Windows 8 faqs


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Get to know about the exclusive and special features of Windows 8 Operating system of Microsoft and also get to know the pros and cons of using the operating system.

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Windows 8 faqs

  1. 1. Computer Technical Support Any Time….Any Where!!!iGennie, one of world’s leading Online Computer tech Support isreadily available through the toll free number +1-855-512-4808. Just acall and computer issues get effectively resolved through remote techsupport. iGennie fosters an adept Technical Support team of MicrosoftCertified Technicians offering Online Computer Help, Dell and HP TechSupport, Windows Support, Computer Experts, XP Vista and Windows7 support, Email and Outlook Support, 24x7 tech support, Techsupport, Digital camera, On Phone Computer Support.Website: Free: +1-855-512-4808 iGennie Technical Services
  2. 2. Windows 8 FaqsiGennie Technical Services
  3. 3. Pro• Perfect combination of hardware, sleekly designed, quick and innovative• Massive security expansions• praise worthy battery life,• Boots faster• Grand touchCon• Start menu absent• Unbootable to the desktop• Requisite touchscreen / trackpad gestures/Touch Mouse• Modern UI might not please many• It won’t operate over some preceding CPUs iGennie Technical Services
  4. 4.  With the first glance that Microsoft allowed on its new OS, it by no means would seem as if it just the updates for Windows 7 rather it is designed with a complete new look and features. By no means does this new Windows OS resemble that of its predecessors. This new incarnation of Microsofts Windows 8 operating system is formulated to work around touch screens. Are you going quirky owing to the new revolutionary features Windows 8 upholds? We have discussed a few vital facts to make help you acquaint with Windows 8: Microsoft has fabricated this OS to effectively operate over tablets as well as traditional desktop or laptop styled PCs. iGennie Technical Services
  5. 5. To start with a quick Windows 8 review lets discuss thehome screen of Windows 8. The OS’s home screencomprises of enhanced, touchable panels whichresembles that of the live tiles visible on WindowsPhone 7. Here you can hit and swipe through to othertouch-supporting applications. Once youintervene, you’d be glad to re-find the similar user-friendly Windows interface displaying a task bar, filemanager, app icons—and all that you supposed weremissing. iGennie Technical Services
  6. 6. Windows 8 Home screen iGennie Technical Services
  7. 7. Swipe across to multitask: The start menu displays the basic fact-icons owing to time and unread e-mail counts. Just an upward swipe and the home screen and its tiles happen to surface. Users are also facilitated to multitask between open apps by a single finger stroke swiping across the left zone. But what would amaze you is when swiping in a new app, Windows 8 users are allowed to snap it adjacent to the app presently being operated. Hence, users can now view two apps simultaneously. iGennie Technical Services
  8. 8. Windows 8 style of operation Microsoft is expected to distribute some of its exclusiveapps across its own store through a tile named, "Store"present in the version of Windows 8. But there is yet to getany confirmation from Microsoft. Microsoft Windows 8 isfabricated with:  An exclusive app that helps in making use of HTML5 and JavaScript, exceptionally apt for a tablet.  For daily weather facts this OS incorporates a weather that displays five-day forecast.  A news reader app to display stories and thumbnail images via large and prominent rectangular panes.  Internet Explorer 10 offered with optimized touch. iGennie Technical Services
  9. 9.  Windows 8 can also be upgraded from Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista though there are limitations imposed therein. The users are recommended to run dual operating system if you wish to experience new system. By running a dual system data safety is ensured in case the new system happens to encounter a collapse. With partition freeware downloaded, the user can run dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 8. So, just wait for the new updates on Windows 8 release that would soon be declared from the Microsoft camp. iGennie Technical Services
  10. 10. iGennie Technical Services