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Technologies used for filming consequences


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Technologies used for filming consequences

  2. 2. CANON LEGRIA HV30 MINI DV We used this for our test shoot and both main shoots. We had used this camera before so we were confident in how to use it well.
  3. 3. Advantages • Shoots in HD which gave us high quality shots • Easy to use so everyone in the group was able to work the camera at some point • Lightweight and portable • Enabled us to watch footage on our shoots to see if shots needed more takes Disadvantages • The lens doesn’t have a very wide angle • The battery could only be charged while in the camera, which wasted some time that could have been spent filming
  4. 4. The camera came with a tripod which... • Kept the shots steady • Was easy to use • Was lightweight and easily portable However... • At times it was stiff which made it hard to get good pan shots, meaning that we had to take some shots hand-held, making them slightly shaky
  5. 5. THE CAMERA ALSO CAME WITH A SHOTGUN MICROPHONE Disadvantages • Picked up background noise, particularly outside where there were pedestrians and traffic Advantages • Good sound quality • Fitted with the camera • Easy to use
  6. 6. ARRI LIGHTING KIT This was used to light our indoor scene. We were given a lighting tutorial before shooting with helped our group immensely as no one had previous experience using this equipment. While using the lighting kit we learned that the effectiveness of the lighting can greatly effect the quality of a shot, and that keeping the lighting style continuous is important for the flow of a sequence.
  7. 7. Advantages • Allowed us to control the lighting of shots • Helped with continuity in the look of the shots • Could be packed up and easily transported Disadvantages • The metal got very hot and would be dangerous if touched or moved without gloves • The lights getting hot also heated up the small room a considerable amount