LPC Getting Started for Team Members


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LPC Getting Started for Team Members

  1. 1. Getting Started Step-by-Step Guide For Team Members
  2. 2. Welcome to LaunchPad Central! We are delighted that you are starting your Customer Development journey with us! These guidelines are meant to lead you through the basic functionalities of LPC to get you started. Enjoy the ride!
  3. 3. Leaderboard This is the first page you’ll come across in LPC. It shows the progress of all teams in your cohort.
  4. 4. First Step Let’s start by updating your Profile and showing how awesome you are to the rest of the world!
  5. 5. 1. Click on Team Name
  6. 6. 2. Click PROFILE
  7. 7. 3. Edit Profiles
  8. 8. 4. Define Market Type and Size
  9. 9. Second Step Now it’s time to take a look at your Business Model Canvas.
  10. 10. The Business Model Canvas This is what your canvas may look like once populated:
  11. 11. The Business Model Canvas You can add a Hypothesis:
  12. 12. The Business Model Canvas You can see all activity related to section of Canvas:
  13. 13. The Business Model Canvas You can refer back to Videos:
  14. 14. The Business Model Canvas See Assumptions Feedback at a glance:
  15. 15. The Business Model Canvas See all Playbook videos at a glance:
  16. 16. Third Step Now let’s move onto the Discovery Narrative.
  17. 17. Discovery Narrative Here you can view your interviews and engagements, organized by week.
  18. 18. Fourth Step Now take a look at Contacts.
  19. 19. Contacts Any contact you add through your interviews are automatically saved to Contacts.
  20. 20. Last Step Last but not least, the ADD button will allow you to add anything!
  21. 21. Add Button You can add a: • Customer Interview • Business Model Hypothesis • Mentor Engagement • Instructor Engagement • Team Presentation
  22. 22. Going Forward Now that you know the basic functions on LPC, your next step is to actually start adding to the Canvas! Next Stop: Add Hypothesis For a more detailed description of functions, refer to our Documentation. For any questions you may have in the future: • refer to our Knowledge Base • email us at support@launchpadcentral.com