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Czerniewicz oeb keynote 28 nov 2019

Keynote plenary 29 November 2019, OEB Conference, Berlin

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Czerniewicz oeb keynote 28 nov 2019

  1. 1. Responding to the “new normal” in Higher Education Laura Czerniewicz @czernie 29 November 2019
  2. 2. Technology as an unstoppable force
  3. 3. Confluence of forces Confluence of digitization, marketisation & datafication of HE While State funding is being reduced Student body much more diverse Inequality is growing Curriculum transformation (form & content)
  4. 4. Marketisation Exogenous marketisation - HE as a business opportunity UK universities now competing over a record amount of competitive revenue, making them some of the biggest businesses overall 2018 global investment Edtech $4.46 billion New forms of market-making (Komljenovic & Robertson 2016) Higher Education is Big Business 11 / 11/ 19 education-is-big-business/?
  5. 5. Unbundled services
  6. 6. Marketisation Exogenous marketisation - higher education behaves like a business The “platform university’
  7. 7. There’s effectively no choice. You go through every website saying “yes” because you can’t possibly read 50,000 pages of small print. But every time you say yes, you are submitting to a system which makes you manifestly unfree, it steals data from you every second of your life Zadie Smith 2019 ..our mind and psychic life have become the main raw material which digital capitalism aims at capturing and commodifying Achille Mbembe 2019 A new economic logic to predict and modify human behaviour as a means to produce revenue and market control Zuboff 2015
  8. 8. Surveillance capitalism in education Capturing & owning students’ work & selling it back to universities Tracking prospective students on college websites and targeted personalized engagement
  9. 9. Danger Dominant technological determinist discourse Profit making determining the HE agenda Surveillance capitalism infiltrating HE MatthewSleeperonUnsplash
  10. 10. Ad break
  11. 11. The “new normal” is not inevitable
  12. 12. Resist Research Regulate Reimagine
  13. 13. Resistance Resistance is about control and a refusal to cede power
  14. 14. National level resistance Wired 2016
  15. 15. Resisting market capture The South African White Paper for Post-School Education and Training … set out a vision of a transformed system which will enrich the economic, social and cultural lives of South Africa's people, promote social justice and overcome historical inequities. DHET 2013 South African National Plan for Post-school Education and training: 2019-2030 ….transformation, equity, and redress underpin the implementation of strategies in the Plan DHET 2019
  16. 16. Individual resistance HowWhy Privacy Ultra targeted ads Filter bubble Aggregation of data concentrates power, enables serious social damage Use alternatives Stop verbing the product Break the superconnections See and
  17. 17. Critical scholarship Harder as HE becomes a gig sector Research: interrogating the “new normal” Komljenovic, Naidoo, Oliver, Robertson, Selwyn, Williamson etc Thanks Shanali Govender 2019
  18. 18. Research Too much opinion too much misinformation not enough research
  19. 19. Robust research based on scholarly expertise framed by research ethics protocols quality controlled by peer review resourced by impartial funders All kinds of research needed I think people in this country have had enough of experts Michael Gove 2016
  20. 20. Longitudinal research Global research
  21. 21. Urgent need for more humanities, social science and education research
  22. 22. A research agenda Edtech policy / ecosystems Learning theory and machine learning Politics & economics of edtech Theorising ethics in edtech and AI The coloniality of edtech Digital & data literacies Epistemology, curriculum and edtech Old & new forms of digital inequalities Open education, the Commons & alternative imaginaries AdaptedfromNewresearchproblemsandagendasinlearning,mediaand technology:theeditors’wishlistLearningMediaandtechnology44:2 WilliamsonB:Potter,J;Enyon,R(2019)
  23. 23. Regulate Regulation as the allocation of values and resources
  24. 24. The rules of the game for platform companies and new economic models being hammered out now will set important precedents for HE
  25. 25. Technological systems and relationships always embedded in the social political systems from which they emerge Jackson 2019
  26. 26. Regulations to ameliorate harm In California chatbots have to clearly identify as artificial i.e. a software programme – rather than a human Three US cities have banned the use of facial recognition software (Current chatbot market $2,6 billion)
  27. 27. Regulations to enable inclusion
  28. 28. Institutional regulations Get a move on
  29. 29. Reimagining The imagination is about remaining human
  30. 30. Narratives of the future, data-futures-karima/,
  31. 31. Imagining the future The future cannot be predicted Futures studies Possible probable and preferred futures Anticipation studies The future is unknowable
  32. 32. Innovating alternative models (Yes, they do)
  33. 33. Grow a counternarrative Resist Research Regulate Reimagine Image:StaceyStent
  34. 34. Some references Ball, S & Youdell 2008 Hidden Privatisation in Public Education Education International https://www.right-to- Dundas, D (2019) Zadie Smith on fighting the algorithm: ‘If you are under 30, and you are able to think for yourself right now, God bless you’ 8 November if-you-are-under-30-and-you-are-able-to-think-for-yourself-right-now-god-bless-you.html Komljenovic J & Robertson S (2016) The dynamics of ‘market-making’ in higher education, Journal of Education Policy, Volume 31, 2016 - Issue 5 le Guin (2002) Ursula le Guin and the Importance of Imagination, Talk given at a meeting of Oregon Literary Arts in 2002 , Mbembe, A (2019) Thoughts on the planetary: An interview with Achille Mbembe the-planetary-an-interview-with-achille-mbembe/ 5 Sep 2019 Zuboff, S (2015)“Big other: surveillance capitalism and the prospects of an information civilization.” Journal of Information Technology 30.1 (2015): 75-89. Zuboff , S (2019) The age of surveillance capitalism: The fight for a human future at the new frontier of power. Profile Books,