Evaluation Question Five


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Evaluation Question Five

  1. 1. Plain and simple font is easyto read which means thatpeople can read what thename of our productioncompany is.The black writing is has ashade of grey, which makethe font writing look 3Deffect.Having the black writing, on the whitebackground makes that black writingstand out.
  2. 2. The white writing is has hada shaky effect applied to it,which then makes thewriting stand out from theblack background.During this section thesoundtrack is playingthroughout this is also joinedtogether with the sound ofcrows fighting around.The crows have connotationsof: death, darker side of lifeand hard music which links to‘Young Alt’ and ‘Scene Kids’.The shakey effect looksanimated, like an old fashionfilm. This is like what the‘Young Alt’ and ‘Scene Kids’.
  3. 3. This section starts to establish the films location thesoundtrack starts to change which then means thatpeople watching may get disorientated.The eerie music start to establish the feeling of beingin the middle of nowhere, nobody there to shout forhelp.The un-straight shots look like an budget indiemovie, just like what our ‘Scene Kids’ and ‘Young Alt’love.
  4. 4. This section shows that the barn may havesomething to do with the storyline and also manyshow it is a key part of the film.The dark shadow inside thebarn shows there may besomeone inside the barn justwaiting for something major tocome into the barn.The darkness inside the barn make people wonderwhat lurking inside the barn
  5. 5. The view the landscape from inside the barn shows that their is someone in the barn asthe camera angle is a point-of-view shot. It shown from someone aspect. This createseven more enigma, on top of the enigma that’s already been created.
  6. 6. These shots are include in our film before, half waythrough, at the end of the running sequence andalso at the end of the film before you hear the loudand scary screen.
  7. 7. This section is during therunning sequence.The running sequence is past paced editing, whichadds tension but also then builds on the tensionwhich has been created by the soundtrack and theother Foleys which we have created.The reason for having a young female as theprotagonist is because of the audience researchresults which stated they would be the best personfor this type of role.The Hand-held camerafootage creates an Indieeffect, which is great forthe tribes we haveselected.
  8. 8. This title appears at the end of the film and then isfollowed by replays of the flashbacks which areincluded in the running sequence.The title is also followed by a loud scream which mayor may not shock people who are viewing the film.