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Nfc Readers: NFC System Now Available in Android Phones


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Nfc Readers: NFC System Now Available in Android Phones

  1. 1. Nfc Readers: NFC System Now Available in Android PhonesNfc Task Launcher 101 Nowadays, it is possible to indentify or track a person, animal, or object using a state of theart technology of radio frequency identification or RFID. A person with a RFID chip forinstance can be identified or traced since the chip contains the information of the personwhich is automatically read by a RFID reader.Uses of RFIDRight now, RFID technology has been applied to numerous industries since tracking andidentification are important actions in controlling inventories and assets of the businesses.For example, RFID tags are used in mobile phone production. Workers can easily follow theprogress of the devices by simply scanning the items. Meanwhile, farmers also rely on thetechnology to manage their farm animals effectively. By inserting tags in their livestock, theycan identify and track each animal with ease. To give a concrete example, farmers insertRFID tags to their farm animals. Using the technology, they can easily locate the animalsready for breeding since the tag contains information of the animal.RFID system is also applied in transfer of payment electronically. Mobile phones equippedwith RFID chip can be used to pay for items electronically while the device can also be usedas an RFID reader. The chip inside these devices contains your bank account information soyou can use your phone to pay for items in the same manner as you would use your creditcard. Of course, since the RFID chip contains your sensitive information, security featuresare added to the system for safe transactions.RFID Technology TodayNowadays, you can use the technology even to track or identify minimum number of items orin a small scale at a fraction of the cost. The technology is very affordable, a tag can costsfrom 5 cents to a hundred dollars depending on the design. RFID tags are now available forpets to allow owners easy tracking of the animals. A pet that is tagged can be identifiedeasily using a RFID reader. If for instance, you pet can ran away, a person who picked yourpet can identify the owner and address using a scanner like the USB RFID reader which isavailable universally.MoreSmart phones today are no longer simple devices for communication; these state of the artphones are now used for commerce too. Gone are the days when we only rely on our mobilephones to communicate with our families or friends. Today, some smart phones can be usedto pay for our bills, gather information from other devices, and even socialize with otherpeople. This trend is made possible by NFC enabled smart phones which allow users toutilize their devices other than calling or texting a friend.What is NFC and how it Works
  2. 2. Near Field Communication or NFC is a system that allows you to communicate or gatherdata using the electromagnetic radio fields emitted by NFC enabled devices. The technologyis akin to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi since NFC also allows a user to acquire or transfer datawirelessly. It can also be likened to RFID since it is also a wireless transfer ofcommunication. However NFC devices as to be within proximity in order to allow exchange ofinformation.Communication or sharing of information is achieved in two ways?passive and active.Passive enabled devices only store information for other NFC enabled devices to read. Forexample, a magazine with a tag may contain additional information which you may read ifyou scan the code using your NFC enabled device.The other type is active which are electronic devices which can extract information from apassive NFC. In the scenario presented above, the active device with NFC is the smartphone used to scan the barcode in the magazine. You can use your phone to readinformation on passive tags and you can even share or alter the information if such action isallowed.http://verifinc.comNFC Technology on Android DevicesAndroid users can now enjoy the NFC technology because the platform allows NFC data tobe acquired and shared.Right now there are select android phones from Samsung, LG, HTC, and Sony that areequipped with NFC so owners can use their phones to pay for stuff. It is now possible to readpassive tags using your phone. The NFC equipped phones now work as a scanner. You canalso download a third party app that would turn your android phone into a barcode scannerso you can get additional data and even pair your device with other phones.