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Gluecon 2015 Recap


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Highlights of Gluecon 2015, including: Microservices, Waterscrumfall, IoT, Docker, APIs, and Lambda computing

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Gluecon 2015 Recap

  1. 1. GlueCon  2015  Recap   James  Higginbotham   API  Architect   @launchany  
  2. 2. IoT  
  3. 3. IoT  IoRB  -­‐  Internet  of  Root  Beer  
  4. 4. APIs,  IoT,  Microservices,  Docker  
  5. 5. 1.  SoKware  Architecture  EvoluNon   u  Client/server  (client/database)   u  3-­‐Tier  (client/middleware/database)   u  Decoupled  monolithic  services  (SOA)     u  Microservices    
  6. 6. Gartner  Hype  Cycle   "Microservices  exist  on  all  points  of  the  hype   cycle  simultaneously"  -­‐  @johnsheehan  
  7. 7. EvoluNon  to  Microservices   Great  definiNon:   “Loosely  coupled  service-­‐oriented  architecture   with  bounded  contexts”       “Monolithic  apps  have  invisible  internal   complexity.  Microservices  expose  that   [complexity]  as  explicit  micro  service   dependencies.”   -­‐  @adrianco    
  8. 8. Event-­‐Driven  is  Back   u  Many  talks  on  event-­‐driven  architecture   u  Microservices  increasing  adopNon   u  Proposal  to  use  webhooks  for  customer   support  was  interesNng  
  9. 9. 2.  Technology  FragmentaNon   u  "When  everyone  has  to  be  an  expert  in   everything,  that  doesn't  scale.”  -­‐  @dberkholz  
  10. 10. 3.  “Waterscrumfall”  
  11. 11. 4.  Managing  Complexity   "Rapid  provisioning  is  necessary  for  breaking  out  of   the  waterscrumfall."     "Containers,  automaNon,  and  cluster  management   can  help  get  you  out  of  the  #waterscrumfall"     -­‐  @sramji  @cloudfoundry     We  need  to  move  to  managed  complexity.  It's   about  negoNated  interfaces,  strict  boundaries,   share  nothing!  (microservices)  
  12. 12. 5.  AWS  Lambda  Interest  Growing   "From  #virtualizaNon  to  #containers  to  #lambda;   we're  heading  in  the  right  direcNon.”     “Lambda  is  a  step  toward  the  ulNmate  dream-­‐-­‐a   deploy  fast  enough  [the  deploy  can]  be  invoked   at  call  Nme”     -­‐  @mitchellh    @hashicorp    
  13. 13. Thanks  Ya’ll   James  Higginbotham   hip://     @launchany     APIs,  Microservices,  and  Docker  on  Raspberry  Pi:   hips://­‐docker-­‐ microservice-­‐demo