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  1. 1. A NATURE ADVENTURE: National Natural Parks in Colombia By: Laura Samanta Ariza Colombia is one of the richest countries in the world in biological and cultural diversity. This diversity is shown in many areas; those areas are preserved and have been classified as national natural parks and visiting natural parks is the reason why Colombia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. In Colombia, natural parks are located throughout the country and they offer climates, contexts, flora and fauna that vary according to their location with different environments such as: mountains, beaches, rainforest etc. The Tayrona National Natural Park is one of the most important parks in Colombia; that park is located in the Caribbean region in the Magdalena department near Santa Marta city along the north coast of Colombia that borders on the Caribbean Sea and the park has an area of 150 square kilometers. In the center of the park there is a place called ¨Pueblito¨ and the Tayrona civilization lived there for many years in Pre-Columbian times. Park is at the foot of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and these beaches are the preferred and recommended sites by visitors. Another natural park that has a different environment is National Natural El Cocuy Park; this park is located in eastern Colombia, in the departments of Boyacá, Casanare, and Arauca where the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy is the main attraction because it has the largest glacier in Colombia. In this park you can find many waterfalls where you can swim. It is possible to walk to many of the places that make up the Sierra such as Plaza and Grande de la Sierra Lakes, Púlpitos Del Diablo Rock, and Pan de Azúcar Glacier. In this park there are beautiful snow landscapes. The best attraction of the park is the area of Cañaveral in which there are very beautiful beaches and many foreigners come to visit the park to rest and enjoy different natural activities. The currents in that sea are dangerous because they are strong and when entering to sea precautions must be taken. In this natural park you can find places to do hiking such as Cabo San Juan, this place offers a beautiful landscape. The Tayrona the park there are Park has one of the best beaches In in Colombia. Besides, Tayrona communities who come from the highlands and lowlands where they can cultivate and work. There is also an Aboriginal community called U’wa or Tunebos, they are inside the park and are dedicated to the farming and fishing. They are protected by the state and the park is their home. This park has many environmental problems because it is affected by the warming. What I mean to say with this is Cocuy is in danger because the glacier is disappearing and the park is very important for our country because is one of the icons of Colombia for its rich biodiversity, its water reserve, species and beautiful landscape, so we must try to protect it. Colombia had a large biodiversity that includes all climates and infinite cultures that surprise by their historical legacy. I invite you to meet Colombia and visit the natural parks because those have different environments that may be the most beautiful you've ever seen.
  2. 2. SOME UNUSUAL PLACES IN COLOMBIA By: Daniela Aguilar Colombia is a beautiful country with wonderful places. Some of them are more common or better known than other. And in these places that aren´t so known, we could find a lot of interesting stuff. Some of theirs are 3 unusual places: Chaparral, Caño Cristales and San Bernardo. The first one is Caño Cristales. This place is a river characterized by the amazing colors that can produce. When you see the water in the landscape, you can see different colors like red, yellow, green, blue, black and other colors that you can never imagine!. These colors sensation has been generated by fresh water algae of different colors that are in to the river. Caño Cristales is located in the Sierra de la Macarena in Meta. The second place is Chaparral. In this municipality of Tolima, you can find amazing big caves. It is a perfect place to practice caving because there are caves with many floors, so in some cases you must craw on the water because there are places very strait, and in other cases, it is necessary to climb big rocks to can log in in other spaces of the caves. Also, you can see stalactites and stalagmites, which are formations generated by the precipitation of water and other substances in the caves, during many years. And we can´t forget bats. There are a lot of these everywhere. The last one is San Bernardo. This place is a real mystery because for a many years, when after the people have died and time later the tombs have been opened some surprising things have happened. The corpses have become mummies. And these aren´t a few corpses, it has been a lot of corpses. Different hypothesis have been created to explain this phenomenon: the ground or the typical food that have been eaten for the community, like poor potato. But no one until this moment has explained clearly this phenomenon. And in San Bernardo you can find a museum about that and you could attend the exhumation and you could be witness about the next mummy. Each one of these sites have different characteristics: one of them has beautiful landscape, other is a really good place to practice extreme’s sports like caving, and the last one is a really unusual place because you can find mummies. These places are really interesting and you can do unusual activities or know unusual places and the most important, you don´t do the usual tourism.
  3. 3. MARIANA PAJON By: Laura Tatiana Reyes Cortes BMX is similar to motocross, but the stunts are done with the bicycle. This is an Olympic sport since “Pekin olympics games” in 2008. The athletes in this sport do jumps, turns in ramps and obstacles. In Colombia the best example of BMX is MARIANA PAJON, a girl of only 22 who has a great career as an athlete. Mariana is called “Queen of BMX”. She was born in MedellinColombia on October 10, 1991. Her family is athlete; her father and her brother are automobile broker. Mariana started her career at age 4 and at age 9 she was "The world champion". She has participated in many championships globally in Australia, China, Canada, Brazil, EE.UU, Argentina, Francia, Peru and many more countries. She has shown a high performance, she is a great opponent. Mariana's most important trophy was in 2012 at the Olympic Games in Londres. She competed with more than 98 opponents, and she managed to win the gold medal having perseverance and discipline. Her family described as girl tender, shy, sweet, feminine, with self-improvement. She wants to be a doctor but now she is dedicated to her training in "The school of champions Medellin” accompanied by fellow colombians and foreign. In conclusion, Mariana Pajon is a great colombian athlete. She trains physically and mentally. She says a famous phrase: “First I win with head and after I pedal”. She is a very young person with great charisma. She holds a great career with the support of her family and colleagues.
  4. 4. Colombian Art By: Angela Liliana Lagos and Angelica Pardo One of the attractive aspects in the Colombian history is that it has a lot of artist, internationally recognized by innovation works and unique style. In this article we are going to talk about some contemporaneous artist of the twentieth century. The first one is Edgar Negret, Colombian sculptor. He was born on October 11th 1920 in Popayan city. He studied at the Escuela de Bellas Artes in the city of Cali – Colombia in 1938. His works used iron, aluminum, pottery, gypsum nut and screw but. He prefers to use aluminum for his works. His styles of the works are geometric abstract sculpture. His sculptures has been exhibited in the most famous museum of the cities New York, Mexico, Madrid, Caracas. In Colombia we find the sculpture in the most important square of the city Medellin, Bogotá and Cali. In San Victorino Square (Bogotá) we find the butterfly sculpture that is a symbol of the informal shops in Bogotá. He died in Bogota city on October 11th 2012. Omar Rayo was a painter, engraver and sculptor. He was born in Roldanillo Valle del Cauca, on January 20th of 1928 and died on June 7th of 2010. In 1981 Rayo established the museum of Latin American Art and Engraving in Roldanillo. It presents two thousands paintings and engraving of Rayo. The museum exhibit different works of other Colombian artists too. Rayo’s works was developed in geometric figure, but it isn’t abstract art. In his original style with geometric-optical art was based on squares, rectangles and zig-zag lines and he expressed with white, black and red. He exposed in more than 200 countries, some of them are Japan, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Norway, France, Spain, Italy, United States, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil and China. Some of his paintings and sculptures were donated to the country, and you find it in Bogota, Pereira and Valle del Cauca. His most painting recognized is on the walls building “Banco Popular” on the corner of 19 street and Caracas avenue.
  5. 5. Colombian Art By: Angela Liliana Lagos and Angelica Pardo Another artist is Alejandro Obregon is colombo-spaniard painter. He was born on June 4th of 1920 in Barcelona Spain, his father is a Colombian citizen and his mother is Catalonian citizen. His paintings have show form and figure as many colors and romantic style. His fascination by the Colombian nature, He has showed in his painting the animals and the landscape of the Colombian culture. The condor has been the most recurring symbol. Alejandro died in Cartagena on April 11th 1992. Other important Colombian artist is Fernando Botero. He is a painter, sculptor and drawer. He was born in Medellin, Antioquia on April 19th of 1932. The Botero´s Museum is in Bogota, neighborhood La Candelaria. It was founded in 2000. This museum has more than 150 paintings, drawings and sculptures made by Botero. He donated some of his personal collection to Bogota and Medellin. Some of his sculptures are in the Botero´s Park in front of the Antioquia museum in Medellin. His works are recognized because he always used fat human figure. His works represent daily life of people, their feeling, pains, relationship, cultures and addictions. He painted a lot of other recognized painting, like The Monalisa and Las Meninas, but always using his fat style. Finally David Manzur, Colombian painter. He was born on December 14th of 1929 in Neira, Caldas. His paintings showed the human body, portraits and naked, that represent some drama. He has participated in some individual and collective art exhibition. The famous mural monumentally we find in the Miami city, Bogota city and Cali city. Actually He lives in Mosquera town, and he continues painting. In conclusion, Colombia has a lot of recognized artist, they`ve contributed to beautify the country, with his sculptors and paintings, and they’ve shown the Colombian’s culture and traditions. We invite you to see works and visit the different cities in Colombian where the artist exhibit in the museum, square, galleries and parks.
  6. 6. BETWEEN FAIRS AND CARNIVALS By Silvia Aponte Our roots are diverse because our ancestors are Indians, Spanish, Moorish and African and from this combination was Colombian culture born. In this paper I will talk about two very important festivals in Colombia. I will show you two regions of the country and I will show their dances, instruments and costumes. Barranquilla’s Carnival Barranquilla’s carnival is the folk and cultural festival most important of Colombia and the second carnival of the world after Rio de Janeiro’s carnival. This city is visited by a million people per year. This carnival is a cultural event in which are represented every cultures and folk of the Caribbean coast, also popular music and dance. For its variety and cultural richness, Barranquilla’s festival was obtained two important recognitions: Cultural heritage of the nation and Masterpiece of Oral and intangible of Humanity. A fun form of participating in this festival is to get a bull, tiger or bear mask. You would dance behind the floats and troupes, you can’t lose the great stop parades, there different traditional folk groups are presented. In this carnival there that sleep a little because you need rest and you can go to the Joselito’s funeral, which fortunately does not die forever but every year. This festival is celebrated in February or March but it’s announced since January 20th. different towns. The legend says that Spain gave freedom to black people in 1807 then people went to the streets to dance and they painted the walls of black. With time this party became a Carnival, where people change their roles: black people are become in white people and the contrary. One very funny aspect is to look the Castañeda’s family with their house above kitchenware, Black and White’s Carnival The carnival was declared clothes, etc. This tradition was cultural heritage of nation in born in 1928 with the arrival of 2002, its celebrated every year in the peasant family to Pasto. Pasto, a city located in south of Colombia, attracting a large Every year in these cities, numbers of tourists from all over making these festivals in the country and foreign. Pasto testimony of tradition has been known as the meeting folk-cultural of our regions, point of intersection of roads of contributing of the construction of Colombian nationality and have become pillars of Colombian identity in any part of the World. Be sure about that you ask large vacations so you can enjoy these beautiful festivals. I hope you attend!.
  7. 7. The Christmas in Colombia By: Gabriel Osorio The Christmas is celebrated around world in a lot of interesting ways, but in Colombia you can find out some that have done it special, since you can combine the Christmas spirit and religious vocation of Colombian people with beautiful places decorated for the season without forgetting the dishes’ diversity. On day they usually light candles and lamps around of the streets. It continues with the “novena” where people have nine days to meet in family in from of a crib and to pray to god. While days pass, these customs help people to dedicate time to fraternize and improve familiar’s links. The Christmas environment in Consequently the Colombian Colombia is given by cultural Christmas is a part of the customs of the people. New and Colombian people culture. old customs are linked always in a very festive and religious Besides of the Christmas atmosphere. It begins all with environment, Colombia has a the candle day where people bunch of places where you can celebrate the Immaculate have an excellent Christmas. Conception of the Virgin Mary. Each place has a unique characteristic that make it special. Furthermore, a lot of money has been invested by cities to invite the tourists to pass the Christmas. The cities are decorated with lights and they put Christmas decoration everywhere. Also, the cities have events like great “novenas”, walks, concerts etc… As a result there are a lot of reasons to choose a Colombian city to enjoy Christmas. tastes. Clearly Colombia is a multicultural country therefore it has a lot of foods to give. For the “novenas” the Colombian people get used to eat Doughnuts, cookies, dessert, snacks, custard and a variety of candies. They also afford to have a great Christmas Eve dinner, their main dishes depend on city, but most well-known plates are Ajiaco in Bogotá, Frijolada in Medellín and others like Tamal and Sancocho. In brief in this With each city there is a list of country there are a bunch of the different foods to try dishes to try in Christmas. because Christmas is received by Colombians’ homes with a lot of In conclusion Colombia is an excellent place to experiment the Christmas season because in this site there are cities decorates beautifully with several good customs like “novenas” where you can try delicious dishes.
  8. 8. Places to go sightseeing in Colombia By: Jony Zambrano Colombia is a great country that has several beautiful places known for their close relation with the nature and polite people who stay there. Each place is characterized by a group of cultural features that are very interesting. All of these will make a tourist feel welcomed and happy. practice watersports, go to the beach and practice diving. This magic island is one of the most popular places to do sightseeing and ecotourism. Another beautiful place that every tourist has to visit is Barranquilla. This city is located in the Caribbean zone of the country and is the place where a lot of Colombians and people of the entire world celebrate the Barranquilla’s carnival. This carnival is the most important carnival in Colombia and is one of the biggest in the world, after the Rio’s carnival (, 2008). The celebration lasts 4 days and shows a collection of the cultures in the Caribbean zone through music, dance and happiness. Some recommended places for tourism are San Andres, Santa Marta, Cali and Santander. The first one, San Andres is an island located near the continental coast of Colombia. This place has a great history, the Spanish, English people and the pirates influenced the culture of the place that the island. This place is perfect to Another Colombian people like is Cali. Known as “la sucursal del cielo “ is a city with great places for the tourism, downtown is characterized by its theaters and a lot of ancient places that represent the history of this city and are a big attraction for the people , these places are ideal for (2008). the cultural enrichment of any person. The zoo and the museum of modern art “la tertulia” are the most popular places to visit in this area. The Cali’s fair is the most important event in the city, this fair is celebrated from December 25 to December 30, in this fair the people do a lot of interesting activities among which are the taurine fair , the beauty contest and the Superconcierto. This is a great event full of dance and happiness. Finally, if you want to visit one of the Colombian marvels you have to go to the canyon of Chicamocha in Santander, is an spectacular marvel where you can experience some extraordinary moments. As can see in the text, Colombia has a lot different places that make it unique, its a good idea go and visit this place because its worth it and can be a wonderful experience.
  9. 9. THE MOST IMPORT PLACES IN COLOMBIA FOR PRACTICE EXTREME SPORTS By: Marlly Tovar Have you ever practiced extreme sports? To practice sports in Colombia is very easy and cheap; people find a lot of Exotic Destinations and paradisiacal landscapes that can’t be found in other countries. So in Colombia you can practice different sports and enjoy the experience that lives in Colombia. Some of these places and cities are Santander, Cundinamarca, and Bucaramanga, and now I will explain which sports that you can do in these cities. Rafting The most popular extreme sport in Colombia. You can explore and know well Santander. The adrenalin lovers can try the force of the many rivers close to Santander. The average rafting trip in Sangil takes about one hour, guided by experts in Extreme Sports in Santander who give important tips and guide you to enjoy the landscape of water, sprinkled with waterfalls, turbulent water and stuff like that. experience is amazing Also, In this park you can practice extreme sports like rafting in the Chicamocha river and canopy. Fly over sky and enjoy paragliding you can do this activity near to Bucaramanga (10 minutes by car) in the road to Florida Blanca. There is a place called "Alto de las aguilas". The Enjoy Horseback Riding and have a pleasant trip accompanied by animals. Not really considered an Extreme Sports in Colombia, for some time it has become very popular in Cundinamarca, tourists can become passionate about the history, culture and biodiversity Riding along extensive trails and fills your lungs with pure air of the region accompanied by the family. The Horseback Riding is an activity for children, youth and adults. If you are inexperienced, you can find and horseback riding lessons and guided tours that make the routes more enjoyable and safe. Finally if you want to travels don’t forget do these activities in Colombia. I suggest enjoying their biological diversity and climate makes it a sport become a spectacle, and unforgettable experience for your life.
  10. 10. COLOMBIAN CULTURE FESTIVALS By: Lady Caterine Rojas Vanegas In Colombia there are different Kinds of festival, some of the most interesting ones, are the culture festivals. In this article you will find short information and facts about some of the most important festivals in Colombia, which are: International film festival of Cartagena: Held in March at Cartagena city this is located in the caribean coast of Colombia. Cartagena is called La Heroica and for foreign people is one of the most beautiful city in South America. The festival was founded in 1960 by Victor Nieto and its purpose is show the different movies and tv programs in Latin-America. Like in Oscar awards there are a man-shaped statuette, in International film festival of Cartagena there are a woman-shaped statuette, this figure is a tribute to an Indian called Catalina. Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogota: Held in April every each year, was founded by Fanny Mickey who is the Icon of the Colombian theater. This festival is recognized as the largest of the world for the number of companies and groups who participated, in just three weeks, more than 500 plays of more than 50 different countries are presented. Bogota International Book Fair: Held in April of every year, this fair is the largest and most important fair of this type in all latin America, with more than 500.000 visitors of the region. Every year there is a different guest country who has the most important place in the fair, some literature novels prize had been in the fair as special guest. As you have seen, if you visit Colombia you can find different festivals, these three are the most important and recognized of all, but , without doubt you will find more amazing and interesting fairs, festivals and events around the country, because remember the only risk in Colombia, is that you want to stay…