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To Do Checklist (Pre-Departure)


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A list of requirement you should do before your departure from your country

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To Do Checklist (Pre-Departure)

  1. 1. Welcome!
  2. 2. Before Departure –What Should I Do?,,PPIT TELLS YOU”
  3. 3. Pre-DepartureChecklistResidence permitTo NorwayPrepare my stuff(refer to File “Whatto Bring”)Buy Flight ticketto NorwayConfirm SiT Housing
  4. 4. Residence Permit to Norway If you wish to study in Norway for longer than three months you must apply for aresidence permit for students. Generally refer to: Application Step: Apply Online!! Hand in Your Application to Norway Embassy in JakartaMenara Rajawali Building, 20th floorKawasan Mega KuninganJakarta 12950Republic of IndonesiaTel: + 62 21 2965 0000. Fax: + 62 21 2965 0001E-mail: A;pplication Fee: appr. 2500 NOK (2012) The application should take about 2-3 weeks This is a temporary permit. You should renew the visa after your arrival inTrondheim
  5. 5. Residence Permit to Norway Required Documents Passport photo - 2 recent copies Confirmation that you have paid the application fee, such as the receiptfor the payment A copy of your passport (all pages, including those not used) Legalized and translated (by certified sworn translator) birth certificate.The birth certificate should also legalized by Kemenhumham(Kementerian Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia) dan Kemenlu(Kementerian Luar Negeri) Letter of admission or invitation from the educational institution inNorway Documentation on accomodation, such as a rental contract for adwelling or confirmation form the educational institution that they willprovide housing. Documentation of financing. If the stay is to be financed by grants andloans from the Norwegian State Education Loan fund, this should bestated in the application.
  6. 6. Buy Flight Ticket to Trondheim It is recommended that you buy ticket after your temporary residencepermit is granted Approximate travel rate for summer time (June-August): 800-1200 USD oneway. Only part of the flight ticket will be covered by The Norwegian State ofLoan Fund (appr. 6000 NOK, 2012) Maximal Baggage Weight: 23 kg Cheap airlines (just a reference): Qatar KLM (likely more expensive, but you can buy extra baggage and youdon’t have to take your baggage in Oslo – it fly directly fromAmsterdam to Trondheim) Turkish
  7. 7. Confirm SiT Housing You need to secure your place in Trondheim (most likely Moholt for masterstudents) approximately two weeks after SiT (housing provider) offercontract. What you need to do is only sign the contract, send it back via e-mail, and pay deposit (5000 NOK, 2012) before you arrive in Trondheim forself-funding student. If you are a quota scheme student, you can pay yourdeposit after you are granted scholarship in the beginning of semester.Room in Herman Krags Veg,Moholt