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Mobile apps and Mobile websites for small business.

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Go mobile stats slides

  1. 1. The BIGGEST Opportunity InMobile & Local BusinessMarketing… EVER!With: Jerry Foster
  2. 2. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsMOBILE FACTS AND FIGURES
  3. 3. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsMobile searches for restaurants have a 90% conversion rate,64% within the hour! (Telemetrics, 2012)Mobile Commerce & Mobile MarketingOf the 8 Billion people in the world, over 6 Billion aremobile phone users! (TNS Global, 2012)By 2014 mobile Internet is predicted to over take desktopInternet usage (Microsoft Tag, 2012)Mobile Internet use/web traffic is up 202% in the last year!(Mobile Report, 2012)4 out of 5 Smartphones users (86 Million U.S. users) usetheir Smartphone to Shop! (comScore, 2012)30% of all Smartphone users who use their mobile device toshop have incomes $100,000 or greater (comScore, 2012)Mobile Is DominatingBy 2016, Smartphones will influence $689 Billion (19%) ofall retail store sales! (Deloitte, 2012)
  4. 4. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfits25% of Smartphone users say they have purchasedsomething on their MOBILE devices in the past week! (WaveCollapse, 2012)Mobile Commerce & Mobile MarketingMOBILE Ad Spending with reach $7.4 Billion by 2017!(Juniper Research, 2012)MOBILE payments worldwide will surpass $171 Billion in2012 up 62% in one year! (Gartner, 2012)MOBILE search will generate 27.8 Billion more queries thandesktop searches by 2016! (BIA Kelsey Report, 2012)47% of ALL consumers confirm they use their mobile deviceto search for local information! (e-Tailing Group, 2012)18% of consumers have redeemed a MOBILE coupon in thepast 90 days! (JiWire, 2012)Mobile Is Dominating57% of consumers won‟t recommend a business with apoorly designed MOBILE site, 40% immediately go to acompetitor‟s site after a bad MOBILE experience!(Compuware, 2012)
  5. 5. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsAPPS VS. MOBILE SITESYour Success Is Our MissionIt is the power of the local searches and the searchengines that require a solid mobile website presence!Mobile Apps are the perfect mobile marketingtool to nurture customer relationships, increasecustomer loyalty, and communicate with acustomer-base!Mobile websites are the natural first-step in a mobilemarketing campaign in order to increase prospect leadsand turn them into paying customers!
  6. 6. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsRANKING MATTERSYour Success Is Our MissionBeing in the top 3 is critically important for today‟sbusiness owner!93% of all buying decisions start with an onlinesearch!The first 3 ranked positions in a search receive62.66% of all click-through traffic!
  7. 7. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsTHE MOBILITY FACTORYour Success Is Our MissionOver 60% of all local searches are now done on amobile device!Today‟s consumer is “un-tethered” and wants theirinformation “on the go!”Searches on mobile devices have grown 500% in thepast 2 years!
  8. 8. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsCRITICAL 1ST IMPRESSIONYour Success Is Our MissionAmazingly, over 90% of today‟s websites are NOTmobile optimized!In a recent survey, 40% of mobile users turnedimmediately to a competitor‟s website if theyhad a bad mobile experience on another!“Can I help you?” 73% of mobile-powered shoppersprefer to access a mobile website rather thanreceive assistance from a retail clerk!
  9. 9. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsKEYWORDS „R‟ KINGYour Success Is Our MissionRanking for the popular keywords is more importantthan ever and takes continual, on-going effortmonth after month!“Non-Specific” terms now make up a majorityof Local Searches featuring categories andkeywords!This is referred to as “Yellow Page Behavior” asopposed to “White Page Behavior”
  10. 10. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsDOMINATING LOCALYour Success Is Our MissionA powerful “TRIPLE THREAT” mobile onlinepresence is a huge competitive advantage in thismobile world we live in today!Capturing the mobile consumer‟s attentionsimply leads to higher revenues and profits!Mobile consumers search, review, and they takeaction!
  11. 11. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsCUSTOM GOMOBILE WEBSITESHere is the Section Header