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Kurt Garloff's opening keynote presentation

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Deutsche telekom

  1. 1. OpenStack at Deutsche Telekom’sBusinessMarketplaceUser Story – OpenStack Conf SF 2012-04-18December 15th 2011 – ConfidentialKurt Garloff, VP Engineering DBU Cloud Services, P&I, Deutsche Telekom Life is for sharing.
  2. 2. About this presentationAbout me •OpenStack - the Open Source Cloud OS? •Deutsche Telekom‘s BusinessMarketplace and use of OpenStack KVM Cygnus 2
  3. 3. Linux and Open Source success Then GNU project (1983) and the GPL (1989) Linux (1991) with a now famous email “Hello everybody out there using minix – …“ SLS, Yggdrasil, Slackware, SUSE, Debian, RedHat distributions Quick early technical progress (GNU userspace, non-i386, SMP, X11, ELF, …), books, conferences … 1998/9: Large players start to support (Oracle, IBM, SAP) Microsoft feels threatened (Halloween docs, later ads) … 2004: SCO litigation (against IBM, Novell, and others SW companies and customers) … 2011: World Domination?  Still growing quickly  Strong share for SmartPhones, Routers, Enterprise Servers, HPC, Cloud  Not: Classical Desktop, Tablets 3
  4. 4. Success factors ? Developers are Users  Making OpenStack more easily adoptable for Grassroots adoption small scale use? Project Leadership  Governance  Inviting community & great people  Inviting community & great people  Meritocracy  OpenStack Foundation  Few Forks  Design Summits Ecosystem  Ecosystem  Companies & Distributors  Quickly growing ecosystem  Modularity (e.g. Kernel modules)  Splitting components  Stability – upstream / distris  Interfaces  Compatibility (FHS/LSB/…)  Standards? Legal  Legal  License – GPL  Apache license  SCO  Not again!  OIN  Extend? Copy? 4
  5. 5. Deutsche TelekomSMB SaaS cloud:DT has also other cloud offerings: For enterprise customers via T-Systems (since 2005) For consumers Life is for sharing.
  6. 6. Analysis indicates major opportunity to support SMBs witha differentiated cloud “built, operated and secured byDeutsche Telekom”.Number of paid apps to be used by 2014  Targeting companies with 5-250 employees(among SMBs paying for at least one app)  Significant increase in on-line activities 25% 36% of SMBs to  Many already use basic cloud apps (e.g. 23% pay for 4+ apps. dropbox)  Legal compliance and Security remain major 16% concerns  Immediate interest in security, collaboration 9% 8% and new communications solutions 7% (VoD, Tele-presence etc.) 6% 6%  Major lack of “cloud awareness”  Affinity to DT (December perception audit) ≥  TelekomCloud as an eco-system and brand Number of paid applications Source: Microsoft SMB Cloud Adoption Study Dec. 2010 & DT’s own research analysis in Germany Dec .2011 6
  7. 7. The BusinessMarketplace makes finding, buying, managing andusing cloud-based business application easy and secure. Traditional Delivery Model Deutsche Telekom Delivery Model BusinessMarketplace Businesses Businesses Applications ApplicationsProblem SolutionSMBs must find, buy & use every application separately, Business can find, buy and use applications in a unifiedresulting in wasted time, high integration and ongoing IT environment , with single sign-on, centralized usermanagement costs management and consolidated billingISVs (software providers) and developers need to market to Application developers and ISVs can reach over 3millioneach business individually businesses through the BusinessMarketplace eco-system 7
  8. 8. Business Model & manage it 8
  9. 9. BusinessMarketplace…simplified usability and manageability. Application Marketplace  Application Listing  Application Sites  Community Application Manager  User & Role Management  Access Management  Subscription Management 9
  10. 10. Customer advantage Portal and applications run in secure Deutsche Telekom environment hosted in Germany (for german market) DT ensures service, 3rd party applications support and compliance secured and integrated for hosted/managed apps by Deutsche Telekom Curated Secure and marketplaceencrypted access to  Data protection applications and  Data privacy data  End-to-end service Easy access to new Compliance with German applications with one and EU regulations, data click privacy guaranteed Customer billing and Customer data handled in secure Deutsche Telekom financial data handled environment by DT within DT environment 10
  11. 11. Partner advantage: Easy-to-Partner program New go-to-market for partner products through TelekomCloud Business Marketplace Deutsche Telekom supports partners on Developer and their way into the Cloud integration support Stable, scalable and Partner brand secure cloud platformrecognized as Telekom for small and medium Cloud Partner businesses Trusted Cloud platform Access to Telekom Cloud made in Germany partner eco-system operated and supported Customer billing and by Deutsche Telekom financial data handled by Deutsche Telekom 11
  12. 12. Roadmap What When  Public announcement at CeBIT  CeBIT 2012 (Mar) (with 3 applications)   Launch partner program  Closed beta test  Ongoing  Build out large-scale infrastructure   Integration of partner applications  Ongoing  (technical, business, legal, support …)  Commercial launch  Summer 2012 (with more applications)  More applications  Winter 2012/13  Larger infrastructure  More countries  2012/13 12
  13. 13. and Life is for sharing.
  14. 14. Deutsche Telekom adopts OpenStack for consumer andSMB cloud production delivery platform. Open (source) alternative to other platforms (AWS etc.) “If cloud computing is the future, then understanding how to make Lower-cost production platform that future open is one of the great technology challenges of our day. Rackspace and NASA are taking an Large-scale architecture amazing step towards my vision of an open cloud future.” Broad industry adoption and momentum – Tim OReilly, Documented API for developers and ISVs Faster partner on-boarding into TelekomCloud Specialist open source team established @ DT Complements production architectures @ T-Systems Portable to any of the >100 Deutsche Telekom data centers in Europe 14
  15. 15. Production architecture customers ISV App operator Customer Orches- interface: tration App App for catalogue, Platform App applications services App booking, and SSO… services IaaS (OpenStack) Opera- Billing, Compute, Network, Infra operator tions rev.share Storage support 15
  16. 16. OpenStack -- needs We need a good IaaS platform  Stable interfaces  Reliable / highly available services  Scalable  Blueprints / best practice for setup and operations We need a service/application orchestration layer  Partners? We need good engineers … We need good partnerships  Great community - in discussion with some people – more and more … 16
  17. 17. Thanks for your attention!Links: kurt.garloff@telekom.deLegalese: All trademarks in this slide deck are property of their respective owners. The views in this presentation are the view of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Deutsche Telekom. This presentation outlines a general direction and should not be relied upon in making a purchase decision. Life is for sharing. 17