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  1. 1. Observatorio Inverco and evercom reportDo journalists care about asset management companies information? FOUR OUT OF TEN JOURNALISTS FOLLOW THE INFORMATION OF ASSET MANAGERS AND FINANCIAL ENTITIES IN BLOGS AND SOCIAL NETWORKS Approximately 7 out of 10 journalists specialised in financial information consider that media should assign more space to investment funds The content that journalist most appreciate from asset managers is firstly market comments, secondly product information and thirdly product and corporate strategy information. In a 2.0 environment, journalists suggest asset managers: to be active and fast with current affair comments and to talk about their strategies based on the context.Madrid, July 2011. At present, 4 out of 10 journalists specialised in financial information follow assetmanagers and financial entities in blogs and social networks, according to a survey developed byevercom and Observatorio Inverco to economy and financial press (national and local), radio, TV,and specialised webs. Nevertheless, the presence of asset managers is not so active according to thepeople consulted.In the first report “Do journalists care about asset management companies information?”,elaborated by the financial division of the communications consultancy evercom, financial journalistshave been asked about what and which type of content they demand to asset managers.According to the study, 64% of journalists, more than 6 out of 10, consider that more space should beassign to investment funds information. Among the main reasons why funds actual prominence inmedia is little, a 36% of the people surveyed think that this information is particularly complex for theirpublic and that is oriented to a very specific sector. 1
  2. 2. Among the content that journalist most demand to asset managers, market comments remain in thefirst position, followed by the information related to products and corporate strategy.Concerning to the information in social networks and blogs, 36% of journalists state that they followasset managers and financial entities trough these channels. However, 33% assures that Spanish andforeign asset managers are little active. A 22% of the people surveyed consider that foreign ones havemore presence, though the majority of information is in English and is not adapted to the Spanishmarket. Just a 6% of Spanish asset managers use these tools to transmit their actions or marketvision.Likewise, financial media journalists and specialised webs are the most active in the search of onlineinformation about asset managers, while general press journalists prefer the information regardingfinancial entities.Investment funds online and offline challengeAccording to the results of the study elaborated by the financial division of the Communicationsconsultancy evercom, the main challenges for asset managers is to simplify their corporate andproduct information in order to avoid being considered as complex and just recommended tospecialised public. Therefore, they will be able to attract the attention of not specialised media.Asset managers will also have to be more didactic in their information and they need to adapt it to thedifferent types of media and public. In line with this, it is important that they are agile and accessibleand that they share those experts’ information that could be interesting for journalists.In a 2.0 environment, the asset managers’ challenges to reach financial journalists through their blogsand social networks are different. According to the suggestions of the people surveyed, assetmanagers need to be more active and fast when giving their market comments about current affairs.They also need to talk about the markets situation and the strategies that they are taking place.Moreover, daily updates should be focused on the Spanish situation, asset managers should answermore questions and individual managers’ presence should be enhanced in blogs.OBSERVATORIO INVERCOObservatorio Inverco is an initiative created by the Asociación de Instituciones de Inversión Colectiva with the aimof being an analysis and debate forum dedicated to the study of trends and the disclosure of the advantages ofthese conservative products. The objective of the Observatorio is to bring closer the collective investmentindustry and its products to the Spanish savers. Its principal mission is to contribute to a better investorunderstanding of the investment and pension funds industries in order to facilitate their decisions. 2
  3. 3. EVERCOMFounded in 1996, evercom has offices in Madrid and in Barcelona and is a member of the IPRN, one of theleading international networks of independent public relations companies with 50 associate agencies worldwide.Currently it works for more than 40 organisations, both companies and institutions, from all the sectors. What ismore, evercom has one of the highest loyalty ratios of the whole public relations consultants sector, according tothe last PR Scope 2009 drawn up by Grupo Consultores. www.evercom.esContacts:Rubén Pereiro 3