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Sam Evaluation question 2


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Sam Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. How Does your mediarepresent particularsocial groups?
  2. 2. First lets look at thecharacters in ourseuqence
  3. 3. Agent No. 1• Asian• Young• Male• He seems the cooler of the twoagents.• He seems in charge (he has thetracker, and he answers thequestions)• Seems to be the protagonist andso audience like him because ofpositive portrayal (due toemphasis in framing anddominance over sequence)• Character portrayed as an adultaged 20-25 despite actor beingyounger• Seems professional (wears suit,and sunglasses, has tracker andgun on hand etc.)
  4. 4. Agent No. 2• White• Blonde• Male• The less cool and moreinexperience of the Agents (hepanics, waves his gun around,makes empty threats etc.)• Seems to be the protagonist (orsidekick) and so audience likehim because of positiveportrayal (due to emphasis inframing and dominance oversequence)• Suit makes him seemsprofessional.• Character portrayed as an adultaged 20-25 despite actor beingyounger
  5. 5. Protagonist• White• Male• Young• Black hair• Blue eyes and ability to turninvisible indicate somesuperhuman element to him• Portrayed as the most powerfulof the characters (throughhyper masculine framing, andby being the last one alive)• Character portrayed as anadult aged 20-25 despite actorbeing younger• The most conventionalrepresentation out of the ones inmy sequence
  6. 6. Conventional protagonistof Action Sci Fi movie• Male• Young (20-30)• White• Dark Hair• Typically Masculine (Physical and mentalability, good social skills, good at job)• Willing to take on challenges• HandsomeExamples:• Neo (The Matrix)• James Kirk (Star Trek)• Cobb (Inception)• Xavier (X-Men:First Class)• Wikus (District 9)• Kyle Reese (Terminator)• Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)As Chris’ character fits thisdescricption you can see that ourprotagonist was conventional
  7. 7. Indian Characters inAction Sci Fi Films• Oriental Asian characters feature alot in Action films (Particularly in theMartial Arts Sub-genre) howevernon-Oriental Asian Characters arescarce• In Action Sci Fi , Asian charactersare even rarer, particularly Indiancharacters, who are heavily underrepresented• In fact I could not find a singleexample of an Indian character• The only example of an Asiancharacter who isn’t Oriental which Icould find was the Arabiccharacter “Yusuf” in “Inception”,who is a supporting character,providing drugs and driving skillsFrom this you can see that Yadash’ character brokeconventional representations of characters in ActionSci Fi movies.
  8. 8. Decisions we made while casting our film We decided quite early on that it would be better to only use groupmembers as actors as they would be easier to organise We also put Chris as in the role of the Protagonist as he ticks the mostconventional boxes as a conventional character (White, short dark hair,male etc.) We choose not to worry about portraying characters older than ourselvesas we thought that age would be irrelevant in our opening sequence
  9. 9. Gender in our sequence There are no girls whatsoever in our openingsequence We dressed in suits which have accentuatemasculinity We gave each character a gun, which hasmasculine connotations Each character points their gun into the camera atleast once in the sequence, which seemsintimidating. The absence of women in our sequence is typical ofan Action Sci-Fi movie and shows how dominantmen are
  10. 10. Race in our sequence Our sequence contains an Indian character As previously mentioned Action Sci Fi movies donot tend to feature many Asian characters Yadash’ has a positive representation; heanswer’s all of the other agent’s questions, andhas the tracker on hand for when it is needed. He is also the only one of the agents who offersany sort of resistance to the protagonist He does however get killed by the protagonistwho is white which could be seen as a negativeaspect of our representation of this character
  11. 11. British-Asian culture in films The past 10 Years have seen a boom in British-Asianfilms These films represent Britain in a more accurateway to show how multicultural a country it is These films are usually comedies, dramas, orcoming of age films Examples include: Bend it Like Beckham, East iseast, Bahji on the beach, and Bride and Prejudice Our film could be seen as using this culture to showBritain in a more realistic light The ethnicity of the Asian character in oursequence has no baring on how he is represented,and this lack of significance in representation baressignificance as to representing multi-cultural Britain.