, chunky jewellery. BLOKE'S CORNER Wow ‘em like you’re on Wall Street. Next’s new (and b45 Tunic, very affordable) autumn/ Dorothy Perkins. winter range is a fantastic collection of well-tailored suits, sharp shirts and ties for b52 all occasions. Necklace, Wallis. Shirt & tie set b24, Jacket b81, Next. b95 Dress, fashion Littlewoods. b20 Ring, Freedom at Topshop. NEWS ■ TIPS ■ ADVICE b20 Ring, Wallis. BY LAURA BURY Tip Off! dare if you Looking for that perfect dress? Then look no re further than COVET. The new boutique is a treasu trove of beautiful, one-off pieces – from vintage gems to high-end designer samples, including items from All the designers such as Roberto Cavalli and Valentino. pieces in-store are for hire, so you can be red carpet ready without racking up a bill on your credit card. Covet, Powerscourt Centre, South William Street, Dublin 2. Clutch b70, Boots b245, Dune. KNEE HIGH b185 THIGH HIGH b144 Office. Topshop. SHAKE YOUR BOOTIES ANKLE ght of an There are some items that must be thou investment and for autu mn/winter 09, boots are opt for PEEP TOE where to put your money. Whether you b190 ankle boots, shoe boo ts, flat boots or the very French Connection. b141 sure you b125 daring (but very in) thigh-highs make River Island. b117.50 River Island. Office. make that purchase ! OCTOBER 2009 | YOU & YOUR MONEY 65